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Cyborgs Planet
Cyborgs Planet A powerful, dynamic, picturesque and scratchy hybrid rock and electronic piece featuring distorted electric guitars, synth drums and a lot of strange sounds played by synths or reversed electric guitar sounds. This track will perfectly suit for action movie scene, extreme sports video, advertising, game, or any other media project looking for dynamic, powerful, energetic, bizarre and crazy mood.
Jazz Background
Jazz Background This track is a small jazz experiment, or just jazz background for any media projects, where such background is needed. I would be grateful for any feedback. Thank you!
Premonition Different feelings arise when listening to this track , but most of them - the feeling. Perfect for Video productions, youtube videos, corporate videos, advertising, background music, presentations, podcasts, TV and commercial projects.
Ethno Funk
Ethno Funk We can say that this track is a musical joke. A mixture of ethnic styles, funk. Energetic, lively music which is suitable for many media projects. Good luck to all!
Psychedelic Retro
Psychedelic Retro Psychedelic track with strange sounds. Maybe it's someone who needs it? When you create a track used only synthesizers. I would be glad of any assessment. Thank you!
Avant Garde
Avant Garde scat voice strange atonal disturbing prepared piano crafted with care at 120 BPM for easy edits

Molecular Synthesis
Molecular Synthesis Experimental electronic music that can be used to reflect scientific and technical activities, and not only. In recording used only synthesizers. Happy listening to all and good luck!
Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud Abstract music in the style of ambient, which can be used in films , commercials , video .
Steps in Five
Steps in Five A vigorous, dynamic and positive electronic track which will perfectly suit for various projects such as any types of corporate media, science projects, news, tv programs, youtube videos, business presentations, or any other media projects looking for modern, energetic and optimistic mood.
dig the soil
dig the soil dig the soil
Unspoken Pseudo-classical romantic and lovely ballade about unspoken words. Avant-guarde indie music: guitar arpeggio, talking horn and piano, moving orchestral pad.
I want
I want You cannot stop listen to this track. No-drums no-vocal experimental trance, mysterious melodie, weird distortion pad, talking electro bass.
Jungle Wild, spatial, deep jungle drum-n-bass, strange sounds and voices in 8-bit style of old console
Popuas The good music for cartoon or advertising.