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India Sunrise
India Sunrise Motivational background track in style of Indian music. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries, commercials and any ethnic oriented presentation.This track features tradition instruments as tabla, bansuri, santur, dholak and several other modern.
A thousand shadows
A thousand shadows Authentic Indian piece, with original instruments, such as tabla, sitar and Indian vocal. Really nice as a coundtrack
Indian Meditation Music
Indian Meditation Music Track based off of classic Indian orchestral music that features wonderful sitar melodies, Tanpura drone riffs and stunning Tabla rhythms.
This track is perfect for Travel and Adventure videos, Videos needing beautiful world ethnic music, New Age projects, Yoga and Meditation videos, Artistic themes, Modern Advertising, Lounge music, Youtube Vlogs and any project needing awesome unique music.
duduk waves loop
duduk waves loop Modern and deep track. Perfect for fashion show, events, videos, web sites. The track mixes the sound of modern electronic instruments and duduk with classical house and deep house synths, for create a stylish and fashion mood in your projects. Techno house rhythm with arabian motives.
Arabica Moody track with elements of Asian music and modern breakbeat drums. This combination makes the track dynamic and powerful. It`s great for action movies, games, fashion show, presentation, video, photography, film scene...
Space Space eastern, latin music
Epic Shaman
Epic Shaman This original mix is made in the style of Asian rock music.
The way of playing the guitar is similar to the way of playing the Asian instrument Temir Komuz. The track used drums, double bass, live drive guitar and wind instruments.
Arabian beauty
Arabian beauty Arabian beauty / by Jerome Morrow/
Ethnic, Asian, instrumental, —Āhillout.
Background music for animation studios and movie production.
-Hypnotic, magic, charm
-Relaxing, sinking in love
-Precious, mysterious, scary
Temple Of The Morning Star
Temple Of The Morning Star EPIC SCORE - versatile instrumentation of Asian influence with a tone of spirituality proportioned by Buddhist monk chantings embedded by subtle sound effects. Illustrating tranquility, sublimeness, spirituality, self-discovery, beauty, mystery, fantasy.
AMBIENCE - an inspiring sense of awe and deep spiritual energy, a slow but capturing tempo. The instrumentation is versatile using elements of Asian influence (such as typical asian string instruments, percussion, flutes and horns) and is underlined with various Buddhist chants (throat chants as well as monk choirs).
COMPOSITION FOR Film, TV and Video Games - the track was composed as fantasy music score, illustrating an ancient Buddhist monk monastery in the middle of a tropical environment. A place of tranquility and incredible power, a center where for thousands of years, men and women have prepared their bodies and minds to transcend the physical world. The track could perfectly be used in the context of documentaries, film and TV of asian buddhist influence as well as Fantasy.
Relax Composition in epic style,with the notes and vocals of the East.Well suited for relaxation and tranquility.
West CHINA CHINA instrumental
slowlow- rlght one
slowlow- rlght one Powerful track ipodnimaet spirit, will to win and a thirst adventures. Written using a variety of tools. Tempo 144 BPM
Valley of lotuses
Valley of lotuses Slow, sad audio track in eastern classical style
Arctic Short Ver
Arctic Short Ver Arctic.
Dynamic inspirational track
Consist of electronic groovy drum part, and eastern melody.
Safari Jungle Begins
Safari Jungle Begins This track is perfect for Travel Feature Movies, Cartoons and Documentary Films, Island Adventures Blogs and Video Games with a similar themes.