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 Night Flight  Airy And Melancholic Melody
Night Flight Airy And Melancholic Melody Piano, percussion and sound effects create a magical, airy, flowing melody for the background, love, meditation
"Glass dream" for piano
"Glass dream" for piano Subtle, atmospheric transparent music for piano. Slow pace. Contemplative character gradually takes on dramatic overtones.Perfect for movies and theatre.
Saraby Saraby / Album "Logoff" by Jerome Morrow/

Ambient, r&b, witch-house/ Synthesizer & drums.

Background music for animation studios and movie production.

Action scene:

-Jungle trip (scenes with running animals, the beauty of tropical nature, waves of raging oceans, thunderstorms of an angry sky).

-Jungle rave dance (animation with animals or video from a beach party)

-Cosmos trip (the beauty of universe: frames from space, scenes with planets & stars), research of asteroids and meteorites, search for black holes and exoplanets, deep-space exploration.

-Scientific documentary film on physics (beauty of the micro-world: animation scenes of the motion of atoms and molecules, protons and neutrons, frames of slow-motion shooting of impressive experiments).

-Night of love, poledance, light erotic, flirtation.

-Videos about natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruption.

-Dramatic video of the consequences of using nuclear weapons, natural disasters.



-Relaxing, sinking in love

-Precious, mysterious, scary

-Underground, exclusive.
Rise Of The Drone
Rise Of The Drone High Quality, originality and dynamic transition or movement sound (fast dark drone rise) with Strong and powerfully and epic impact (dark dramatic tragic cinematic hit) sound effect for creating tension, suspense and focus attention in exciting moments.
Duduk Inspirational Background
Duduk Inspirational Background

Inspirational Background – it’s a modern melodic track featuring deep bass, muted guitar, duduk, percussions and synths
Cinematic Inspiring Piano
Cinematic Inspiring Piano Dark piano sound track. Full of sadness and vigour. Perfect for dramatic epic trailers about apocalypse. Dramatic, dark, emotional. Included instruments: piano only
Background Relax Inspiration
Background Relax Inspiration An original inspiring cinematic item with a piano, orchestra and percussion. This music maybe used used in various type of inspirational videos, media projects, slideshows, presentations, websites and any projects.
 Music Background for games
Music Background for games Music Background for games
Future Atmospheric
Future Atmospheric An amazing scifi sfx – the perfect production element for games, films, documentaries and more!
Electronic Background Dreams
Electronic Background Dreams Soft Electronic and Abstract track, for your presentations and for a cinema. A track for a background of your videos and for sound design of video of games, documentaries, a show slide. The soft thoughtful atmosphere in music, for futuristic and urban video.
Astral Essence
Astral Essence Positive instrumental music. Ideal as background music for commercials, applications, corporate branding, radio, websites, ads, advertising, televizionnych projects video of nature documentaries and more. We used drums, electric guitar, electric bass, synth.
 Cinematic Motivational
Cinematic Motivational Beautiful, powerful and inspiring cinematic track. Music is ideal for TV, historical films, trailers, teasers, intros, games and more. Professional and quality performance with orchestral percussion, strings (violin, viola, cello), bouzouki, bass and piano.
Cinematic dramatic trailer
Cinematic dramatic trailer Jazz building, dramatic promo/trailer music. Composition for alarm events, tense conversation, investigation

The ocean
The ocean dreamy atmosphere, perfectly combined with a nice slideshow
inspiration inspiring exciting!