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Sentimental Romantic Atmosphere
Sentimental Romantic Atmosphere Sentimental and dreamy background track with piano theme. Perfect for love story, sentimental and romantic videos, inspirational projects, wedding videos, photo slideshows, travel movie, diving video and much more.
Art Of Atmosphere
Art Of Atmosphere Smooth and groove track with sweet guitars, analog arpeggiators, drums and beautiful synth solo. This piece of music perfectly suits for commercial videos, travel videos, visual projects, personal projects, technology and cinematic projects. Great for motivational, inspirational, digital marketing, websites, videos on YouTube. It’s especially suitable for any project needing ambient but melodic and groovy musical backgrounds.
Inspiring Relax
Inspiring Relax Inspiring and dreamy background track. Perfect for media projects, diving videos and many more.
Chill Background Mystical
Chill Background Mystical Light, inspiring music in the style of ambient with a walking bass guitar, a romantic piano and an airy pad. A short trip to space or a romantic walk in the secret places of our planet.
Harp Relaxing and dreamy track with harp melody.
Perfect for backgrounds, sentimental and inspirational projects.
Cosmic Chaos Expansion Of Stars
Cosmic Chaos Expansion Of Stars Futuristic, space music with electronic pad, synthesized solo and energetic fx
Emotional Corporate
Emotional Corporate Inspirational, motivational track. For your video media projects.
Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky Sentimental, and dreamy background track with piano, strings. Perfect for love story, wedding videos, romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, motivational presentations.
Corporate Atmospheric
Corporate Atmospheric Bright corporate style track. Simple melodies creates an atmosphere of flight, serenity. A great background for your video in the style of the nature, the cosmos, different corporate presentations, innovations, news, scientific discovery, slideshow.
Romantic Tale
Romantic Tale Atmospheric and dreamy track.
Perfect for sentimental and inspirational projects, wedding videos.
Abstract Technology
Abstract Technology Abstract Technology- An experimental track for your projects. It can be used as a futuristic, innovative presentations, drone video, abstract and creative technology, infographics.
Omega The track is perfect for background to an action, fantastic movies, trailers, and advertising.
Also for fans of science fiction, space travels, dreamers, lovers of the boundless universe and stars. Enjoy!
Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle Space sci-fi meditative track to praise humanity in the cosmos. Wide piano combined with fundamental and stunning synth sounds.
Track looped for continuous use.
Carefree Mood
Carefree Mood Positive motivational thing with melodica, electric guitar and acoustic bass...
Summer house
Summer house This track is dancing