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Insect Loop-able Anxious Background
Insect Loop-able Anxious Background This mystical atmospheric track is the perfect background for drama scary scenes, intimidating moments, aggressive frightening and terrifying videos.
day death
day death music the story of how the death of your lives one day
scorpius Scorpius (lat) - the constellation Scorpius. non-standard approach to the "ambient"
Dum spiro spero
Dum spiro spero Dum spiro spero (lat.) - While I'm breathing, I hope. Written in the style of "ambient" .. while the "ambient" is not like because the "ambience" framework is expanded with a melody and harmony
Atmosphere Easy music with orchestral instruments. Ideal for video clips of nature's landscapes and advertising, corporate and family.
The Sunrise
The Sunrise This atmospheric track. Good for video background, advertising etc
Atmospheric Breaks
Atmospheric Breaks This atmospheric track. Good for video background, advertising etc
Castle Siege
Castle Siege Powerful, epic composition. Excellent for movies, trailers or any other video in the genre of action.
Heroic Cinematic Inspiring Trailer
Heroic Cinematic Inspiring Trailer Beautiful, powerful and inspirational cinematic epic trailer! Music is perfect for historical films, movies about superheroes, epicness trailers, cine teasers, advertising intro, games and many other projects!
Epic New Age
Epic New Age Loud and mysterious track with light elements new age style.
Consequences of War
Consequences of War A soul-piercing composition. Good for any historical, military video or just listen.
Hip Hop Beat
Hip Hop Beat Depressive hip hop beat with electric guitar.
Pop Tropical Summer Hous
Pop Tropical Summer Hous Bright and groovy theme Tropical Pop style, creating a great atmosphere of a summer day at the beach, holiday parties, relaxation and luxury.
Night Wanderer
Night Wanderer This ambient cinematic guitars is perfect choice for any project requiring an atmospheric soundtrack.