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Inspiring Chill Music Background
Inspiring Chill Music Background Background Music For Video.
(background, cinematic, corporate, dance, downtempo, electronic, inspiration, pop, bass guitar, conga, discovery, drums, electric organ, electric piano, elegant, every day, futuristic, hypnotic, light, magical, medium tempo, mystical, optimistic, percussion, romantic, strings, synthesiser, travel, violin)
Festive mood
Festive mood The composition is perfect for celebrations. The wedding, birthday and other holidays will perfectly combine with this music. It will also be combined with photo presentations or wedding videos.
Inspiring Piano
Inspiring Piano Emotional, inspiring piano and string perfectly will be suitable for your project. This background music was created for the motivational moments when the person doesn't give up and goes forward.
Night Calming Sound
Night Calming Sound If you need the calming, pacifying and motivating music is what is necessary. The original atmosphere of composition will ship you in a quiet state, and in this condition of rest you will feel new motivation for the actions.
Perfectly is suitable for any quiet and motivating photo and video projects.
Walking Ghosts
Walking Ghosts Do you want to have fun properly for Halloween? All children and adults love this remarkable cheerful holiday! This music perfectly will approach for this purpose. Ghosts, evil spirits, vampires, zombie, witches, sorcerers... ooh... You hear their steps, they already here. Music will help you to plunge into the atmosphere of Halloween.
Perfectly will be suitable for various video projects.
Sport Punk
Sport Punk Super drive guitar composition for adrenaline jump. High speed, aggression, and maximum power in this track.
Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle Space sci-fi meditative track to praise humanity in the cosmos. Wide piano combined with fundamental and stunning synth sounds.
Track looped for continuous use.
Spy Jazz
Spy Jazz Jazz sketch, played classic jazz-band: grand piano, upright bass and drums. Dance and rhythmic, it could become the background for spyware, adventure or hooligan scene.
Panorama The background good music for processing dreamy movie with a story about the city.
Adventure Movie Intro
Adventure Movie Intro In searching of treasure and victory, for glory and big love. Hero and brave team do not know about a fear.
This music is for classic Hollywood movies in simphonic loud sound.
You can fly
You can fly Dreamy atmospheric music for you! Listen, you can fly.
Road to the sea
Road to the sea Very soft music for traveling, video, presentation or background. Smooth jazz, ambient. Instruments: piano, guitar, light drums, bass
Roaring Campfire
Roaring Campfire An enjoyable acoustic ballad at a moderate tempo.
Carefree Mood
Carefree Mood Positive motivational thing with melodica, electric guitar and acoustic bass...
Halloween Here Ident
Halloween Here Ident This music is especially made for Halloween.