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Above the shimmering Сities
Above the shimmering Сities Relaxation/Meditation/Erotic/
Brooding Valley
Brooding Valley Relaxation/Meditation/Erotic/
Brotherhood of Epicness
Brotherhood of Epicness Epic cinematic theme featuring full orchestra, cimbalom, powerful percussion ensemble including large bell and anvil.
Orchestral Ambient Soundscape
Orchestral Ambient Soundscape Surrealistic atmospheric landscape was created with help of low dynamics orchestral instruments, such as full string ensembles (from violins and cellos to mandolins) small wooden percussion and woodwind section.
Through a Deep Sleep
Through a Deep Sleep Eclectic and esoteric timbres of synth and chamber strings at the edge of complete silence.
Summer Corporate
Summer Corporate This uplifting, inspirational pop track is a perfect fit for a wide variety of projects like TV commercials, business presentations, training videos, infomercials, motivational films, explainer videos, montages, slideshows, intros and openers, product / brand advertising, corporate films and YouTube videos associated with various topics such as travel, real estate, science, sports, family, finance, medical, politics, lifestyle, health, faith, entertainment and many more.
Computer game
Computer game For computer games, cartoons. Dangers and сarnivores
Chase For computer games, сartoons. Cheerful pursuit.
The wind plays
The wind plays Fantasy, suitable for video games
Anxiety Soul feelings, mental experiences, anxiety, fear, love emotions
Heaven above us
Heaven above us Music describes the atmosphere, the vastness of the heavens above the desert, in the distance high mountains are located. Also this composition demonstrates the expectation of someone event in the future, in the hope that it will sometime happen, but it remains only to wait. In the beginning, the composition is quite lingering and calm, slowly poured to its climax. Then comes the dramatic and epic development with a few additional culminating points, one after the other until the final peak, then there is a fading to the end of the track. This is an epic cinematic, inspiring, beautiful and feeling piece of music perfect for your inspirational presentations and projects, inspirational videos, advertisements, Youtube, game and movie trailers, romantic videos, photo slideshows, movie's background, and more. Lovely cello motives, gentle piano, orchestral drums, elegant strings combine for a rich, inspirational experience.
Let`s Dance Rock
Let`s Dance Rock Uptempo house / dance track filled with energy overdive guitar with pumping synths,uplifting FX and a tight big kick drum ready to rock the dance floor and get the club going. Ideal for a cool fashion video or commercial aimed at a younger audience.
So,you can use it everywhere: energetic commercials, film, websites,fashion show, inspirational presentations, youthful branding, radio, advertising, web backgrounds, video projects, advertisement etc...
Caribbean Trip
Caribbean Trip This track describes beautiful nature of Caribbean Sea - it brings the atmosphere of relaxing.Reggae style gives you mood of holiday and happiness...
Excellent for logo design,video animation, web development,spa presentation,advertising and commercial, photo slideshows, family movies, YouTube videos etc...
Vip Club House
Vip Club House Vip Club House- Atmospheric, air, and opener house track with electro organ,powerful drums,modern percussion ,rhythmic synths and special effects ! Perfect for Performance, traveling video, inspiring video, branding, club video, slide show, ideas video, advertising, radio, TV, private videos ,fashion, technology, business, workout, automobiles,background music and other media projects.
Lost In Ibiza
Lost In Ibiza “Lost in Ibiza” is a deep house track with groovy bass line,powerful drum machine and nice and rhythmic synths surrounded by high tech special effects ... The track will fit perfectly for any advertising, luxury and fashion videos,fashion shows, club or edm,boutiques and stores,slide show and dancing scenes, websites.