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Intergalactic Portal
Intergalactic Portal Epic and warm orchestral bridge with cello and brass section.
Suitable for logo, intro, key points & special moments.
Radio Auto Tuning
Radio Auto Tuning Sound effect of a radio tuning.
Turning on the computer
Turning on the computer Sound of Turning on the computer
Neon Bubbles
Neon Bubbles New versatile sound for any project and sound design.
Phone Rings
Phone Rings Sound fx of a digital telephone ring.Suited for video games, advertising, incoming call on your website, etc.
Industrial Robotics
Industrial Robotics Sound and motion of robots and mechanical machines.
Pops Popping sound for games & movies.
Now starts the panic
Now starts the panic Howl of siren
Alien squeal
Alien squeal The UFO abducts you
Noise of factory
Noise of factory The mechanisms are functioning (electronic)
The laser beams
The laser beams Lasers cut the surface
Unearthly pulsation
Unearthly pulsation UFO hovering in the air
Mercury is rising
Mercury is rising The sound of the working machine in the middle of the day (electronic)
Noon in the forest
Noon in the forest The splatter of the water and the chirping of birds (electronic)