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Sfx16 Sfx11 Sfx9 Sfx2 Intergalactic Portal Radio Auto Tuning At the crossroads Turning on the computer Neon Bubbles Phone Rings Industrial Robotics Pops Now starts the panic Alien squeal Noise of factory The laser beams Unearthly pulsation Mercury is rising Noon in the forest Comet The Countdown Bell Fantasy Voice Alert Phantasmagoria Alert New SMS 1 Bell Timer 1 Interface Sound Bell Ding 2 Bell Ding 1 Digital Woosh Bell Timer Bell Ding Attention Prompt Menu Selection Neo Hybrid Arcade 9 Neo Hybrid Arcade 8 Neo Hybrid Arcade 7 Neo Hybrid Arcade 6 Neo Hybrid Arcade 5 Neo Hybrid Arcade 4 Neo Hybrid Arcade 2 Neo Hybrid Arcade 1 Neo Hybrid Arcade Radio Static Glitch Neo Hybrid Laser 10 Neo Hybrid Laser 8 Neo Hybrid Laser 7 Flute Message Close Software Interface Device Glitch Funny Locomotive 2 Neo Hybrid Laser  Soft Alert Double Bell Menu Chime 2 Menu Chime 1 Menu Chime  Incoming Message 3 Marimba Watch New Message Bells Game Over Incoming Message 2 Incoming Message 1 Short Glitch Noises 10 Short Glitch Noises 7 Short Glitch Noises 5 Short Glitch Noises 4 Short Glitch Noises 1 Short Glitch Noises Incoming Message System Crash Whooshes 3 Alien Computer Alien Beam Whooshes Soft Confirmation Robot Moving Parts 2 Robot Moving Parts Magical Harp Transition Arcade Laser Movement Bio Robots 9 Movement Bio Robots 8 Movement Bio Robots 7 Movement Bio Robots 6 Movement Bio Robots 5 Movement Bio Robots 4 Movement Bio Robots 2 Movement Bio Robots 1 Movement Bio Robots Static Glitch FX Abstraction Swoosh Notification Blip Phone Ringing Arcade Transition Bell Notification 1 Soft Next Select New Message Bells Level Passed Soft Notice