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Melodic entry and easy bass
Melodic entry and easy bass Melodic entry and easy bass
Vigorous It is fine, very spatial music. Imagine the unusual world which isn’t similar to ours. And he is beautiful. Use this music in your projects. It will bring you good luck!
Dance like Czardas
Dance like Czardas Fast club track with some folk of Eastern Europe elements
Club Latino Party
Club Latino Party Club Latino Party – is a catchy Latino pop-merengue track with piano, modern synth,sax group,energetic drums, ,bongo and other percussion
souls driving music for dancing
Fidget your spinner!
Fidget your spinner! This melody illustrates joyful, playful, dancing moods and transmits different pleasant feelings... How can you use this melody? Of course, above all — for advertising and promotion of spinners and other hand toys! I offer also other possibilities: for musical accompaniment of physical exercises (for example, aerobics), for a film (or video), for musical accompaniment of awards ceremonies, for dances (at discotheques and nightclubs), for other events solemn and / or futuristic type, just as background music for holidays and weekends... In the cinematography this melody is appropriate (as the author thinks) in all parts of the film. The closest styles: disco music 1970-1980's. I can orchestrate this melody for performance by a live ensemble.
Pop Tropical Summer Hous
Pop Tropical Summer Hous Bright and groovy theme Tropical Pop style, creating a great atmosphere of a summer day at the beach, holiday parties, relaxation and luxury.
Rhythm Guitar Dancing Pop Rock
Rhythm Guitar Dancing Pop Rock Dynamic elecrtric guitar instrumental driving pop rock composition. Power rhythm makes you dancing wherever you are.
I am on the edge of the earth (Club version)
I am on the edge of the earth (Club version) I'm on the edge of the earth, my new track, the lyric chorus, you can pick a text for this track
I Tornado (Club version)
I Tornado (Club version) I'm a tornado, club version