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Answers Sadly melancholic acoustic melody accompanied by elusive cinematic strings and subtle soundscapes.
Emotional Sorrow
Emotional Sorrow An emotional background track. Perfect for accompanying a sad, sorrowful or dramatic scene. Melody is performed on stringed instrument Kamancheh (also kamanche or kamancha)
A LINEA A linea (lat.) - from scratch, from a new page ... I think the music reflects this name. Listening to this track you can philosophize with a glass of good cognac.
Emotional Corporate
Emotional Corporate Inspirational, motivational track. For your video media projects.
Hunting for a fly
Hunting for a fly A track in the style of rock, hard, trash, syncopated rhythm, imitation of a fly, fly flies annoying and teases.Electric guitar, drums, bass.
Fast Emotional Piano Trailer
Fast Emotional Piano Trailer A very sensuous dramatic soundtrack featured sonorous cinematic fortepiano, beautiful cellos and violins.
Pleasant ringing
Pleasant ringing Pleasant ringing
Inspiring Cinematic
Inspiring Cinematic Inspiring epic cinematic trailer track with a catchy dramatic orchestral melodies. Perfect for a movie trailer or teaser, commercial, advertising, promo company, extreme or sport projects, time-lapse, interview, slideshow, intro, video games, video blog and any kind of inspiring and motivating media projects.
Piano Motivational
Piano Motivational Piano Motivational it’s a beautiful and inspiring melodic music track featuring piano and cellos. This music is perfect for films and movies, trailers, teasers, intro, games and other projects.
Epic Inspiring
Epic Inspiring Epic Inspiring it’s music track full of power and inspiration! This music is perfect for historical films, movies, trailers, teasers, intro, games and other projects.
The Mystical Bell
The Mystical Bell The Mystical Bell
Scary Dramatic fragment. Suitable for ariginal videos.
ethnic notes
ethnic notes electronic music with ethnic notes
Lost Three
Lost Three Chillout, Downtempo, Ambient, Background, Instrumental, Lounge, Love