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Moment of Life
Moment of Life Beautiful piano item with dynamic orchestral culmination.
I Need To Catch Energetic Track With an Alarming Sound
I Need To Catch Energetic Track With an Alarming Sound Rhythmic disturbing track with percussion, strings and piano, is ideal for adventure, action, drama
Thoughtful And Sentimental Moment
Thoughtful And Sentimental Moment Sentimental, inspired, compassionate and relaxing composition for your video, audio collections and other projects.

Perfect for film and games with a sad, sentimental, sensual and tragic scenes, also dramatic and sorrowful endings. Thanks for listening!
Epic Hero by Mr.Soy
Epic Hero by Mr.Soy Real hero patriotic anthem. Background modern notes epic for videos.
"Broken heart" for cello and piano
"Broken heart" for cello and piano Emotional, sad, tearing the soul music for cello and piano. Deep longing, rending thoughts of pain and hopelessness. Perfect for dramatic climaxes in movies and theatrical performances.
Autumn In the Heart  Melancholic and Sad Melody
Autumn In the Heart Melancholic and Sad Melody Beautiful sad memorable melody, an amazing combination of electric guitar, violin, electric piano and percussion, nostalgia and experiences
Moment of life
Moment of life Beautiful piano item with orchestral culmination.
Takeoff  Energetic Rhythmic Sound
Takeoff Energetic Rhythmic Sound Filled with energy and powerful rhythm track, many electronic instruments to create a rich sound, perfect for scoring films, games, video
Emotional Orchestral Dubstep
Emotional Orchestral Dubstep Emotional Symphony orchestra with rhythmic drums. Good music for movie, logo, titles, intro. The first part slow, second fast, the third slow without drums. Great for ideal for forensic, spy, detective, adventure, medical, police, romance, historical, political, corporate, religious, mystical, sci-Fi, "hi-tech" and military Thriller. Wonderful music for dramatic movie, a biographical story. The beautiful-sounding orchestra, an interesting rhythm.

Hopeful Guitar Techno
Hopeful Guitar Techno This is a mellow sad track featuring very sharp sounds and a clear dark mood.
Drammatic Inspired Piano Theme
Drammatic Inspired Piano Theme Inspiring piano! In music, I wanted to convey dramatic and anxious mood, the mood of sadness and despair, but at the same time hope that all will be well!
Dramatic Epic Sad Piano
Dramatic Epic Sad Piano Dark piano sound track. Full of sadness and vigour. Perfect for dramatic epic trailers about apocalypse. Dramatic, dark, emotional. Included instruments: piano only
Cinematic Epic Heroic Dramatic by Mr.Soy
Cinematic Epic Heroic Dramatic by Mr.Soy Simple and gentle epic with dramatic notes. Heroic music for cinematic things. And more...
Depression Depression is a slow mellow track with deep melodies and a sad mood. Useful to express anger, dissapointment and expressing negativity in general. The song is lead by guitars. Hope you find this useful. Thank you!
Deep Ambient
Deep Ambient Deep Ambient is an ambient piano driven track that would perfectly serve as a background for a game or as a background for any project. It features light electronic elements that coalesce to a soft sounding song with a break and a dense finale.