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Emotional A beautiful emotional piece of music featuring an inspiring touching cello solo, tenderly sounding piano and airy orchestra. Soulful, sentimental and sweet-sounding melody will make your media project highly successful!
This track perfect for your awesome inspirational projects, romantic love stories slideshows, wedding videos, stunning nature sunrise time-lapse videos, as a background music for movies and much more.
Performed with alluring emotional cello, soft piano, elegant cinematic violins and dynamic orchestral percussion.
Drama Intro
Drama Intro Drama is a Very mellow and sad track, the down tempo piano is great for emotional sad background, drama, sad videos, documentary, emotional cinematic, sadness scenes, mellow trailers, sad stories and more.
This Drama music and perfect for emotional, drama, tender and documentary scenes, Also perfect for sad scenes with piano soft touches. heartbreak, tragedy, and loss.
Drama sounds like: dark, hopeless, moody, mellow, melancholic, quiet, sadness, drama, quiet, slow.
day death
day death music the story of how the death of your lives one day
Mysterious Carnival
Mysterious Carnival Mysterious and rhythmic composition. Good for carnival, circus or other videos.
Dream about the world
Dream about the world Alarming, clear the track, filled with sadness and anxiety. Piano and strings
Conquest Powerful, military composition in the genre of action. Good for trailers, movies, cartoons or other videos.
Movie Epic
Movie Epic A powerful, heroic and inspirational cinematic soundtrack with orchestral instruments. Ideal for trailers, games, combat and adventure videos, extreme scenes, epic cinematographic moments, landscapes of nature, historical, motivational sports videos, commercials and others!
Consequences of War
Consequences of War A soul-piercing composition. Good for any historical, military video or just listen.
Hip Hop Beat
Hip Hop Beat Depressive hip hop beat with electric guitar.
The Mystical Bell
The Mystical Bell Mystical, calm composition. Excellent for movies, cartoons or any video in the genre of drama, mysticism.
Discovery Powerful heroic epic inspiring cinematic orchestral track with emotional dramatic atmosphere, that evokes feelings of adventure, discovery, hope, patriotism, victory, and triumph.
This track was created for movie and video game trailers, openers, teasers, promo and advertise projects, extreme action sports and nature videos, presentations, timelapse, slideshows, youtube and Vimeo blogs.
Fallen Soldier
Fallen Soldier Fallen Soldier
The Great Land
The Great Land Calm, lyrical beginning. Then it grows into power. A wonderful Gregorian chorus strengthens the epic. Ideal for movies, clips, or just listen.
Soldier Requiem
Soldier Requiem In this dramatic track the violin, cello and female choir are intertwined.
The track creates an atmosphere of anxiety and sadness. Ideal for video series or slideshows with pictures of war or natural disasters.
Battle Force
Battle Force This track is why I associate with the battle of two forces, perhaps someone will seem differently