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Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve This sentimental track creates a magical exciting Christmas atmosphere. Ideal for Christmas videos and romantic scenes.
AB OVO Duet: cello, piano. Music for meditation..and not only. A perfect fit in movies, commercials, and on stage of the Philharmonic
FROZEN HEART Instrumental version of the song. The text is lost, there is nobody to sing, only the title remains. This track may turn out to be a fragment of the musical that has not yet been staged .. or by advertising some alcohol company
Art Of Atmosphere
Art Of Atmosphere Smooth and groove track with sweet guitars, analog arpeggiators, drums and beautiful synth solo. This piece of music perfectly suits for commercial videos, travel videos, visual projects, personal projects, technology and cinematic projects. Great for motivational, inspirational, digital marketing, websites, videos on YouTube. It’s especially suitable for any project needing ambient but melodic and groovy musical backgrounds.
A Cozy Adventure more saturated arrangement
A Cozy Adventure more saturated arrangement Cinematic magical symphonic soundtrack featuring string and woodwind ensembles with background children choir.
ERGO BIBAMUS Ergo bibamus (lat.) Is the truth in wine. Indeed - it is better to listen with a glass of good wine, you will visit the most positive thoughts. Sound of the Orchestra, piano ..
Romantic Autumn
Romantic Autumn Inspirational background track. Creating an atmosphere of romantic and optimism.
Sentimental Journey
Sentimental Journey Sentimental background track for love story, wedding videos, romantic videos, photo slideshows, travel movie and much more.
SERENITY Feeling of lightness, infinity, serenity. The track was conceived as "ambient", it turned out something melodic with noble harmony. Let the soul rejoice.
Harp Relaxing and dreamy track with harp melody.
Perfect for backgrounds, sentimental and inspirational projects.
Sails Of Faith
Sails Of Faith Peaceful and heartwarming audio track in calm mood and tender feeling with acoustic and solo electric guitars, piano, bass, synthesizer, perfect for wedding videos, romantic compilations, picture slideshows, background and more
Emotional Corporate
Emotional Corporate Inspirational, motivational track. For your video media projects.
SEVENTH HEAVEN Dreamy melody (flute, organ). At the culmination of the whole orchestra - forte. It's nice to listen in warm slippers with a glass of whiskey...
DREAMING THROUGH THE NIGHT Song without text. Melodic line plus noble harmony create an atmosphere of purity, romantic. To connoisseurs of the sound of the orchestra of Paul Maria - especially it would be interesting
CRYSTAL BALL Imagine that you were in a fairy tale with fairies, kind wizards ... With the help of a magic crystal ball, amazing events occur