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Positive mood
Positive mood Uplifting, inspiring, and motivational track for your business commercial projects, films, slideshows, and more projects!
Elegy Piano Strings
Elegy Piano Strings Simple, calm and gentle music, excellent background for thought, as well as for your media projects. Piano and strings - that's all the musical instruments which were used in this track.
Arabian beauty
Arabian beauty Arabian beauty / by Jerome Morrow/

Ethnic, Asian, instrumental, сhillout.

Background music for animation studios and movie production.


-Hypnotic, magic, charm

-Relaxing, sinking in love

-Precious, mysterious, scary
"Glass dream" for piano
"Glass dream" for piano Subtle, atmospheric transparent music for piano. Slow pace. Contemplative character gradually takes on dramatic overtones.Perfect for movies and theatre.
Prince Of The Jungle
Prince Of The Jungle Prince Of The Jungle / Album "Logoff" by Jerome Morrow/

Ambient, instrumental / Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer & drums.

Background music for animation studios and movie production.

Action scene:

-Jungle trip (scenes with running animals, the beauty of tropical nature, waves of raging oceans, thunderstorms of an angry sky).

-Jungle dance (animation with animals or video from a beach party)

-Scientific documentary film on physics (beauty of the micro-world: animation scenes of the motion of atoms and molecules, protons and neutrons, frames of slow-motion shooting of impressive experiments).

-Night of love, poledance, light erotic, flirtation.

-Videos about National Geographic, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruption.



-Relaxing, sinking in love

-Precious, mysterious, scary

-Underground, exclusive.
Serpent Poledance
Serpent Poledance Serpent Pole Dance/Album "Logoff" by Jerome Morrow/

Ambient, r&b, trap music/ Synthesizer & сharming drums.

Background music for сinema industry.

Action scene:

-Sexual dance, light erotic, flirtation, striptease, poledance.

-Chase, robbery.

-A party, drug use.

-Ostentation, swank.


-Criminal atmosphere.


-Relaxing, hype.

-Precious, mysterious.

-Underground, exclusive.

-Scary prank.
The Wanderer
The Wanderer Warm, lyrical, relaxing and laid-back composition for your video, audio collections and other projects. Thanks for listening!

Instruments in track: drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, overdrive guitar, flute and strings.
Monday This music reflects the beginning of the week. The monotonous bass and crystal clear sounds of electric pianos, electric organ, percussion and acoustic guitar make this track is intense and groovy. Successful application of the track!
Syntiwals My music.
Dive Into The Night
Dive Into The Night Calm, beautiful and warm music for any media projects. Soft piano and exciting guitar sound, vibrating double bass, magic sounds of synthesizers will not leave you indifferent.
Dreamy and poetic
Dreamy and poetic Very romantic, beautiful composition, with an average tempo and a pleasant piano melody. Suitable for any positive video, advertising, social videos, or family archive.

Nostalgia theme
Nostalgia theme Soft nostalgic variation on the Italian theme
Sensual Evening
Sensual Evening Elegant, rhythmical, sensual, exciting music in atmospheric breakbeat genre with corporate music influence. Perfect for corporate videos, slideshows, background for videogames, adventure vblogs and more…
You are Always in My Mind
You are Always in My Mind Relaxing track in improvisational manner. This sensitive and dreamy piano composition with sounds of nature, sea and gulls is great for photo slideshows, background for your film or any project with themes of love, friendship, intimacy, thoughtfulness.
Sax in Love
Sax in Love Cool, stylish and groovy audio with saxophone's improvisation, vocal, electric piano and strong drums break beat. All for your feell good!