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Epic Orchestral
Epic Orchestral Epic cinematic orchestral track. Its powerful, dynamic and energetic background track. Perfect for your trailers, films, video games and other cinematic projects!
Conquest Powerful, military composition in the genre of action. Good for trailers, movies, cartoons or other videos.
Movie Epic
Movie Epic A powerful, heroic and inspirational cinematic soundtrack with orchestral instruments. Ideal for trailers, games, combat and adventure videos, extreme scenes, epic cinematographic moments, landscapes of nature, historical, motivational sports videos, commercials and others!
Castle Siege
Castle Siege Powerful, epic composition. Excellent for movies, trailers or any other video in the genre of action.
Cinematic Spirit Intro 4 versions
Cinematic Spirit Intro 4 versions For your attention is a cinematic track that consists of 4 different in spirit parts.
1. "–°inematic Spirit Intro 1" lasts 00:45. It is filled with solemnity, triumph, celebration, cheerfulness. The combination of powerful classical orchestral accompaniment and female vocals is the main line of this work.
2. "Cinematic Spirit Intro 2" lasts 00:38. It keeps all the time in suspense and creates an atmosphere of non-tranquility. The composition contains strings, French horns, a male choir, electronic arpeggiators, powerful drums and bells.
3. "Cinematic Spirit Intro 3" lasts 00:34. This track is filled with vitality, happiness, positive energy. It consists of a beautiful string arpeggio, as well as an electronic arpeggio, a female chorus and warm synth pads.
4 "Cinematic Spirit Intro 4" lasts 00:33 The composition is very energetic. This is an electronic track with a string course. In it you will hear different arpeggiators, lids and pads.
Heroic Cinematic Inspiring Trailer
Heroic Cinematic Inspiring Trailer Beautiful, powerful and inspirational cinematic epic trailer! Music is perfect for historical films, movies about superheroes, epicness trailers, cine teasers, advertising intro, games and many other projects!
centaur death
centaur death heavy and tempting music
Consequences of War
Consequences of War A soul-piercing composition. Good for any historical, military video or just listen.
seag just interesting music for the game
Inspiring Epilogue
Inspiring Epilogue The cinematic orchestra featuring piano, soaring brass, airy strings, graceful woodwinds, epic percussion and inspire choir.
Discovery Powerful heroic epic inspiring cinematic orchestral track with emotional dramatic atmosphere, that evokes feelings of adventure, discovery, hope, patriotism, victory, and triumph.
This track was created for movie and video game trailers, openers, teasers, promo and advertise projects, extreme action sports and nature videos, presentations, timelapse, slideshows, youtube and Vimeo blogs.
Epic Rock
Epic Rock This is an excellent track, which will be suitable for your projects: YouTube videos, games, inspirational and motivational videos, TV-shows, radio shows, sport videos, presentations, corporate videos, background music, photo slideshows, websites, commercials, web advertisements, business videos, applications, visuals etc.
New Travel
New Travel A beautiful orchestral composition. Ideal for movies, cartoons and trailers in adventure style or just for enjoyment.
Withering Land
Withering Land Calm, but epic composition. Good for movies, trailers, clips or just listen.
Trailer Exciting, dramatic, forceful and wistful composition for movies and games, trailers, teasers and other projects!
In this soundtrack used drums, big toms, cymbals, bass guitar, distortion guitar, cellos, violins, violas, trumpets, trombones, horns, piano, female vocal and choir.
Thanks for listening!