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Celtic Island
Celtic Island This unusual composition is associated with celtic themes. Ideal for movies or any other video on this topic.But of course, you can use it anywhere.
Dance like Czardas
Dance like Czardas Fast club track with some folk of Eastern Europe elements
Apple Beautiful acoustic composition. Inspiring, uplifting and motivational track. Perfect for your media projects.
Old Village By the Sea
Old Village By the Sea Interesting, lyrical composition. Old streets, dilapidated houses of a medieval village.
Pop-rock fan
Pop-rock fan Excellent advertising, films, radio, video for the holidays, commercials, business projects, film trailers, presentations.
Morning dew
Morning dew It’s good for promotional and advertising videos, presentations and slide shows or any other commercial videos.
Folk-rock Suitable for dynamic video, indie video games, trailers, sports and extreme sports, YouTube, commercials and much more!
Smile This gives the feeling of Happy and Jumpy. The track has hi temp, and it will be useful for advertising, television, movies and radio. I hope you enjoy this track.
SMS Use this track to tell a moving story of success, optimism and excitement and create the perfect uplifting, motivating atmosphere to entertain, engage and inspire your audience!
The End of the Journey
The End of the Journey A very beautiful melody with rich timbres of acoustic instruments and melodic tin whistle.
Bards of the Streets
Bards of the Streets Pleasant, warm and beautiful folk music.
Used instruments: low whistle, lute, mandolin, lyre, dulcimer, hand percussion, ethnic drums.
Upbeat Indie Pop
Upbeat Indie Pop Uplifting & upbeat acoustic indie Pop track featuring acoustic guitar, female vocals & percussion.
Mechanical Soundtrack Cavern - Piano
Mechanical Soundtrack Cavern - Piano This jazz composition for piano is perfect for your soundtracks, commercials, children's matinees, games and websites.
Castle This composition is associated with a medieval castle. Perfectly suitable for video in this genre (style).
Festove Soundtrack No Problem
Festove Soundtrack No Problem This fun composition is perfect for soundtracks, commercials, children's matinees, games and websites.