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Crazy Flute
Crazy Flute Energetic and rhythmic flute with playful hip-hop background, for any kind media video project. Hope you enjoy it and will find the use of. Thanks for listening and purchasing :)
Emotional Motion
Emotional Motion Powerful and aggressive background track, for video about sports, extreme, cars, race, fighting and other action media projects.
Glam Rock Tune
Glam Rock Tune Background glam rock track with guitar riffs, powerful drums and voices elements. Perfect for youtube, extreme sport videos, trailers and more.
Funky Chunky
Funky Chunky Funk groove track with rhythm and mute guitars, brass horne section, baritone sax, drums and slap bass.
Wake Up
Wake Up Energetic and motivational tune for all kind of sport, documentary, personal and corporate projects,
with slap bass, guitars, synths, and deep drums.
Groove Town Beat
Groove Town Beat Groovy beat, with stereo live guitars and bass. Cool background track for presentation, fashion shows, demonstrations, stylish parties, travel video and other kind of your media projects.
Funk Groove
Funk Groove It is a slow melodious track with riffs of a guitar, a bass, pipes, tubas, perfectly will be suitable...
Vintage Drum & Bass
Vintage Drum & Bass Exclusive track with application of advanced technologies. Will be suitable for various creative ideas...
This Quest
This Quest This track similar to Quest. Having distorted guitar, a bass, drums and scratchy. Will be suitable for various projects of your commercial ideas
Trip Hop
Trip Hop Spring Trip hop, will be suitable for various videos, rollers and any other creative ideas
Hip-Hop Funky Groovy Beat
Hip-Hop Funky Groovy Beat Groovy background track with hip-hop ingredients: brass section, funky guitars and groovy drum beat with tasty phrases of
horn section.
For all projects, where a timeless and classic groovy motivational background music is needed.
Surf Rock
Surf Rock Retro sounding surf style rock and roll track with the feeling of ripping the wavebreak on a sunny beach in the summer.
The vintage sounding surf guitar riffs, pounding bass and cool retro drums deliver the happy mood of coolness, sunshine, action, and hipness to your video.
Hip-Hop Background
Hip-Hop Background Hip-Hop groove track for your media projects. Perfectly for YouTube videos, TV show, promotions, presentations, corporate videos, photo slideshows, websites, traveling and inspiring videos.
Delusion in the dance
Delusion in the dance Great mood track, perfect background music for commercial media projects, clubs, events, travel, parties, fashion, summer holidays, advertising and YouTube video, TV/radio advertising, supermarkets, shops, fashion events, children holidays and much more! Happy listening!