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Christmas Day
Christmas Day Merry Christmas!!!
Christmas Merry Christmas!!!
Good Morning
Good Morning An inspirational and motivational background track. Suitable for corporate, promotion, presentation video, web projects, slideshow, uplifting projects.
Cheer Up
Cheer Up Uplifting and positive track with cheer up playful whistle,excellent for family video, comedy, websites, youtube projects, background and many more.
Be Motivated
Be Motivated Positive and energetic track represents optimism and confidence. Suitable for corporate, promotion, presentation, commercial, video, web and any other projects.
Corporate Happy
Corporate Happy Ambient Inspiring - an inspiring ambient background for presentations, video description, slideshows, commercials, and other businesses. Ambient Inspiring has a soft beautiful melody, which emphasizes the cello, uplifting and dreamy and relaxing.
Happy Whistling Ukulele
Happy Whistling Ukulele Happy and joyful ukulele song with claps, bells. Suitable for all happy, joyful and motivational themes.
Spring Bright romantic positive track for all who love life. Springtime brings us luck!
Dream Loop
Dream Loop Air rhythmic loop music for pleasant background.
Perpetual Motion
Perpetual Motion Positive instrumental background music. Shows infinite world or move in a circle or spiral. The harmony that never ends. Uplifting, motivating and inspiring. Can be used for advertising, news stories, documents, YouTube videos, kids and science videos.
Happy Road
Happy Road Excellent composition on the lite rock style. Perfectly suitable for movies, cartoons or any other video related to the road, travel. Enjoy!
Cheerful Happy day
Cheerful Happy day The harmony of this track is filled with warm pads and synth arpeggiators, a light rhythm section, a lively acoustic guitar and electronic harmonics.
"Cheerful Happy day" is created for an easy and festive underline of your idea. A joyful and mood-raising tone will create a vivid impression of your project. The track will become the background for trainings, business projects, presentations, TV and radio advertising, discoveries and scientific conferences.
Good morning
Good morning Corporate, inspirational track. Perfect for Advertising, Slideshows, inspiring, motivating, promotional, presentation videos and more.
Sanny Day
Sanny Day A bright, positive composition. Good for movies, any video or just listen.