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Happy Road
Happy Road Excellent composition on the lite rock style. Perfectly suitable for movies, cartoons or any other video related to the road, travel. Enjoy!
Cheerful Happy day
Cheerful Happy day The harmony of this track is filled with warm pads and synth arpeggiators, a light rhythm section, a lively acoustic guitar and electronic harmonics.
"Cheerful Happy day" is created for an easy and festive underline of your idea. A joyful and mood-raising tone will create a vivid impression of your project. The track will become the background for trainings, business projects, presentations, TV and radio advertising, discoveries and scientific conferences.
Good morning
Good morning Corporate, inspirational track. Perfect for Advertising, Slideshows, inspiring, motivating, promotional, presentation videos and more.
Sanny Day
Sanny Day A bright, positive composition. Good for movies, any video or just listen.
Harmonic Guitar Rhythm Logo
Harmonic Guitar Rhythm Logo This is a simplistic corporate motivational inspirational track featuring guitars, strings, bells anda piano lead melody. It also featur a contrasting bass line that creates an ambiance of reasons. Great track for youtube commentary, intro, outro, video projects, background music and uses of the sort.
Cheerful Trip
Cheerful Trip A beautiful and cheerful composition. When you listen to her mood can improve :). Ideal for youth films, home videos, just listening and maybe even for advertising. Enjoy!
The End of the Journey
The End of the Journey A very beautiful melody with rich timbres of acoustic instruments and melodic tin whistle.
Positive Orchestral
Positive Orchestral Positive piano with orchestra track in corporate style.
Happy Moden Reggaeton
Happy Moden Reggaeton This is a happy modern track with electro pop infused sounds that follows a sincopated beat for a danceable background experience. Unique track for your projects.
Happy Corporation
Happy Corporation Happy Corporation is an easy acoustic track with piano, ukulele and bells. The melody tells a story of success with a happy ending. Ready for any project. Hope you enjoy! Thank you!
Happy Celebration
Happy Celebration Happy Celebration is a jolly track with synth-pop elements. It features a mood of pop music, maybe indie electronic with tones from the 80’s. It can be used for corporate motivational purposes, background music for video, cinematic comedy, and happy tunes. It is therefore suitable for all projects, hope you find it useful!
Amazing Journey Loop
Amazing Journey Loop Perfect background music for advertising, web, youtube, commercial projects, technology video, narrative video, nature, training, tutorials, etc.
World Through the Eyes of Children
World Through the Eyes of Children Playful children’s composition, which is perfect for movies, commercials and home video.
World of the Kid
World of the Kid It’s a fun and quite rhythmic music. appears a sense of joy, childhood, ease, affection, love and innocence.