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Sfx7 optimistic pad
Males shout-Wow 2
Males shout-Wow 2 Males shout-Wow, for a feeling of surprise and for action scenes.
steps Steps in the snow
hallway hallway at school, voices in the hallway
blower fan noise in the bathroom
Nitric Blast
Nitric Blast Powerful explosion with a fiery bounce.
Fantasy Bang
Fantasy Bang Deep strike the explosive atmosphere created for games, movies, films, entrance flash presentations, business projects, news, telecasts, podcast, slideshows, corporate videos , websites etc. Useful for realistic, science fiction or fantasy settings and comedic or serious themes.
Deep Trailer Whoosh
Deep Trailer Whoosh Deep Whistling sound, great for transitions in promos or trailers,cinema, filling the pause and sound design.
Neo Pulse Lasers 2
Neo Pulse Lasers 2 Laser Shot or Hit sound.For professionals use in-game themes with a futuristic direction.
Giant Swoosh
Giant Swoosh A large whooshing effect for objects,transitional moments,the element of surprise.Projects with natural disasters,the futuristic theme.
Laser Sub Bass
Laser Sub Bass Sub Bass drop.Created on the synthesizer Korg MS 20.
Hybrid Blogbaster Rise 1
Hybrid Blogbaster Rise 1 Cinematic Rise, Slam, Impact.Good for films, games, trailer, music, multimedia.
Knock On The Door
Knock On The Door Knock on the door.Door knocking sound.
Glass Break 2
Glass Break 2 perfect for cartoons, games, movies, and any sound design.
Electric Counter Buzz
Electric Counter Buzz Electric meter,for inserts and trailers.