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OZZI - College Rock intro (Pop rock jingle)
OZZI - College Rock intro (Pop rock jingle) Electric guitar Pop Rock college, modern instrumental intro, radio jingle for your works.
Christmas House 26 sec
Christmas House 26 sec Short version of Christmas background music for advertising, TV shows, presentations, YouTube videos, portfolio, slideshow. Beautiful joyful Christmas melody, fun and easy dance rhythm.
Celebrate the new year and Santa Claus with cheerful music.
Beatmaker OZZI - Reggae happy intro jingle
Beatmaker OZZI - Reggae happy intro jingle Very fun, happy raggae instrumental music for your works (air, radio, tx shows)
Fanfare Intro
Fanfare Intro You can use this interesting track in intro, is a good choice for your measure, solemn moment, in games. This track was written in style of Logotype, Fanfares. Uneven string (spiccato) is here used, light piano, and majestic french horn.
News Review Intro Presentation
News Review Intro Presentation This is an action and intense background news song excellent for broadcast news, evening news, 24 news, primetime news, powerful announcement, global news, etc
Drums Background Beats Percussion
Drums Background Beats Percussion This track a perfect solution for your media and corporate projects, motivational and inspirational presentations, background music decor, advertising, TV moments and much more!
Short Wood Logo
Short Wood Logo Short logo, which has been played the xylophone with reverberation effect.
Confident Step Rock
Confident Step Rock Сonfident Step Rock track for your projects. Perfect for extreme video, action&sports videos, backgrounds music, video game, YouTube channel, extreme show and other dynamic projects.
1960s Rock Trio Reprize
1960s Rock Trio Reprize Energetic rock composition played the guitar, bass guitar and drums. Fit for sport - or adventure episodes of film reels, movie or computer games.
Music for TV shows
Music for TV shows Perfect choose for Podcast opener, Intro, Action scenes, Games, Apps TV Show opener, game shows and video presentations.
Butterfly New exclusive
Trumpet Trumpet
Dreams of mankind
Dreams of mankind This work tells about the eternal dream of mankind: travel to distant stars and galaxies. How can you use this melody? For movie or animated film. For computer game. For fashion show with futuristic pretentious models of clothes, shoes and hats. As a musical accompaniment of visual programs in planetariums and observatories. Perhaps for theatrical performance. For the award ceremony of the winners and/or participants of any event. Part of the film (or video, or animated film), where this melody is most appropriate (as the author thinks): the beginning — as the leitmotif of the prologue. Perhaps you are mr. George Walton Lucas Jr. and you want to make a new fantastic film (but not for the franchise "Star Wars"): in this case this work is for you! (I'm kidding, but every joke contains only a small part of the joke.) The closest style: classical "space" electronic music. Musical instruments: bass guitar, analog synthesizers. Do you need this melody without reverb? Write to me about this. And I'll upload this option specifically for you. Illustration for a poster for this melody was specially created by my daughter. You can get acquainted with her art works and purchase a license for their use here:
Industrial Revolution intro
Industrial Revolution intro Digital themed logo sound featuring digital sound effects and a rhythmic beat. Suitable for high tech, science fiction and digital styled logos, intros, outros, and idents.
Glitch Logo
Glitch Logo A high tech electronic logo. Perfect for corporate, innovation, science and technology theme.
Message from other Worlds
Message from other Worlds This track perfect for your logo short sequences and short intros.
Your Highness
Your Highness Solemn composition on the Clavicordio.
Instant This little song. It will force you to stop, relax, think and forget about problems. Think about the high, infinite, perfect. Perfect for movies, games, videos.
Epic Ident
Epic Ident Epic, orchestral, cinematic indentation with a dramatic, restless, news, persistent, intense mood. Perfect for movie and videogame trailers, openers, teasers, promos and advertising projects extreme sports and nature videos presentation, interval shooting, slideshows.
Ambient Ident
Ambient Ident Ambient indent for presentation, openers, teasers, technology, science, medicine commercials and promos videos.
Ambient Glitch Ident
Ambient Glitch Ident Ambient glitch indent for presentation, openers, teasers, technology, science, medicine commercials and promos videos.
Intro-outro-bebop style
Intro-outro-bebop style This dynamic,bright,powerful and stunning track is ideal for introducing,beginning,opening and ending the show,presentation,play and so on.
Intro-Ending A short orchestral introduction with overdrive solo guitar,piano and rock drums.
It has power and would be ideal for announcements or introduction of a programme or event...
EPiano Logo
EPiano Logo Simple and beauty logo with E-Piano melody and ambient pad. Perfect for any kind of projects. Nice and simple “E Piano Logo” -with airy and crystal piano. Perfect for using in nature and educational projects, tv, games, radio, etc.
Orchestral Intro
Orchestral Intro Epic and warm orchestral bridge with cello and brass section.
Suitable for logo, intro, key points & special moments.
Elegant Soft Piano Logo
Elegant Soft Piano Logo Short, soft, elegant logo. Perfect for opening any of your projects. Also track perfect for corporate projects, advertising, film and TV, presentations, YouTube and other media projects. Used Instruments: piano, soft pad, soft synths.
Mystic Sound Effect
Mystic Sound Effect Mystical, fearly and warm sound effect.
Suitable for logo or intro with paranormal and mystic theme.
Reggae Intro
Reggae Intro reggae intro, drums, piano, percussion, brass, trumpet, accordion, sax
Cinematic Score
Cinematic Score Cinematic orchestral track. Perfect for your trailers, films, video games and other cinematic projects!
Piano Logo 2
Piano Logo 2 Nice music for your video!
Drammatic Inspired Piano Theme
Drammatic Inspired Piano Theme Inspiring piano! In music, I wanted to convey dramatic and anxious mood, the mood of sadness and despair, but at the same time hope that all will be well!
War and Peace Epic Trailer
War and Peace Epic Trailer This music track will suit movie, presentation, advertising and slideshow.
An original epic and action cinematic composition.
Beautiful, powerful, uplifting, positive and inspirational background track! This Epical and Classical music is perfect for historical film, movie about superheroes, teaser and many other projects! Track executed professionally and efficiently.
Epic is good for dramatic ending, energetic epic,moments of hope and inspiring, intro, military, motivation, patriotic, score, trailer, triumphant, video game.
Symphonic orchestra: violins, violas, contrabass, cellos, woods and brass, special effects, drums, cymbals, timpani, piano. A beautiful French horn.
Dramatic Logo
Dramatic Logo Dramatic Logo is a little piece of logo with an elegant piano sound, to get use as intro for video or logo, or transition. Can be used for news, sketch, parody, serious, corporate, success, motivation, etc.
Metal Logo 5
Metal Logo 5 It’s intro metal logo for your video, blogs, podcasts or other projects!
industrial slave_Master
industrial slave_Master Crafted with care many possibilities of edition 120 BPM cut on seconds
Nervous Djent Opener
Nervous Djent Opener Anxious, powerful, driving, dynamic and energetic djent for your video, audio collections and other projects.

Perfect for action scenes, extreme videos, fightings, sports, racing and flying videos, adventures, travels, slideshows, featurettes, viral marketing, video blogs, advertising, video games and movies. Thanks for listening!
Despair and hope
Despair and hope
Calm and at the same time desperate violin melody
All ahead
All ahead Active music Violin and drummers: winning, fight, hero
Drum And Arp Miniature
Drum And Arp Miniature Short logo includes drum rhythm section and electronic arpeggio.
Mystical Mystical sound for logos or stressful events. Ambience rhythm & fade-in sound of fear or stress.
In the package there are two versions of this sound: with fade-out & without fade-out.
Alphabet Cubes
Alphabet Cubes This track for children and students. Fun and educational.
My Heart
My Heart Classic Reggae with brass and trumpet, simple and short intro
Soft intro
Soft intro Melody theme for logo, intro
Opening logo
Opening logo Company logo, it product logo, intro.
Indie guitar opener
Indie guitar opener "Indie guitar opener" was created for inspirational videos, media projects, movie trailers, openers, promo and advertise projects, travel and nature videos, presentations, timelapse, slideshow and other projects.
Tech logo
Tech logo Futuristic logo for hi-tech and media products, sci-fi programs intros, green technologies etc
Transformation This effect created for logos or intro.
Warm and mysterious synthesized sound great for game developers, producers, clipmakers.
Sound like blockbuster effect.
Carefree Levity
Carefree Levity A small composition in the style close to Synth-Pop, Reggae. Creates a mood of morning cheerfulness, joyful and carefree spontaneity.
In the arrangement used springy percussion, a bouncy bass, a guitar splashing, refreshing flute, spectacular synths.
Perfect for stories about fitness, children's games or for advertising.
Piano Etud
Piano Etud Piano Etud
Epic Cinematic Metal Ident
Epic Cinematic Metal Ident It’s intro cinematic metal logo for your video, blogs, podcasts or other projects. Thanks for listening!
The Hero Of The Day
The Hero Of The Day Short track-logo in orchestral presentation. Corresponds to the large solemn and slightly ironic mood.In the track used pompous drums, jubilant flute and percussion, lush brass instruments.Fit for the victorious events for example.
Paper Train
Paper Train Logo for developers, producers, editors. Sound like "burning paper".
Epic Logo
Epic Logo "Epic Intro" was created for games, youtube, video blogs, cinematic trailers and teasers.
Used instruments: percussion and cymbals, orchestral brass, cellos, violins and rising effect.
Children Play
Children Play Music is fast, fun, baby. It can be used as a screen saver for the game or video program.
After Stunning
After Stunning This effect created for logos and effects as stunning, dream in nap, being in "another world" or just makes a noise.
Metal Logo
Metal Logo Metal Logo for TV, video blogs, short videos, games and movies.
Melancholy For bad TV and radio news.
Hi-Tech Heartbeat
Hi-Tech Heartbeat Hi-Tech Logo with various fx sounds, suitable for composite animation.
Chic And Shine
Chic And Shine A small, energetic composition in the style of Funk. Creates a vigorous, cheerful mood.
Sound active drums, elastic bass, crazy guitar, synths, an impulsive, excitable horn section, sparkling piano.
Can be used as a screensaver for stories from the world of sport, high fashion, curiosities.
Following The Sun
Following The Sun A small composition in Funky-Reggae. Creates a warm, positive atmosphere of ease and romance.
On the track sound confident, enthusiastic drums, playful bass and elastic, lapping of sparkling synthesizers, wind and string convivial, melodious bells.
And all this can be used wherever the need of rhythmical optimism - at least in advertising, even though the Intro to the transmission, at least in the congratulation of his grandmother.
Sentimental dramatic piano and strings - loop
Sentimental dramatic piano and strings - loop Beautiful dramatic emotional music with piano and strings, imbued with the sentimental notes and lyrical feelings.
HeartBeat Transformation
HeartBeat Transformation Hi-Tech Logo with various fx sounds, suitable for composite animation.
Digital Glitch
Digital Glitch Digital glitch logo with modern sounding. Contains glitches, particle motion, pulsation and electric field noises.Use it in the media products, videos intro/outro, games, commercials, AE projects, hi-tech presentations, and various video projects.
Freedom Accountants
Freedom Accountants A small track with a swinging rhythm and in the style of jazz-Rock. Promotes energetic, positive mood.
Using active drums, powerful bass, ecstatic, echoing synths.
Suitable as Intro or background music digestive topics for radio, television, advertising.
The Breeze On The Pier
The Breeze On The Pier A small composition, in the style of the slow electro-Funk with a sentimental and romantic mood.
Sound crisp drums, elastic bass and wavy synths and glistening melodic theme.
Will be good for savers or background music in the stories about nature, travel, dreamy, lyrics.
Manufacture Of Air
Manufacture Of Air The small composition-style jazz-Rock, creates a sense of energy, vitality, clarity.
In the track used neat drums, clear bass, shimmering synths and a brass likeness of the bells.
Perfect for media sector as a plot framing or subject. The jingle can easily be made even shorter. Before ending specially made sound pause, for a successful speech that you insert your logo, slogan.
New Turns
New Turns A short composition in the style of an energetic rock with elements of funk. Creates a tense, vibrant atmosphere and first relief, of triumph in the end.
Sound of powerful drums, elastic bass and pulsating, melted, smoky synths.
Useful for mood and support sports, economic, scientific, industrial, and other topics.
Pastoral The composition was created in a romantic, dreamy mood, with light elements of Trance, Chill-out, Indie, ancient Folk, Epic and Electronics.
Sound of twinkling synths, transparent guitar, fabulous wind instruments, elastic bass, crisp drums.
The track is perfect for films, theatres, advertising, modern ballet and other things like that.
Welcome Logo
Welcome Logo Elegant Logo for any of your projects.
Simple Clean Logo
Simple Clean Logo Crystal clear sound for your media products.
Short Cinematic
Short Cinematic Perfectly for movie intros and logos or other high-powered projects.
Electro Logo
Electro Logo Light and modern sound for your media products.
News Review
News Review Short jingle jazz-Rock style. Creates a mood of anticipation. Before the end there's space to anchor insertion.
The track will learn the precise, energetic drums, cool bass, guitar imprinting, impulsive staccato call-and string signals.
Suitable as logotypes working in all media, or who knows where.
Intro Prompt, rhythmical short audio-track
Intro Short audio-track as intro
Elegant invitation
Elegant invitation Short calm audio track in a classic style
Delicated bells
Delicated bells Short calm, melodic audio track of electronic bells
Delicated begining and end (set)
Delicated begining and end (set) Short calm, melodic audio track of electronic bells
Romantic intro
Romantic intro Gentle, romantic, melancholy rhythmical short audio-track
Delicated intro and outro
Delicated intro and outro Short calm, melodic audio track of bells
Awakening Short calm, melodic audio track
Meddlesome ringtone
Meddlesome ringtone Short intrusive, abrupt sound track
Marimba ringtone
Marimba ringtone Short, rhythmic, exotic audio track
Anxious epic intro
Anxious epic intro Extravagant, anxiousn, epic rhythmical short audio-track
A quick glance
A quick glance Short, fast, rhythmic audio track with with classical passages
A glance at the prairie
A glance at the prairie Prompt, rhythmical audio-track in Western-style movies.
Metal Logo 4
Metal Logo 4 It’s intro metal logo for your video, blogs, podcasts or other projects. Thanks for listening!
Metal Logo 3
Metal Logo 3 It’s intro metal logo for your video, blogs, podcasts or other projects. Thanks for listening!
Metal Logo 2
Metal Logo 2 It’s intro metal logo for your video, blogs, podcasts or other projects. Thanks for listening!
Metal Logo 1
Metal Logo 1 It’s intro metal logo for your video, blogs, podcasts or other projects. Thanks for listening!
Rock Logo 2
Rock Logo 2 It’s intro rock logo for your video, blogs, podcasts or other projects. Thanks for listening!
Rock Logo 1
Rock Logo 1 It’s intro rock logo for your video, blogs, podcasts or other projects. Thanks for listening!
Afterglow Logo
Afterglow Logo Intro Music for your Video, Project or Personal use
To To Doo Doo
To To Doo Doo Funny electro mix
Summer Hit
Summer Hit Best summer single
i here
i here super trach
Ding Don - hip-hop
Ding Don - hip-hop hip hop party solo
ClubOk Funny club