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Confident Step Rock
Confident Step Rock Сonfident Step Rock track for your projects. Perfect for extreme video, action&sports videos, backgrounds music, video game, YouTube channel, extreme show and other dynamic projects.
1960s Rock Trio Reprize
1960s Rock Trio Reprize Energetic rock composition played the guitar, bass guitar and drums. Fit for sport - or adventure episodes of film reels, movie or computer games.
Music for TV shows
Music for TV shows Perfect choose for Podcast opener, Intro, Action scenes, Games, Apps TV Show opener, game shows and video presentations.
Butterfly New exclusive
Trumpet Trumpet
Dreams of mankind
Dreams of mankind This work tells about the eternal dream of mankind: travel to distant stars and galaxies. How can you use this melody? For movie or animated film. For computer game. For fashion show with futuristic pretentious models of clothes, shoes and hats. As a musical accompaniment of visual programs in planetariums and observatories. Perhaps for theatrical performance. For the award ceremony of the winners and/or participants of any event. Part of the film (or video, or animated film), where this melody is most appropriate (as the author thinks): the beginning — as the leitmotif of the prologue. Perhaps you are mr. George Walton Lucas Jr. and you want to make a new fantastic film (but not for the franchise "Star Wars"): in this case this work is for you! (I'm kidding, but every joke contains only a small part of the joke.) The closest style: classical "space" electronic music. Musical instruments: bass guitar, analog synthesizers. Do you need this melody without reverb? Write to me about this. And I'll upload this option specifically for you. Illustration for a poster for this melody was specially created by my daughter. You can get acquainted with her art works and purchase a license for their use here:
Industrial Revolution intro
Industrial Revolution intro Digital themed logo sound featuring digital sound effects and a rhythmic beat. Suitable for high tech, science fiction and digital styled logos, intros, outros, and idents.
Glitch Logo
Glitch Logo A high tech electronic logo. Perfect for corporate, innovation, science and technology theme.
Message from other Worlds
Message from other Worlds This track perfect for your logo short sequences and short intros.
Your Highness
Your Highness Solemn composition on the Clavicordio.
Instant This little song. It will force you to stop, relax, think and forget about problems. Think about the high, infinite, perfect. Perfect for movies, games, videos.
Epic Ident
Epic Ident Epic, orchestral, cinematic indentation with a dramatic, restless, news, persistent, intense mood. Perfect for movie and videogame trailers, openers, teasers, promos and advertising projects extreme sports and nature videos presentation, interval shooting, slideshows.
Ambient Ident
Ambient Ident Ambient indent for presentation, openers, teasers, technology, science, medicine commercials and promos videos.
Ambient Glitch Ident
Ambient Glitch Ident Ambient glitch indent for presentation, openers, teasers, technology, science, medicine commercials and promos videos.
Intro-outro-bebop style
Intro-outro-bebop style This dynamic,bright,powerful and stunning track is ideal for introducing,beginning,opening and ending the show,presentation,play and so on.