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Fly  Easy Relaxing Music
Fly Easy Relaxing Music Nice soft music for relaxation, good mood, background, piano and synths, the drums create a gentle tune
Sensual Evening
Sensual Evening Elegant, rhythmical, sensual, exciting music in atmospheric breakbeat genre with corporate music influence. Perfect for corporate videos, slideshows, background for videogames, adventure vblogs and more…
Sax in Love
Sax in Love Cool, stylish and groovy audio with saxophone's improvisation, vocal, electric piano and strong drums break beat. All for your feell good!
Taste of Love
Taste of Love It is a beautiful and uplifting composition. Featuring guitars, harp, synths, and gentle percussion. Perfect for film, television, web videos, corporate media, and any project needing a motivational background.
Fashion Tech Lounge
Fashion Tech Lounge Background tech lounge music. Great for hightech visuals, newest technologies, innovations, fashion, business video projects. Also good for radio, TV, web, news, podcast and other media video projects.
Sad Melody (Version)
Sad Melody (Version) Sad Melody (Version) - Slow Instrumental Background Music.

Melancholy, dreaming and minimalistic piano musical piece.

Suitable for film, video, TV, advertising, web, events and other projects.
Winter Sketch
Winter Sketch It is dreaming, jazzy and atmospheric musical piece.

Suitable for film, video, TV, advertising, web, events and other projects.

Key A Major; 4/4; 90bmp
Cafe Cafe - Electronic Instrumental Background Music.

Dreaming, atmospheric and abstract instrumental electronic musical piece.

Suitable for film, video, TV, advertising, web, events and other projects.
Music for You (LOVE Music)
Music for You (LOVE Music) Romantic music for piano
Alarming Lounge
Alarming Lounge Ambient. Lounge. A little sad but still Happy, Motivational, Uplifting, Optimistic, Positive, Bright, Inspirational song aimed at Confident Successful Commercial Business. Used Synths, Piano, Bass, Drums, Glockenspiel, Strings. The song is offers for your Video, Radio, Television, Documentary, Television News, Video Games, Film, Advertising, Foto, DJ.
Dreams About Future
Dreams About Future Standart lounge track with a minimal-style drums, gross bass, cold far piano and ambient guitar. For presentation, advertising of hi-end inventions and so on. It can be reorganized into a long loop-file by a specialist, not automatically.
Dangerous Expedition
Dangerous Expedition A little suspenseful music for a documentary or TV news. The mystery with curiosity. But in the end is dominated by positive emotions. All done on synths and the sampler. Sounds: synth.bass, acoustic drums, synth.harmony in the form of jerky is Sept-chord ostinato with support in the form of lingering arpeggios so well on the sept-chords on the background, the solo muted guitar and synth.chord solo.
Relax Relax, chill vibe ambient track for your media.
Chill Chill is modern ambient music track. Chill is very inspiring, emotional, motivational. Chill perfect for inspiring projects
Peaceful “Peaceful” is a nice Corporate track with clean and soft sound. An increasing development of the melodies and instruments that gently inspiring you.