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Boutique More Atmospheric Mood
Boutique More Atmospheric Mood Background fashion style music for shows, presentations and vogue performance.
Boutique Atmosphere Mood Kit
Boutique Atmosphere Mood Kit Background fashion style music for shows, presentations and vogue performance. It contains the main theme, short various versions and more within itself.
Underground Background groovy music
Spring Day
Spring Day Instrumental composition, the main melody is the guitar. Positive, romantic, good mood
Funky Groove
Funky Groove Groovy drums, crisp horns, mute guitar,jazzy rhodes, explosive synths and funky clavinet make this a perfect track for commercials,YouTube videos, vlogs, and any project that needs a groove , stylish music background with great energy.
Open Space Inside Us
Open Space Inside Us Instrumental composition using multiple sound processing and effects. The main melody is the guitar in Part B, the synthesizer develops the melody. Pensive, light mood.
Walking Proudly
Walking Proudly A medium grooving, sexy, smooth jazz track featuring funky drums and synth, a slap bass line, vintage rhodes. Perfect for fashion show,slide shows, backgrounds, video on youtube etc…
VIP Vafe
VIP Vafe Welcome to the VIP Cafe!
A smooth-jazz, funky soundtrack has a meditative mood and a great sense of cool!It consists groovy rhythm, with the funky mute guitar,finger and slap(!)bass, keys, and ethno voices ..
Pink Freud
Pink Freud R'n'B groove with powerful second part
At The Distance Of Feelings
At The Distance Of Feelings Instrumental composition with a basic guitar melody. Acoustic guitar and piano create an atmosphere of ease and the synthesizer gives space. Romantic, imaginative, calm.
Smooth Way Backing Track
Smooth Way Backing Track Light jazz guitar composition!
Pleasant meetings
Pleasant meetings Instrumental composition using flute, guitar, piano and percussion. The main melody of the flute, in the second part the melody is played by a guitar. Good pieces of composition that you can loop. Very easy, positive, good mood.
Smooth Way
Smooth Way Light jazz guitar composition!
Mysterious Island
Mysterious Island The mood of the instrumental composition is pensive, sad. The main melody is the guitar, beautiful synthesizer arrangements.
Warmth Contemporary uplifting track with an exciting and dynamic vibe featuring different kinds of upbeat drums, electric guitar, synthesizers and bass. Great for modern films, commercials, TV themes, trailers and more.This motivational and positive music will work nicely for different kind of documentary films, advertising, business, commercial, social, television, presentation, news, podcast and promo videos.