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Thrilled Orchestral Rock
Thrilled Orchestral Rock Good music to historical, political, corporate, religious, sci-Fi, high-tech and military Thriller.

Beautiful orchestral rock music for trailer, commercial, movie, film, presentation, slideshow, social projects, corporate videos.

Drums, bass guitar and electric guitar play along with a Symphony orchestra in a rock style. The main role is played by the orchestra, solo strings, brass and wooden tools. Rock band creates a certain flavor, and the drums play quite a large role. Beautiful brass gives the music a certain epic, but very neat, without fanaticism.
Inspiring Epic World(60 seconds)
Inspiring Epic World(60 seconds) Inspiring Epic World is a cinematic, orchestral and motivational piece of music. It based on heroic, cinematic orchestra and suits for any kind of inspirational videos about beauty of our world, adverts, epic movie trailers and intros, photo slideshows.
Moment of life
Moment of life Beautiful piano item with orchestral culmination.
Emotional Orchestral Dubstep
Emotional Orchestral Dubstep Emotional Symphony orchestra with rhythmic drums. Good music for movie, logo, titles, intro. The first part slow, second fast, the third slow without drums. Great for ideal for forensic, spy, detective, adventure, medical, police, romance, historical, political, corporate, religious, mystical, sci-Fi, "hi-tech" and military Thriller. Wonderful music for dramatic movie, a biographical story. The beautiful-sounding orchestra, an interesting rhythm.

Epic World Cinematic
Epic World Cinematic This epic cinematic track is ideal for trailers, promo, drums and any emotional design dramatic action! Full range of orchestral instruments are used, including orchestral strings, violins, cellos, violas, basses, brass, horns, drums and orchestral percussion. Background synth sound that emphasizes the novelty track one of them is its uniqueness. Female vocals makes sound really triumphant. 124BPM
War and Peace Epic Trailer
War and Peace Epic Trailer This music track will suit movie, presentation, advertising and slideshow.

An original epic and action cinematic composition.

Beautiful, powerful, uplifting, positive and inspirational background track! This Epical and Classical music is perfect for historical film, movie about superheroes, teaser and many other projects! Track executed professionally and efficiently.

Epic is good for dramatic ending, energetic epic,moments of hope and inspiring, intro, military, motivation, patriotic, score, trailer, triumphant, video game.

Symphonic orchestra: violins, violas, contrabass, cellos, woods and brass, special effects, drums, cymbals, timpani, piano. A beautiful French horn.
Epic Kingdom
Epic Kingdom Epic Kingdom – powerful, suspenseful action and epic drama. This music track has heroic, energetic, dramatic and uprising atmosphere. It is great for dramatic epic action trailers, movies, games, video projects, documentaries, adventure videos, epic cinematic and strong motivational videos.

Also works as background for film teaser, epic slideshows, dramatic news, sport motivation, animation, time lapse videos and various TV media that requires epic background music.
Despair and hope
Despair and hope

Calm and at the same time desperate violin melody
Cry soul, despair, hopelessness, loud violin
Cry soul, despair, hopelessness, loud violin Orchestra of the Violin: despair, anxiety, feelings
Inspiring sunrise in a fantasy world
Inspiring sunrise in a fantasy world Beautiful motivational and solemn music, composed of piano, winds and strings. This music is perfect for using in your clips as a beginning or during the epic moments.

Has a quiet piano beginning and bright strings+brass culminations.
The Journey Begins
The Journey Begins The squad is ready for a long epic adventure!
The Burden
The Burden "The burden of the chosen in not an easy one. He is our only hope."

Slow tense mysterious theme.
Rossini William Tell overture
Rossini William Tell overture classical music in modern arrangement
Rossini overture to opera the barber of seville
Rossini overture to opera the barber of seville classical music in modern arrangement
Mozart turkish march
Mozart turkish march classical music in modern arrangement