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DE VISU De visu (lat.) Trio (piano, violoncello, violin). Two-part form. Perfect for sounding the modernist exhibition, you can put a dance, In the concert hall will sound good too.
Uplifting Cinematic Soundtrack
Uplifting Cinematic Soundtrack Impressive cinematic music played by piano, orchestral strings, cellos and dramatic drums.
Perfect for inspiring and hopeful moments, wedding video and slideshows. Also it can be used as a background for powerful and emotional videos, trailers, sport visuals, scores, titles, titres and many other media projects!
Latin Groove Passion Mood
Latin Groove Passion Mood Background track in Latin music style - include piano, passion brass, mute guitar, congo, drums, bass etc. Active and positive, energetic and rhythmic item for your video project, YouTube channel, website, advertising and more.
Emotional Cinematic Beat Inspiring Trailer
Emotional Cinematic Beat Inspiring Trailer Inspiring, dramatic, hopeful and beautiful cinematic soundtrack. Touching, solemn, tender, elegant, encouraging; feelings of joy for your media work. Perfect for background music in slideshows, inspirational commercials, motivational and uplifting presentations
Emotional Piano Memories
Emotional Piano Memories Original inspiring cinematic composition featuring a piano, strings and percussion.
Dramatic Cinematic Tragedy
Dramatic Cinematic Tragedy Dramatic music track is perfect for your trailers, intros, games, shows, tv, quizz, radio, animations and many more !
Coldest Days
Coldest Days Fragile high-key music bed with inconsolable sadness will present to the spectator storytelling about hopeless emptiness.
Thoughtful Piano
Thoughtful Piano Sentimental, emotional, hopeful background track with piano, strings. Perfect for love story, wedding videos, romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, motivational presentations.
Illusion Illusion is a lyrical piano composition, with light harmony and a beautiful melody that will help to simply relax and forget about the problems
In the light of day
In the light of day The joy of sunlight could be felt only by one who was deprived of light, while in the prison of your inner world. Feel the joy of each day, each ray of light, may they give you light in the darkest hour when it seems that there is no hope and the purpose of life has been lost seemingly forever!
Sunrise the magic of freshness in the morning, the awakening of nature in the early morning, the beginning of a beautiful new day, rising sun
Timelapse Piano
Timelapse Piano Melodic, uplifting and atmospheric track with inspiring ambient piano. Suitable for timelapse videos, landscapes footages, or motivational clips, nature montage, slow motion videos, youtube videos and more.
Fast Emotional Piano Trailer
Fast Emotional Piano Trailer A very sensuous dramatic soundtrack featured sonorous cinematic fortepiano, beautiful cellos and violins.
Ragtime Doubts Claps
Ragtime Doubts Claps Cool fun cinema music. Recorded with the help of live piano)) Can be used in any Silent Movies children?s parties, sports events, games as background music, as well as in computer games, television and radio, etc. Key C Major