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The end of the film
The end of the film This is a small pop-style electronic composition. He is disturbing and dark. This work is a good background music, music for various video clips.
Future Bass
Future Bass Modern pop track with synths, piano, drums and deep bass
Sunny motive
Sunny motive A positive and uplifting piece which will perfectly suit for advertising, promotional video, photo album, vacation or lifestyle film, presentation, any types of corporate media, youtube video, or any other media project looking for optimistic, inspirational and uplifting mood.
Almost disco (simple slow version)
Almost disco (simple slow version) Do you remember the disco music of the 1970s-1980s? Of course, this melody is stylization and imitation: I do not hide it. This melody illustrates several moods and transmits different feelings: happiness, romantic, birth of a new love, light joy... How can you use this melody? For example, for cinema and theater. (Or for video.) For musical accompaniment of the weather forecast on TV, even background music for different events. For the fashion show. For corporate events. For the ceremony of awarding the participants of the competitions (including sports), festivals, culinary shows. Just for a party of friends. And, of course, for dances!!! Part of the film (video), where this melody is most appropriate (as the author thinks): central part. The author hopes that this melody will please those people, who remember the 1970s and 1980s and the beautiful disco music of those years. You can just take this melody and listen it during the trip and experience feelings of joy and nostalgia. I can orchestrate this melody for performance by a live ensemble.
Everything Is OK
Everything Is OK Calm and slightly sentimental music that touches the soul. Useful for any media projects. Thanks for listening to the track!
Lonely Sailboat
Lonely Sailboat This track a musical sketch and a mixture of styles pop, ambient, soulful. Beautiful and full of musical effects music, which can be used in any media projects.
Night Adventures
Night Adventures The track title speaks for itself. Traditional musical instruments of funk style, plus synthetic voices, make this track unique and saturated. You can use the track practically everywhere. Good luck!
Before The Rain
Before The Rain Calm, beautiful and rhythmic music for any media projects. Piano, ukulele, synthesizer, soft drums, synth bass and synth voice - that's all it takes to emphasize the beauty of nature.
Voice from the past
Voice from the past Everything passes, and music is eternal. And the familiar melody reminds us of a lived life.
Electrified Air
Electrified Air This track is a mixture of pop and electronic styles. Strict and electrified music for the creation of which were used drums, electric piano, electric guitar, synth bass, synthesizers. The track can be used almost everywhere. Good luck!
Good mood
Good mood This track is in the style of Pop. This makes me feel happy and nervous. The track has a high rate, and it will be good for advertising, TV, film and radio.
Summer Commercial Tropical
Summer Commercial Tropical Bright and groovy theme Tropical Pop style, creating a great atmosphere of a summer day at the beach, holiday parties, relaxation and luxury.
Presentiment Thunderstorms
Presentiment Thunderstorms Tense, intense but beautiful music as a background for any media projects.
Pianos techno dance
Pianos techno dance Experimental track, stylish and modern, technogenic, full of FX effects, synthesizers, with ideology futuristic design. Exclusive tune perfect for positive and fun videos, commercials videos and many more in Dance style. The track features piano chords with fast paced drums, heavy bass sounds and electronic synth elements. Ideal for fantasy, documentaries and much more.
Corporate day
Corporate day A positive and light melody, ideal for family video, advertising projects and other creative themes videos.