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The best day
The best day Very positive music will display emotions of joy and cheerfulness in commercials, dancing compositions, can be used in movies of positive contents, in transfers about travel.
Start a New Day Uplifting  Light and Positive Music
Start a New Day Uplifting Light and Positive Music Easy rhythmic music perfect to start the day. –°reates a good mood. Used piano, strings, electric guitar, percussion. Perfect for video creating good mood.
Elegant funk
Elegant funk funky composition, Includes Acoustic drums, bass, electric piano and synthesizer. This music will cheer you up and will draw you. Great for Tv, Commercial,all kind of projects and for corpotate or fashion projects.
Uplifting Motivational Corporate
Uplifting Motivational Corporate
This track has a positive, optimistic and hopeful mood. It is inspiring, bright and easy listening background music. Featured instruments: optimistic overdriven guitars, atmospheric and beautiful lead guitars, pianos, violins, drums, claps, bass, many beautiful bells, shakers... Sounds great in: active commercials; business presentations; technology presentations; gadget presentations; sport videos; slideshows; infographic videos; and any inspirational projects.
This music with live instruments!
Successful activity
Successful activity This track will be ideal for the video report on successfully done work, for corporate video, for video about technologies...
He can also be used in family videos about trips, travel... It is possible to use in rollers on Youtube, Vimeo, podcasts, reviews...
Corporate, Motivational, Inspiring, Upbeat.
 Today I Meet a Girl Upbeat Cheerful Music
Today I Meet a Girl Upbeat Cheerful Music Rhythmic and uplifting track ideal for car travel, sea vacation, holidays, happy events
Happy Melody Corporate
Happy Melody Corporate Joyful, positive and uplifting track featuring soft electric guitars, smooth bells, piano solo and cheerful drums. Creates a feeling of happiness and freedom.
Suitable for: advertising, marketing, uplifting, upbeat and inspiring projects, including corporate presentations, tutorials, montages, business videos, lifestyle and travel, startup videos, app promos, explainers, slideshows and much more.
Stomp Clap
Stomp Clap Stomp clap it's a percussion, stomp and claps rhythmic theme. This song have there parts: is an intro, development and final. All parts are interchangeable, so you can use any of it at any time or for extended own version.
Eagle-owl in the night
Eagle-owl in the night Unobtrusive background music without a clearly sounding melody for your projects and relaxation.
Sunny Morning Walk
Sunny Morning Walk Energetic upbeat indie rock track with guitar, drums and piano. Good choice for motivational and positive sport videos, games, backgrounds, films, youtube, tv advertisements, action movies, commercials and visuals. Can be looped.
2 versions included:
- Full version (1st part of wav-file) wav & mp3;
- Loop version (2nd part of wav-file) wav & mp3
Corporate And Romantic (Version 1)
Corporate And Romantic (Version 1) This track is corporate, positive and romantic. It`s good for any kind of presentations, commercials,websites, inspirational videos, motivational stories, video about wonderful travelling, photo slideshows and other projects that need a positive mood.
Positive Punk Rock
Positive Punk Rock Optimistic, energetic, driving and cheerful punk rock for your video, audio collections and other projects. Thanks for listening!
uplifting motivation
uplifting motivation Very positive, melodic composition. Suitable for advertising or any positive video.
Dance With Me.
Dance With Me. Dance With Me is Modern, fresh, energetic, motivational dance royalty free music for incredible projects such as: youtube videos, videohive projects, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, presentation!
Space Summer
Space Summer This track is created for summer entertainment videos, bares and chill zones,
party and afterparty reviews and interviews.
You may also use it as a background for tourist advertisement, commercial.
The track is also suitable as background music for shopping malls or a soundtrack.
Ideal for a summer mood, it is light, positive, simple and happy.
Package content:
- main track
- main track without sound on 1:40, 2:30 and 3:20
- 3 different loops