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Sunny Guitar
Sunny Guitar Inspiring track, perfect for presentations
Pint of Beer
Pint of Beer A resonant, fresh and upbeat acoustic folk music close to the Irish jig style.
Country Crossroads
Country Crossroads Positive and optimistic electro-acoustic rock band in the classic old-school sound.
Live recorded musical instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, vintage electric bass, real drums.
VST programmed: hammond organ, orchestral horns and strings.
Uplifting Inspirational Background
Uplifting Inspirational Background An inspirational and motivational background track. Suitable for corporate, promotion, presentation video, web projects, slideshow, uplifting projects.
Retro Groovy Funky Corporate
Retro Groovy Funky Corporate Positive and groovy background track in retro style with mute guitars, rhodes electric piano and vintage bass.
For all projects, where a timeless and classic groovy motivational background music is needed.
India Inspirational Corporate
India Inspirational Corporate Motivational track of Indian music. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries, dance projects and any ethnic oriented presentation.This track features tradition instruments as sitar, tabla, santur, dholak.
Background Inspirational Corporate
Background Inspirational Corporate An inspirational and motivational background track. Suitable for corporate, promotion, presentation video, web projects, slideshow, uplifting projects.
Optimistic Positive Mood
Optimistic Positive Mood An inspirational and motivational background track. Perfect for any corporate, commercial or uplifting projects. Suitable for advertisements, Film and TV, Youtube and more.
Trance Corporate
Trance Corporate Uplifting background track for motivational and inspiring projects.
A Holiday Chime
A Holiday Chime Magic music solemn and grandiose, to underline a winter, christmastides and holidays.campanellis ringing of bells the Easy and festive atmosphere in expectant of coming music, creating the atmosphere of gladness and holiday, filled with glad moments and positive inspiration ...
Happy Optimistic Corporate
Happy Optimistic Corporate Uplifting and positive background track with playful whistle, happy ukulele and emotional background voices.
Perfect to corporate projects, presentations, advertisements and more.
Rondo Giuliani
Rondo Giuliani Rondo by Italian guitarist and composer Mauro Giuliani from Sonatina for guitar. Lively, optimistic and joyful piece with beautiful, slightly thoughtful and elegant middle part.
Atmospheric House
Atmospheric House Relaxing background track with dreamy melodic piano.
For slideshow, youtube video, motivational presentations, inspirational projects, romantic videos and more.
Corporate Romantic
Corporate Romantic A romantic and motivational background track. Suitable for any corporate, commercial or uplifting projects.
It will work well on your inspiring corporate and presentation videos, kickstarter videos, advertisements, commercials, crowdfunding videos, web video projects, info-graphics, photo slideshows and many other applications.
Uplifting Inspirational
Uplifting Inspirational Optimistic, uplifting, background track – full of positivity and emotion!
Corporate Inspiration
Corporate Inspiration A light background track for motivational or inspiring projects. Harmonics and muted guitar, acoustic guitar, soft piano.
Inspiring Story
Inspiring Story A story of optimism and hope.
Undersea World
Undersea World Instrumental sketch using Indian drums and percussion, light, calm with a positive mood.
Be Motivated
Be Motivated Positive and energetic track represents optimism and confidence. Suitable for corporate, promotion, presentation, commercial, video, web and any other projects.
Sunrise the magic of freshness in the morning, the awakening of nature in the early morning, the beginning of a beautiful new day, rising sun
Sunny Earth
Sunny Earth An inspirational and motivational background track. Perfect for any corporate, commercial or uplifting projects.
Instruments: acoustic, harmonics and muted guitars, acoustic piano, bells, synths, claps, bass and drums. Creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism.
Daydream Positive and optimistic track.
Perfect for corporate motivational and inspirational presentations, advertisements, Film and TV, Youtube and more.
Instruments features acoustic, harmonics and muted guitars, pulsating bass, acoustic piano, bells, synths, strings and drums. Creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism.
Spring Bright romantic positive track for all who love life. Springtime brings us luck!
Spy Jazz
Spy Jazz Jazz sketch, played classic jazz-band: grand piano, upright bass and drums. Dance and rhythmic, it could become the background for spyware, adventure or hooligan scene.
Dream Loop
Dream Loop Air rhythmic loop music for pleasant background.
Good times
Good times Happy, easy for listening music for your presentation or video. Instruments: piano, guitars, claps, soft kick and bass. Ideal for corporate or business projects, traveleng, advertisment, etc.
Ambient Drum&Bass
Ambient Drum&Bass Just very pleasant ambient music. Bass performs a solo - it's at the centre of attention - against the background of dense drums playing among ephemeral sounding electronic bells and strings...
2nd Caprice for Guitar by Matteo Carcassi
2nd Caprice for Guitar by Matteo Carcassi The 2nd caprice "Vivace" from "Six Caprices for Guitar" by Matteo Carcassi (op.26) played classical guitar.
Upbeat Hard Rock
Upbeat Hard Rock Powerful, upbeat, brutal and groovy hard rock composition for your video, audio collections and other projects!
Enjoyable listening!
Semper in motu
Semper in motu "Semper in motu" (lat.) - always in moving. So I imagine the movements without stopping. The track is notable for its unpredictability
Aspiration for heights
Aspiration for heights Positive, motivational track that inspires success, creation, teamwork, achievement of excellence, business development, aspiration to the heights of activity. This track is perfect for advertising business, companies, media projects and much more.
Cash Back
Cash Back This is not a fast track with an energetic guitar, bass,drums and brass. Well suited for your commercial ideas...
House Energy
House Energy Vigorous track for burning movements. Well will be suitable for your commercial ideas
Fat Blues
Fat Blues Blues track featuring electric guitar, bass, drums & piano.
Motivating inspiration of joy background
Motivating inspiration of joy background The background track motivates the joy of inspiration and success.
Well suited for corporate projects, presentations, videos, slideshows, various manuals, video for business, various scientific and technical projects, news programs, advertising, travel, health care, real estate, project launch and much more.
Good morning
Good morning Corporate, inspirational track. Perfect for Advertising, Slideshows, inspiring, motivating, promotional, presentation videos and more.
Hot Rock
Hot Rock Cheerful vintage rock track featuring electric guitars, bass and drums
Happy Electronic Work
Happy Electronic Work Happy Electronic Work is a solid sounding electronic track with electronic elements. Determined motivational track for any need. Hope you enjoy! Thank you!
Great Party
Great Party Uplifting, soft, minimal and inspirational corporate track.Perfect for commercials, documentaries, TV programs.
Great Party Long Version
Great Party Long Version This is the long version for the uplifting, soft, minimal and inspirational corporate track 'Great Party'. Perfect for commercials, documentaries, TV programs.
Good Logo
Good Logo A positive, joyful and motivational logo consists of drums, guitar, bass, strings, piano and synthesizers. Perfect for TV/Radio advertising, podcasting, viral marketing or any project that requires a fun and uplifting sonic backdrop.
First Impressions
First Impressions First Impressions is a quirky electronic corporate track. Very airy and relaxed feeling of confidence and motivation. Hope you enjoy! Thank you!
Finding What You Need
Finding What You Need Finding What You Need (Discovery Edit) is a calm and serene corporate motivational track featuring guitar harmonics, electric guitar, piano, bass guitar and drums. This track is easy on the ear and can work as background for video or music for any need. Hope you find it useful! Thank you!
Truck Week
Truck Week A bright and positive background song is perfect for highway and truck subject.
Still Live
Still Live Eastern music
Motivational Inspirational Corporate
Motivational Inspirational Corporate Upbeat Corporate – uplifting commercial background. Perfect motivational business presentation, inspiring corporate slideshow, positive advertising montage and creative corporate video project.
Instruments: features acoustic guitar, bass and piano, drums and percussion.
Amazing Journey Loop
Amazing Journey Loop Perfect background music for advertising, web, youtube, commercial projects, technology video, narrative video, nature, training, tutorials, etc.
Warm beach
Warm beach It’s corporate inspiring upbeat positive uplifting motivational track with guitars, piano, strings and other. Perfect for: corporate projects, inspiring and motivational videos, christmas video, slideshow, showreel and openers, TV-shows, cinema production, advertising, films, commercials, movie trailers, radio, presentations, promotions, games, youtube videos. Very versatile track, which can be used in various fields!
Today and Tomorrow
Today and Tomorrow This modern inspirational track starts with a simple piano hook and quickly establishes a driving drum groove with real
bass, electric guitar and subtle synth beds. Tight musical transitions are crafted perfectly for edit points as needed
to fit your project. This track is great for any project calling for an uplifting, inspirational mood.
Delusion Delusion is a positive song with an original, unusual harmony, with a sure but broken rhythm. In the track there is a pleasant, peculiar melody of the organ. This corporate track is filled with inspiring sounds, muted electric piano, bongos and organ.
BEST FOR: corporate inspirational videos, technological videos, presentations, corporate show videos, business slideshows, background music, television, commercial advertising projects, infographic, documentaries, triumphal videos, inspirational promos and e.t.c.
As in French cinema... (simple solo-piano-version)
As in French cinema... (simple solo-piano-version) Of course, this melody is stylization and imitation: I do not hide it. Do you remember the good French cinema of the 1970s-1980s? Listen to this melody. How can you use this melody? First of all, of course, for cinema and theater. For example, as a leitmotiv of the main character of the drama, tragicomedy, and perhaps, a lyrical comedy and even the «road movie». Other options are also quite understandable: movies (or videos) about animals, musical accompaniment of the weather forecast on TV, even background music for different events. In the cinema and theater (as I think) this melody is quite appropriate as a component of the soundtrack (or the musical design of the performance) of the central part of the action. (For musical themes for opening and closing credits (or at the beginning and end of a theatrical performance) or other parts of the action, other versions of this melody will be made, they are currently in work.) And, of course, you can listen to this melody, for example, on the road. (I will be very happy if this melody is interesting for radio stations «with a soul».) And I can orchestrate this melody for the performance by live ensemble.
Positive track
Positive track This track is a great choice for your project. It can be used in commercials, advertising, product launch videos and more. Music creates a positive, uplifting and motivating mood for the listener.
Positive lyrical piano
Positive lyrical piano Inspiring emotional cinematic background theme with strong piano will not leave you indifferent. Piano romantic sentimental composition for nature, nostalgic, love, wedding movie scenes.
Caribbean Trip
Caribbean Trip This track describes beautiful nature of Caribbean Sea - it brings the atmosphere of relaxing.Reggae style gives you mood of holiday and happiness...
Excellent for logo design,video animation, web development,spa presentation,advertising and commercial, photo slideshows, family movies, YouTube videos etc...
Latin Dance
Latin Dance Very upbeat latin bossa nova.This track starts with chords of bass guitar and bright latin percussion and continues with synth solo and electro piano improvisation...Suitable for lots of projects, perfect for commercial, cinematic,presentations, movies,in the background at a restaurant, playing in the background of a characters phone call when they’re on hold, casino games or a music on hold ads, apps.
Happy Flying
Happy Flying This flowing and moderately paced song evoking strong images of nostalgia, wonder, and joy. Dreamy, inspirational, and a little bit retro, this is perfect background music for a mellow, positive and optimistic video.
The track has an acoustic and overdrive guitar, powerful rock drums,organ B3,strings,synths and notes of bells.
Great for YouTube videos, photo slideshows, commercials, websites and any project that needs an optimistic, cheery vibe.
Deep In
Deep In Corporate, quiet and moody Deep House beat includes modern layering piano chords, deep bass, house beat, synths. Good track for fashion shows, news, fashion parties, travel companies. Best music for corporate videos, commercials, cinema, advertisement, movie trailer and web page music.
Arabica Moody track with elements of Asian music and modern breakbeat drums. This combination makes the track dynamic and powerful. It`s great for action movies, games, fashion show, presentation, video, photography, film scene...
Your magic footpath
Your magic footpath Imagine the following picture: You or a child are walking along the road and look around. And you see an amazingly beautiful and joyful atmosphere. That's what this track feels!
Old radio 2
Old radio 2 Thank you for watching.
An inspiring repetitive background melody with variations. Instruments: electro drums, electro bass and light piano. This positive track is ideal for corporate presentations, innovative videos, technological presentations, websites, motivational infographics, family videos and holidays
temp - 115
duration - 146
Funky Groovy funky background for wide range of video production such as advertising, animation, vlog, film, promo etc.
Rousing Industrial Rock
Rousing Industrial Rock Rousing, driving, groovy and energetic industrial rock for your video, audio collections and other projects.
Perfect for video games and movies, sports, racing and flying videos, adventures, travels, slideshows, featurettes, viral marketing, video blogs, advertising and more.
Enjoyable listening!
Glitch Tech
Glitch Tech High tech background music for media projects.
Optimistic Punk Rock
Optimistic Punk Rock Energetic, driving, groovy and lively punk rock for your video, audio collections and other projects. Enjoyable listening!
Upbeat Corporate
Upbeat Corporate The “Upbeat Corporate” is upbeat, inspiring, uplifting, soft, lite, minimal corporate motivational background track. Mood of this track : lite, inspirational, positive, moving, motivational, uplifting, background. This track designed for corporate presentations, innovative videos.
Happy Spring
Happy Spring A bright, optimistic, uplifting and inspiring corporate background track. Great for presentations, advertising, motivational, promotional, corporate, lifestyle or travel video, video blogs, science, Youtube videos, photo albums, or any other media projects looking for a light, warm, groovy and optimistic mood.
Positive Rock
Positive Rock Positive rock music for your media and business.
Spring Success Looped Version
Spring Success Looped Version A bright, optimistic, uplifting and inspiring piece which will perfectly suit for presentations, advertising, motivational, promotional, corporate, lifestyle or travel video, video blogs, science projects, youtube videos, photo albums, or any other media projects looking for light, warm, groovy and optimistic mood.
Spring Success
Spring Success A bright, optimistic, uplifting and inspiring piece which will perfectly suit for presentations, advertising, motivational, promotional, corporate, lifestyle or travel video, video blogs, science projects, youtube videos, photo albums, or any other media projects looking for light, warm, groovy and optimistic mood.
The best day
The best day Very positive music will display emotions of joy and cheerfulness in commercials, dancing compositions, can be used in movies of positive contents, in transfers about travel.
Start a New Day Uplifting  Light and Positive Music
Start a New Day Uplifting Light and Positive Music Easy rhythmic music perfect to start the day. Сreates a good mood. Used piano, strings, electric guitar, percussion. Perfect for video creating good mood.
Elegant funk
Elegant funk funky composition, Includes Acoustic drums, bass, electric piano and synthesizer. This music will cheer you up and will draw you. Great for Tv, Commercial,all kind of projects and for corpotate or fashion projects.
Uplifting Motivational Corporate
Uplifting Motivational Corporate
This track has a positive, optimistic and hopeful mood. It is inspiring, bright and easy listening background music. Featured instruments: optimistic overdriven guitars, atmospheric and beautiful lead guitars, pianos, violins, drums, claps, bass, many beautiful bells, shakers... Sounds great in: active commercials; business presentations; technology presentations; gadget presentations; sport videos; slideshows; infographic videos; and any inspirational projects.
This music with live instruments!
Successful activity
Successful activity This track will be ideal for the video report on successfully done work, for corporate video, for video about technologies...
He can also be used in family videos about trips, travel... It is possible to use in rollers on Youtube, Vimeo, podcasts, reviews...
Corporate, Motivational, Inspiring, Upbeat.
 Today I Meet a Girl Upbeat Cheerful Music
Today I Meet a Girl Upbeat Cheerful Music Rhythmic and uplifting track ideal for car travel, sea vacation, holidays, happy events
Happy Melody Corporate
Happy Melody Corporate Joyful, positive and uplifting track featuring soft electric guitars, smooth bells, piano solo and cheerful drums. Creates a feeling of happiness and freedom.
Suitable for: advertising, marketing, uplifting, upbeat and inspiring projects, including corporate presentations, tutorials, montages, business videos, lifestyle and travel, startup videos, app promos, explainers, slideshows and much more.
Stomp Clap
Stomp Clap Stomp clap it's a percussion, stomp and claps rhythmic theme. This song have there parts: is an intro, development and final. All parts are interchangeable, so you can use any of it at any time or for extended own version.
Eagle-owl in the night
Eagle-owl in the night Unobtrusive background music without a clearly sounding melody for your projects and relaxation.
Sunny Morning Walk
Sunny Morning Walk Energetic upbeat indie rock track with guitar, drums and piano. Good choice for motivational and positive sport videos, games, backgrounds, films, youtube, tv advertisements, action movies, commercials and visuals. Can be looped.
2 versions included:
- Full version (1st part of wav-file) wav & mp3;
- Loop version (2nd part of wav-file) wav & mp3
Corporate And Romantic (Version 1)
Corporate And Romantic (Version 1) This track is corporate, positive and romantic. It`s good for any kind of presentations, commercials,websites, inspirational videos, motivational stories, video about wonderful travelling, photo slideshows and other projects that need a positive mood.
Positive Punk Rock
Positive Punk Rock Optimistic, energetic, driving and cheerful punk rock for your video, audio collections and other projects. Thanks for listening!
uplifting motivation
uplifting motivation Very positive, melodic composition. Suitable for advertising or any positive video.
Dance With Me.
Dance With Me. Dance With Me is Modern, fresh, energetic, motivational dance royalty free music for incredible projects such as: youtube videos, videohive projects, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, presentation!
Space Summer
Space Summer This track is created for summer entertainment videos, bares and chill zones,
party and afterparty reviews and interviews.
You may also use it as a background for tourist advertisement, commercial.
The track is also suitable as background music for shopping malls or a soundtrack.
Ideal for a summer mood, it is light, positive, simple and happy.
Package content:
- main track
- main track without sound on 1:40, 2:30 and 3:20
- 3 different loops
Dreamy and poetic
Dreamy and poetic Very romantic, beautiful composition, with an average tempo and a pleasant piano melody. Suitable for any positive video, advertising, social videos, or family archive.
Taste of Love
Taste of Love It is a beautiful and uplifting composition. Featuring guitars, harp, synths, and gentle percussion. Perfect for film, television, web videos, corporate media, and any project needing a motivational background.
Confident Change
Confident Change Current Tendencies is a guitar driven soft motivational inspiring track featuring guitar harmonics and beautiful piano melodies. The track is rather long and can work as background for any project. The mood of this track can be described as optimistic, motivational and inspired. Hope you enjoy! Thank you!
Upbeat Corporate Positive
Upbeat Corporate Positive This powerful, driving and upbeat track perfect for corporate media, advertising, youtube videos, presentations, etc. This music with live instruments!
This music with live instruments!
Background Corporate
Background Corporate Corporate business track. Creates an atmosphere of happiness and success. Ideal perfect to corporate projects, presentations, advertisements and more.
Adventures of Super Mario
Adventures of Super Mario The idea of this track I have become inspired by the cult game "Super Mario". And if this game was released today, it is quite possible that this music would sound while walking the main character :). Quiet, but at the same rhythmic music, flowing in time pads, the sounds of soft lead and synthesized Strings as chief will not leave you indifferent! If you're looking for music for computer games, videos, presentations, then listen to this song!
Building Happiness
Building Happiness Building Happiness is a happy rock (-ish) background track that features piano melodies, rhythm electric guitar, bells and hat beats. This track is an emotional and soothing tune suitable for any use. Hope you enjoy!
Big Upgrade
Big Upgrade Big Upgrade is an electronic track that develops gradually into a catchy tune. The drums drive the song with melodic details from voice-alike synths. This track resembles the emotion of witnessing how technology develops over time.
Night road in the montains
Night road in the montains Interesting unobtrusive rhythmic electronic music for presentations, soundtracks for games and movies. A good song to listen to in the car. The unusual combination of electric piano, flowing not leave you indifferent to time multilayer sounds of synthesizers. Listen!
Warm Song
Warm Song Merry and warm music great for motivational videos, commercial & promotional projects or just family videos, videos for friends.
-The package of 12 different loops.
-Soft & clean pads and synthesizers.
Inspiring World
Inspiring World A nice and clean background track perfect for any inspirational and motivational projects.
Positive journey
Positive journey Good for: games, trailers, slideshows, inspirational projects, movies, motivational and inspirational videos and much more
Successful Corporate
Successful Corporate This track is inspired to success, striving forward to victory. Here the emotions of joy and optimism. This music has a bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, violins, keyboards, drums, etc.
This music with live instruments!