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Amazing Journey Loop
Amazing Journey Loop Perfect background music for advertising, web, youtube, commercial projects, technology video, narrative video, nature, training, tutorials, etc.
Warm beach
Warm beach It’s corporate inspiring upbeat positive uplifting motivational track with guitars, piano, strings and other. Perfect for: corporate projects, inspiring and motivational videos, christmas video, slideshow, showreel and openers, TV-shows, cinema production, advertising, films, commercials, movie trailers, radio, presentations, promotions, games, youtube videos. Very versatile track, which can be used in various fields!
Today and Tomorrow
Today and Tomorrow This modern inspirational track starts with a simple piano hook and quickly establishes a driving drum groove with real
bass, electric guitar and subtle synth beds. Tight musical transitions are crafted perfectly for edit points as needed
to fit your project. This track is great for any project calling for an uplifting, inspirational mood.
Delusion Delusion is a positive song with an original, unusual harmony, with a sure but broken rhythm. In the track there is a pleasant, peculiar melody of the organ. This corporate track is filled with inspiring sounds, muted electric piano, bongos and organ.
BEST FOR: corporate inspirational videos, technological videos, presentations, corporate show videos, business slideshows, background music, television, commercial advertising projects, infographic, documentaries, triumphal videos, inspirational promos and e.t.c.
As in French cinema... (simple solo-piano-version)
As in French cinema... (simple solo-piano-version) Of course, this melody is stylization and imitation: I do not hide it. Do you remember the good French cinema of the 1970s-1980s? Listen to this melody. How can you use this melody? First of all, of course, for cinema and theater. For example, as a leitmotiv of the main character of the drama, tragicomedy, and perhaps, a lyrical comedy and even the «road movie». Other options are also quite understandable: movies (or videos) about animals, musical accompaniment of the weather forecast on TV, even background music for different events. In the cinema and theater (as I think) this melody is quite appropriate as a component of the soundtrack (or the musical design of the performance) of the central part of the action. (For musical themes for opening and closing credits (or at the beginning and end of a theatrical performance) or other parts of the action, other versions of this melody will be made, they are currently in work.) And, of course, you can listen to this melody, for example, on the road. (I will be very happy if this melody is interesting for radio stations «with a soul».) And I can orchestrate this melody for the performance by live ensemble.
Bubbles A wonderful, funny, interesting, but at the same time live composition. Ideal for children’s movies, music videos, as well as for many casual games.
Positive track
Positive track This track is a great choice for your project. It can be used in commercials, advertising, product launch videos and more. Music creates a positive, uplifting and motivating mood for the listener.
Positive lyrical piano
Positive lyrical piano Inspiring emotional cinematic background theme with strong piano will not leave you indifferent. Piano romantic sentimental composition for nature, nostalgic, love, wedding movie scenes.
Caribbean Trip
Caribbean Trip This track describes beautiful nature of Caribbean Sea - it brings the atmosphere of relaxing.Reggae style gives you mood of holiday and happiness...
Excellent for logo design,video animation, web development,spa presentation,advertising and commercial, photo slideshows, family movies, YouTube videos etc...
Latin Dance
Latin Dance Very upbeat latin bossa nova.This track starts with chords of bass guitar and bright latin percussion and continues with synth solo and electro piano improvisation...Suitable for lots of projects, perfect for commercial, cinematic,presentations, movies,in the background at a restaurant, playing in the background of a characters phone call when they’re on hold, casino games or a music on hold ads, apps.
Happy Flying
Happy Flying This flowing and moderately paced song evoking strong images of nostalgia, wonder, and joy. Dreamy, inspirational, and a little bit retro, this is perfect background music for a mellow, positive and optimistic video.
The track has an acoustic and overdrive guitar, powerful rock drums,organ B3,strings,synths and notes of bells.
Great for YouTube videos, photo slideshows, commercials, websites and any project that needs an optimistic, cheery vibe.
Deep In
Deep In Corporate, quiet and moody Deep House beat includes modern layering piano chords, deep bass, house beat, synths. Good track for fashion shows, news, fashion parties, travel companies. Best music for corporate videos, commercials, cinema, advertisement, movie trailer and web page music.
Arabica Moody track with elements of Asian music and modern breakbeat drums. This combination makes the track dynamic and powerful. It`s great for action movies, games, fashion show, presentation, video, photography, film scene...
Your magic footpath
Your magic footpath Imagine the following picture: You or a child are walking along the road and look around. And you see an amazingly beautiful and joyful atmosphere. That's what this track feels!