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Corporate Romantic
Corporate Romantic A romantic and motivational background track. Suitable for any corporate, commercial or uplifting projects.
It will work well on your inspiring corporate and presentation videos, kickstarter videos, advertisements, commercials, crowdfunding videos, web video projects, info-graphics, photo slideshows and many other applications.
Uplifting Inspirational
Uplifting Inspirational Optimistic, uplifting, background track – full of positivity and emotion!
Corporate Inspiration
Corporate Inspiration A light background track for motivational or inspiring projects. Harmonics and muted guitar, acoustic guitar, soft piano.
Inspiring Story
Inspiring Story A story of optimism and hope.
Undersea World
Undersea World Instrumental sketch using Indian drums and percussion, light, calm with a positive mood.
Be Motivated
Be Motivated Positive and energetic track represents optimism and confidence. Suitable for corporate, promotion, presentation, commercial, video, web and any other projects.
Sunrise the magic of freshness in the morning, the awakening of nature in the early morning, the beginning of a beautiful new day, rising sun
Sunny Earth
Sunny Earth An inspirational and motivational background track. Perfect for any corporate, commercial or uplifting projects.
Instruments: acoustic, harmonics and muted guitars, acoustic piano, bells, synths, claps, bass and drums. Creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism.
Daydream Positive and optimistic track.
Perfect for corporate motivational and inspirational presentations, advertisements, Film and TV, Youtube and more.
Instruments features acoustic, harmonics and muted guitars, pulsating bass, acoustic piano, bells, synths, strings and drums. Creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism.
Spring Bright romantic positive track for all who love life. Springtime brings us luck!
Spy Jazz
Spy Jazz Jazz sketch, played classic jazz-band: grand piano, upright bass and drums. Dance and rhythmic, it could become the background for spyware, adventure or hooligan scene.
Dream Loop
Dream Loop Air rhythmic loop music for pleasant background.
Good times
Good times Happy, easy for listening music for your presentation or video. Instruments: piano, guitars, claps, soft kick and bass. Ideal for corporate or business projects, traveleng, advertisment, etc.
Ambient Drum&Bass
Ambient Drum&Bass Just very pleasant ambient music. Bass performs a solo - it's at the centre of attention - against the background of dense drums playing among ephemeral sounding electronic bells and strings...