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rock and roll

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Grange Rover
Grange Rover Energetic track with lots of power guitars. Perfect for action background music, sports and many more!
Hot Rock
Hot Rock Cheerful vintage rock track featuring electric guitars, bass and drums
Surf Rock
Surf Rock Retro sounding surf style rock and roll track with the feeling of ripping the wavebreak on a sunny beach in the summer.
The vintage sounding surf guitar riffs, pounding bass and cool retro drums deliver the happy mood of coolness, sunshine, action, and hipness to your video.
Energy Rock
Energy Rock Energetic action rock track. Great idea for background music, video project or any action media projects.
Intro-outro-bebop style
Intro-outro-bebop style This dynamic,bright,powerful and stunning track is ideal for introducing,beginning,opening and ending the show,presentation,play and so on.
Easy Rock n Roll
Easy Rock n Roll Easy and even children's rock n roll, but with a voluminous and beautiful sound. The standard set of musical instruments for this direction of music diluted synth bass. The track can be used in any media projects.
Energetic Powerful Rock
Energetic Powerful Rock Powerful and aggressive rock background track with lots of overdrive guitars. Perfect for backgrounds, soundtracks, youtube, extreme sport video, presentations, promotions, web trailers and other action media projects.
Featuring: huge overdrive guitars, bass guitar, powerful energetic drums and of course little cowbell. )
Bikers The energetic, intense music, listening to it represent a column of bikers at speed. Track - a mixture of funk, pop, soul, disco. You can use video, slides, presentations, advertising. Successful use of the track!
Champion Indie-pop-rock track for travel, competitions, television, radio, Advertising, wedding, corporate, motivation video, blog, write songs, videos, community and other commercial videos
Rock And Roll Forever
Rock And Roll Forever Classic British rock & roll. Ideal for sports, advertising and corporate videos.
 My Rock-and-Roll Car
My Rock-and-Roll Car Light-drive rock-n-roll sketch with live guitars, the electric bass and acoustic drums. There are car sounds at the beginning and at the end of this track.
Hunting For Pokemon
Hunting For Pokemon Driven guitars, powerful drums, hard bass, in the best traditions of British garage punk rock)
Music suitable for topics such as: extreme, sports, cars, fights, announcement, festival, party, bike, motorcycle,
rock concert, gig.
Sport arena rock
Sport arena rock A driving, energetic, adrenaline pumping, motivating and inspiring tune with rock guitars, huge smashing drums
Rock n Roll
Rock n Roll Fun and catchy song in the style of rock and roll.With the horn section,
guitar and harmonica.Perfect for Film and Video Projects summary.
Joyful Bells and Quirky Mandolin 30sec without drums
Joyful Bells and Quirky Mandolin 30sec without drums A silly, quirky, playful track. It's positive music with cheerful & bright mood.
The fresh new track is created for laughable apps or funny video games, uplifting commercials, pre-school activities and children’s TV.