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Speed Blow Frustration Sfx22 Hi-Tech Logo Laser Distortion emergency alarm Impact Of The Hit Rise Of The Laser Transformation Impact 1 Transformation Impact Stretching Boom Laser Stretching Boom 1 Warning Signal Dark Laser Chase Impact Of Piano Whoosh Neon Bubbles 1 Beautiful Flapping Wings Digital Emitter Reverse Whistling Industrial Robotics Low Whistle Conversion Of The Game Fiction Blow Sharp Drop Nitric Blast Sound Distortion Low Frequency Range Empty Space Laser Shot 1 Laser Shot Movement Of Fantasy 2 Movement Of Fantasy 1 Movement Of Fantasy Dirty Blow Whoosh Impact Electric Glitch Flash Fantasy Aggressive Environment 1 Aggressive Environment The Countdown Awakening Dark Fog Atlantic City Mystical Signal Cat Growls Neo Laser MIC Is Buggy 2 MIC Is Buggy 1 MIC Is Buggy Panoramike Glitch Spase SFX Logo Spase SFX Logo 01 ElectricFly Blinding Flash Machine Servo Release Hi Tech Glitch Impact Big Jack Pot Glitch Swish 4 Glitch Swish 3 Glitch Swish 2 Glitch Swish 1 Glitch Swish Fantasy Bang Teleportation Interface Sound Sync Signal Iron Man Deep Trailer Whoosh Digital Woosh Rising Pulse Energy Whooshes Double Lashes Whistling Futuristic Movement Neo Pulse Lasers 1 Neo Pulse Lasers Giant Swoosh Laser Sub Bass Thud Brief Wrong Answer Electric spark 1 Hybrid Blogbaster Rise 1 Arcade Builder Hybrid Blogbaster Rise Mysterious Spooky Background Door Creakings 1 Broad Sweep Door Creakings Knock On The Door Glass Break 2 Rumble Hit Alien Radio Wave Pneumatic Signal 4 Pneumatic Signal 3 Pneumatic Signal 2 Pneumatic Signal 1 Bell 1 Laser Bubble Neo Hybrid Arcade 9 Neo Hybrid Arcade 8