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Wistful Sorrowful Piano
Wistful Sorrowful Piano This touching piano with contrabass sustain is filled with melancholy, sorrow and dark beauty.
Anticipation of Adventures
Anticipation of Adventures Full arranged cinematic background soundtrack accompanied by an beautifully sounding orchestra.
Rapid Traffic
Rapid Traffic This cinematic dramatic soundtrack at a fast pace is ideal for feature movies and documentaries production.
Exciting Surrealistic Fantasy
Exciting Surrealistic Fantasy An amazing symphonic soundtrack for ornamentation yours projects.
Second World war message from London
Second World war message from London second world war 1940 1945 general de gaulle talk to french from london war zone with explosions arms siren air plane you are in the war zone perfect for a video games orders fron captain crafted with care at 120 BPM for easy edits
Ambient Ripple
Ambient Ripple An ambient, atmospheric and minimalistic electronic piece which will perfectly suit for various projects such as nature films, timelapse video, science projects, documentary, or youtube videos, business presentations or videos, or any other media projects looking for calm, elegant, thoughtful and mysterious mood.
Space technology optimistic background music
Space technology optimistic background music Optimistic background music with an unearthly atmosphere and striking tools.
Mystic scary music horror film
Mystic scary music horror film Scary mystical music plunges into a world of uncertainty and fear.
Dramatic orchestral tunes background
Dramatic orchestral tunes background Beautiful dramatic orchestral background for the story cinematic scenes with a tense atmosphere and enlightening finale.
Awakening of the Queen
Awakening of the Queen A romantic and passionate piece in retro cinematic orchestral style, featuring a beautiful violin`s melody hovering above the orchestra and men`s choir. This piece may be very suitable in a movie, cartoons, game, romantic video, photo album or in any media in sublime and sincere mood.
Tarantelle - Tarantella - less compression
Tarantelle - Tarantella - less compression A short orchestral variation based on "Tarantelle" written by J.K.Mertz the Hungarian composer of 19th century.
Tarantelle - Tarantella
Tarantelle - Tarantella A short orchestral variation based on "Tarantelle" written by J.K.Mertz the Hungarian composer of 19th century.
Smart Business
Smart Business A clean and fresh background track with electric guitar, electric piano and bells. Perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects.
Sunscreen Warm and easygoing summer song with bass, acoustic guitar and piano. Perfect background track for slideshows, advertising, travel projects and much more. Available as full and background version.
Epic Trailer
Epic Trailer Epic orchestral piece, starting with emotional piano, then strings, building up to the epic orchestral with choir. The piece is encouraging, heroic and thoughtful. Perfect for film/game trailers, commercials, videos, projects and so on.