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This Quest
This Quest This track similar to Quest. Having distorted guitar, a bass, drums and scratchy. Will be suitable for various projects of your commercial ideas
The Sunrise
The Sunrise This atmospheric track. Good for video background, advertising etc
Trip Hop
Trip Hop Spring Trip hop, will be suitable for various videos, rollers and any other creative ideas
Voice Drone
Voice Drone The voice drones for various projects.
choir praying sting
choir praying sting Crafted with care many possibilities of edition 120 BPM cut on seconds
choir desolation
choir desolation You are in the dark and you are afraid it s midnight the murder is not far perhaps behind you Let s try my music on your projects or films and your productions will be great
Valentines Day
Valentines Day Track in the style of instrumental a cappella (quartet). Well suited to projects for Valentine Day as well as for commercials and presentations.
Love – Happy Birthday – Happiness – A Capella – Jazz Choir – Band Quartet – Two Hearts – Happy Meeting – Bonds of Love – Cheerful Day – Motivational Choir – Wedding – Just Merried – Rose Sky
Cool and relax evangelism ecstacy2
Cool and relax evangelism ecstacy2 a cool underscore crafted with care for many edits piano romantic, film score, tv series,Ambient music, modern classical, Energetic, Optimistic,
Choir you are here
Choir you are here sexy girl singing and saying are you here i confirm love and tender sensual
Choir one two three
Choir one two three sexy girl singing and counting
Choir jazzy in church
Choir jazzy in church the nuns prayers and gregorian choirs are singing with the jazzy quatuor elegant remix
Choir in church
Choir in church the choirs are complete nuns prayers gregorian the monastery religious
Beatbox Boys
Beatbox Boys urban beatbox style making rythm with your mouth with samples and onomatopees
Avant Garde
Avant Garde scat voice strange atonal disturbing prepared piano crafted with care at 120 BPM for easy edits
One Day in Africa
One Day in Africa Full of life, positive piece of West African music. The track will provide an uplifting background to any world or ethnic projects.