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world beat

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Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come Smooth, mellow and positive reggae instrumental with Jamaican vibe. Main instruments - bass guitar, electric guitar, brasses, organ. Perfect match for your video content if you want to create positive atmosphere.
Celtic Island
Celtic Island This unusual composition is associated with celtic themes. Ideal for movies or any other video on this topic.But of course, you can use it anywhere.
Savanna Cyclic composition on a wonderful instrument "Balafon". Suitable for any video on African themes.
Old Village By the Sea
Old Village By the Sea Interesting, lyrical composition. Old streets, dilapidated houses of a medieval village.
Imperial Chinese Garden
Imperial Chinese Garden When you listen to this composition, you can imagine the beauty and harmony of the imperial Chinese garden. Perfect for oriental films, tapes, TV shows and other videos.
Chinese Flower
Chinese Flower A wonderful composition in Chinese style. Ideal for oriental genres of movies, cartoons or any other video, as well as for enjoyment.
The End of the Journey
The End of the Journey A very beautiful melody with rich timbres of acoustic instruments and melodic tin whistle.
Nile River
Nile River Beautiful composition. It is associated with the Nile River, Egypt, Pharaohs and many others. Can be used in movies, cartoons, trailers and in any other video. And of course just listen.
White World
White World Beautiful composition, which is perfect for moments of inspiration, tranquility and many other.
Sakura Beautiful composition in east style. Perfect for films, commercials or games.
Africa A brief composition on the African Kora instrument.

Evening in a Peaceful Tavern
Evening in a Peaceful Tavern Unique work, independent stylization for folk ballad featuring celtic harp, cittra, mandolin, acoustic guitar, double bass, viola and ethnic hand percussion.
Ethnic Percussion
Ethnic Percussion This fully percussion track. This track I did playing (somewhat different) on guitar hands. air noise, the noise of water in bottles, rustling. Ideal for drinks or food advertising. Tempo 110.
Harmony Of My Life
Harmony Of My Life Light, melodic, instrumental track with beautiful guitar melodious and rhythmic patterns. The mood is positive.
world salsa loop_Master
world salsa loop_Master Crafted with care many possibilities of edition 120 BPM cut on seconds