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The Foil Sun
The Foil Sun Two guitars in this composition create an atmosphere of tranquility, romance and a bit of sadness
Letter From Deltha
Letter From Deltha The composition is bluesy, calm with a cowboy mood and a harmonica and guitar slides give the atmosphere of a hot desert.
Detective This composition resembles the flight of thought of a detective who is looking for a solution to the problem, is conducting an investigation into complete intrigue, riddles, secrets. Gradually, the excitement is agitated and then comes the solution, the clue of the mystery. The leading instruments are bass, drums with organ and synthesizer.
Christmas Time
Christmas Time This tune creates a magical Christmas vibe. Suitable for any christmas purposes. This tune contains bells, strings ensemble and piano.
Sentimental Romantic Atmosphere
Sentimental Romantic Atmosphere Sentimental and dreamy background track with piano theme. Perfect for love story, sentimental and romantic videos, inspirational projects, wedding videos, photo slideshows, travel movie, diving video and much more.
Inspirational Background
Inspirational Background Background positive track for corporate, advertising, commercial, presentation, promotional, media projects, uplifting projects, slideshows, web videos, TV and radio media.
Epic Trailer
Epic Trailer Epic cinematic orchestral track. Perfect for your trailers, films, video games and other cinematic projects!
Approaching Jupiter
Approaching Jupiter Swimming in the ether under a solar sail.
Scottish Bagpipes Funk Dance
Scottish Bagpipes Funk Dance Somewhere high in the mountains, the enchanting sounds of Scottish bagpipes fill the breath of life with everything alive and not alive in the modern technogenic world.
Two acoustic guitar update version
Two acoustic guitar update version Added conga, cajon, and bd. Two realistic, acoustic solos of guitar, maracas and tambourine. Temp 122
Two acoustic guitars short version
Two acoustic guitars short version Added conga, cajon, and bd. Two realistic, acoustic solos of guitar, maracas and tambourine. Temp 122
FROZEN HEART Instrumental version of the song. The text is lost, there is nobody to sing, only the title remains. This track may turn out to be a fragment of the musical that has not yet been staged .. or by advertising some alcohol company
Beautiful time
Beautiful time An excellent choice for advertising, video with a light and energetic mood, commercial, positive and powerful videos.
cheerful saver
cheerful saver It's a non-binding, cheerful music that fits well with funny movies
STATION OF MY SOUL Atonally humorous, idiocy philosophical, joyfully optimistic melody not carrying any cultural value