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Rock Guitar
Rock Guitar Driving and energetic rock track with powerful guitar solo. Perfect for backgrounds, soundtracks, youtube, extreme and sport videos, presentations, promotions, web, trailers and media projects. Featuring: overdrive guitars, bass guitar, claps, synths, powerful and energetic drums.
Glitch Tech
Glitch Tech Energetic background tune for hightech visuals, newest technologies, innovations and extreme video.
Emotional Motion
Emotional Motion Powerful and aggressive background track, for video about sports, extreme, cars, race, fighting and other action media projects.
Glam Rock Tune
Glam Rock Tune Background glam rock track with guitar riffs, powerful drums and voices elements. Perfect for youtube, extreme sport videos, trailers and more.
Move On
Move On Background track for sports trailer, racing video, action projects, extreme sport videos, etc...
Inspiring Story
Inspiring Story A story of optimism and hope.
Fast Motion
Fast Motion A energetic and upbeat background track. Features huge electric and acoustic guitars, drums, and bass.
Well suited for any kind of motion video.
Rock Rock is drive, action, positive rock music. Ideal for sports and extreme sports videos, driving cars videos, fights and more. Genres: metal, rock, hard rock, post grunge, groove metal, thrash metal.I’m sure this music can be used in many projects: Gym ad, Cars and Muscle Cars video, Party and rock show, Driving video, Advertizing, Ad, Sport video, Extreme Sports video, Mobile, Corporate use, Inspirational and Motivational video
Wake Up
Wake Up Energetic and motivational tune for all kind of sport, documentary, personal and corporate projects,
with slap bass, guitars, synths, and deep drums.
Confident Step Rock
Confident Step Rock Сonfident Step Rock track for your projects. Perfect for extreme video, action&sports videos, backgrounds music, video game, YouTube channel, extreme show and other dynamic projects.
Inspiring Cinematic
Inspiring Cinematic Inspiring epic cinematic trailer track with a catchy dramatic orchestral melodies. Perfect for a movie trailer or teaser, commercial, advertising, promo company, extreme or sport projects, time-lapse, interview, slideshow, intro, video games, video blog and any kind of inspiring and motivating media projects.
This Hard Rock
This Hard Rock Driving, energetic, resistant and forceful hard rock composition for your video, audio collections and other projects!
Perfect for action scenes, extreme videos, fightings, sports, racing and flying videos, adventures, travels, slideshows, featurettes, viral marketing, video blogs, advertising, video games and movies.
Enjoyable listening!
Sport Punk
Sport Punk Super drive guitar composition for adrenaline jump. High speed, aggression, and maximum power in this track.
Atlantis Positive disco music.Ideal for background music for advertising, applications, corporate branding, radio, websites, advertising, advertising, television projects, video clips with nature documents and much more. We use drums, electric bass, electric guitars and synthesizers.Thank you for showing interest in my music.
1960s Rock Trio Reprize
1960s Rock Trio Reprize Energetic rock composition played the guitar, bass guitar and drums. Fit for sport - or adventure episodes of film reels, movie or computer games.