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Maracas Shaking
Maracas Shaking Sound of maracas rattling or rattlesnake.Oldest shock-noise tool of the indigenous inhabitants of the Antilles.
The Wind Of Freedom
The Wind Of Freedom Positive Acoustic Background is a positive and calm uplifting folk track, ideal background music for many kind of media and projects. It features acoustic guitars, classical guitar,
bass, synthesizer and drums
Whistling This Corporate business and inspiring track. It is full of positive energy to motivate to action. Creates an atmosphere of happiness, success and winning. Ideal perfect to corporate projects, presentations, advertisements and more.
Carnival This track Latin jazz is able to decorate any of your creative idea .
Happy Ukulele
Happy Ukulele This beautiful background music is a happy and upbeat fun instrumental featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, bells.
Acoustic Beautiful acoustic composition. Inspiring, uplifting and motivational track. Perfect for your media projects.
Bluegrass Positive Music in the style of bluegrass. Perfect soundtrack for commercials with fun visuals. It can be used for presentations and corporate videos, as well as for sport. We used a set of tools brushes, acoustic string bass, banjo, acoustic guitar, guitar with nylon strings.
Sari The combination of piano Indian music and hip-hop track is beautiful and makes interesnym.Trek suitable for your creative ideas.
Russian Traditional
Russian Traditional The energetic, cheerful folk song, performed only on folk instruments. Such-as: balalaika, domra, accordion, accordion, harmonica and for Decoration of the composition is a virtuoso performance of various solo instruments .. Ideal for sports movies, family photo album, corporate motivational presentations, various festivals, folk festivals, weddings, birthdays, advertising, film and television, YouTube and more.
Acoustic Guitar Folk
Acoustic Guitar Folk This is a positive folk music. Perfect for background music, tv, commercials, advertising, corporate videos.
Seven Seven Seven.
Seven Seven Seven. Music for commercials, billboards.
Folk Rock
Folk Rock This is folk rock track with horns and trumpets melodies.
Sun Shine
Sun Shine A moving and funny track that cheer everybody up during listening to such music. It is the best suitable accompaniment for vlogging and tutorials, presentations and info-graphics, YouTube videos, montages, traveling videos and more!
Travel Inspiration
Travel Inspiration This is an uplifting track featuring piano intro, country guitars, synths and drums. Perfect for any inspirational and uplifting projects!
folk flute
folk flute Soundtrack for film, cinematic, video with folk elements
Nature Soundtrack for videoclips or movies about nature
At the Sunny Lawn
At the Sunny Lawn This is positive, warm and happy track featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar pieces, base, playful acoustic piano bits, harmonics, shaker and bits of another ethnic instruments.
The track can be used in YouTube videos, cartoons, movies - anywhere you might need a positive, warm, and/or sentimental feeling!
Wild west
Wild west It is an acoustic composition with acoustic guitars, percussion, bass and piano.
This Is Happy Day
This Is Happy Day Motivational, positive and uplifting song in acoustic folk-pop style. Can be used in any projects.
Popuas The good music for cartoon or advertising.
Zenith Tibets sound of Samadhi, meditation, relax, and absolute. instruments: Singing bowl, synthesizer, flute.
Pop Folk
Pop Folk Folk/pop composition (acoustic guitars, flute, percussion, claps).
Countryside Positive & Happy track in the country style! Instruments: acoustic guitar, banjo, whistle, celesta, piano, ukulele, wood bass, drums that can be used in various advertising, kids video, ads, TV shows, movies, etc.
Includes WAVs & MP3s of:
1st Version (2:15)
2nd Version (1:12)
3rd Version (0:38)
Contact me via profile page for any editing or just to share your work!
Cheerful Happy and playful track with acoustic guitars, ukulele, whistle, vibraphone, glockenspiel, piano,bass, drums and percussion. Perfectly suited for children’s parties & for various media projects.
Contact me via profile page for any editing or just to share your work!
Be Happy
Be Happy Happy & cheerful song featuring ukulele, glockenspiel, mandolin, organ, whistle, piano and guitars. Useful for joyful promo commercials, kids video, TV and background use in advertising.
Includes the following MP3 & WAV zip tracks:
1.Be Happy (2:22)
2.Be Happy (1:21)
3.Be Happy (0:54)
4.Be Happy (0:30)
Contact me via profile page for any editing or just to share your work!
a beach tragedy
a beach tragedy Lively, ideal for intro, video report about party.
Cheerful  Sam
Cheerful Sam Track with a repeating motif.Acoustic ,Palm Mute, rhythm guitar, banjo, toy piano.
Hitchhiker Version 2
Hitchhiker Version 2 Light acoustic melody created with guitars, bells and percussion. Perfectly suitable as background music for your media projects.
Hitchhiker Version 1
Hitchhiker Version 1 Light acoustic melody created with guitars, bells and percussion. Perfectly suitable as background music for your media projects.
Feeling of Happiness Guitar loop with Piano
Feeling of Happiness Guitar loop with Piano Soft and warm acoustic loop created with a minimum of musical instruments: acoustic guitar, piano, bells and percussion.
Track easily edited, this will not make any problems to get the right length.
Feeling of Happiness Version 2
Feeling of Happiness Version 2 Soft and warm acoustic melody created with a minimum of musical instruments: acoustic guitar, piano, bells and percussion.
Track easily edited, this will not make any problems to get the right length.
Happiness Happy commercial ukulele track for your cool and fresh video project, media, advertising, television, radio, website, Youtube video.
Return to Alaska
Return to Alaska Relaxing, peaceful, rhythmic music
Tambourine shaman
Tambourine shaman Relaxing, peaceful, rhythmic music
Electric cloud
Electric cloud Relaxing, peaceful, rhythmic music
Disappearing species
Disappearing species Relaxing, peaceful, rhythmic music
The snow of the Himalayas
The snow of the Himalayas Relaxing, peaceful, rhythmic music
The old Indian feather
The old Indian feather Relaxing, peaceful, rhythmic music
Dreamcatcher Relaxing, peaceful, rhythmic music
The conquest of the mountain peaks
The conquest of the mountain peaks Light acoustic guitar passages are replaced by a swift battle and bright melodic solo alto, alto sax and inspired. Music draws mood of conquering mountain peaks, gradually increasing the ease at first load and deploy top, and with it a bright and boundless distance. Instruments: acoustic guitar, alto, alto sax.
Fiery dawn
Fiery dawn Measured and majestic chords are covered with an acoustic guitar and melodic melodious sound of the violin. Which conveys the mood music is morning awakening of nature after a night's sleep. Instruments: acoustic guitar, violin.
Overgrown trails
Overgrown trails Slow and graceful strumming an acoustic guitar accompanied by expressive and majestic cello and violin. The mood of reverie, slowness of thought, measured step traveler, discover and learn the world, from light to bright hopes of melancholy. Instruments: acoustic guitar, cello, violin.
The first snow fell...
The first snow fell... Melodic strumming acoustic guitar accompanied by light piano, alternating with piercing solos on flute and cello. Light mood of sadness and a quiet joy, something exciting when the first snowflakes in the air, fills the soul with peace and the desire to merge with the snow. Instruments: acoustic guitar, piano, flute, cello.
The return
The return Slow graceful acoustic guitar, strumming the strings in which gently weaves thrilling alto sax delightful soul with a great complement percussion. "... The return is always a joy to see her home again, and hug loved ones to rest, but at the same time sad, because the journey is over and a little sad about it ..." Mood music: quiet joy and light sadness, sorrow and light appeasement. Tools: alto sax, acoustic guitar, percussion.
The cold winter sun. Loop.
The cold winter sun. Loop. A typical motive for folk rock, piercing the flat accompanied by guitar, bass and drums. "The blinding light of the winter sun streaming through the frosty window amazes us with its beauty, happy, but can not warm, it is cold and lonely." Music conveys the mood of a sunny winter day, clear and frosty. Tools: flute, guitar, bass, drums.
Polonaise northern stars. Loop.
Polonaise northern stars. Loop. Determined and strong-willed piano alternating with poignant under the flat electric guitar, bass and drums in the style of folk rock. "Northern stars huddled against the cold mist of heaven in the astral dance their Polonaise in the edge of the eternal ice". Music conveys nastoenie perpetual motion and at the same time solemn peace. Instruments: piano, flute, guitar, bass, drums.
Minuet yellow foliage. Loop.
Minuet yellow foliage. Loop. Graceful piano in the rhythm of the minuet to the accompaniment of guitar, bass and drums in a rock style. "Picked up by gusty winds in the gloomy autumn morning yellow leaves swirling in the cold air in a farewell minuet." Music conveys melancholy, nostalgia and quiet melancholy of autumn. Instruments: piano, guitar, bass, drums.
rivulet the African tools in the Chinese scale
Lunar wolf
Lunar wolf Crisp drums, bass mysterious, mesmerizing guitar and flute touches the soul create an atmosphere of mystery and mystique of the full moon. "Yellow disk of the moon casts a dim light on the lunar road that gently move the wolf moon steals. he hunts for the stars and seeing their prey makes deft jump and start chasing". Music filled with light sadness, spreading across the night glass moonlight. Instruments: violin, electric guitar, bass, drums.
African fisherman
African fisherman I tried to transfer the African mood
The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World The mixture of African music and electric guitar
Andean Soul
Andean Soul Soft music with influences from the Andes mountains with charango and accordion.
Mostochek Variations on Mostochek (the Russian national song)
Folk Ballade
Folk Ballade Folk ballade composition for video sketches and films.
Balalayka Moscow, Russia - men and bears with a balalaika dance and drink the Russian vodka