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Nightmare Psycho Battle Panic
Nightmare Psycho Battle Panic Chaos and total madness. Meeting nightmares and subsequent awakening.
Good for filmmaking, any video production.
Mystical cinematic horror suspense background music
Mystical cinematic horror suspense background music Mystical music experimental horror, with tense atmosphere and deep tools, plunges into a dark unknown world.
Eccentric Bell
Eccentric Bell For theatrical productions,and any other projects.
Anxiety Anxiety - Composition describes the anxious mood, inevitability and fatality sense. Classical style, orchestra with piano.
Secret Secret – mysterious, dark melody about hidden things, suspense and anxiety mood. Dismay and worry feelings. Instruments: Violins section, woodwind, epic drums, cello, horror effects.
Abandoned House
Abandoned House Abandoned House - This horror track in orchestral style, describing fear, loneliness, suspense and misery feeling. Dark, scary, dramatic mood. Instruments: orchestra, solo violin, cello, portato, epic drums.
Fatal Choice
Fatal Choice Fatal Choice - Dark, horror, orchestral melody, describes dramatic, fear, scary mood, hard fatal choice, death sense. Best for thriller video, games, trailers.
Black Rain
Black Rain Black Rain - Atmospheric dramatic melody, describe dark negative mood, fear and fatality sense. Best for video games, video, or your ears. Instruments: violin section, epic drums, horn, pizzicato strings.
Horror Horror – Composition describes a very dramatic, fear, scare mood, dark and epic sense. Best for cinematic trailer, game intro or logo. Classical style, orchestra with piano and drums.
Hard Epic
Hard Epic The most epic track for TV/films, horor video .
Cinematic orchestral whoosh 2-02
Cinematic orchestral whoosh 2-02 Deep Orchestral Whoosh - average lenght. Whoosh in modern sonoristic style. Good for action films, trailers, presentations, games, horrors...
Orchestral cinematic whoosh 1-01
Orchestral cinematic whoosh 1-01 Deep Orchestral Whoosh - average lenght. Whoosh in modern sonoristic style. Good for action films, trailers, presentations, games, horrors...
Horror Texture
Horror Texture Scary ambient and noise, straining pizzicato strings. Awesome fits to horror movie or game.
Horror Trailer 1
Horror Trailer 1 Horror Trailer. This track ,for horror, and dark video.
You can feel the fear ,when listening to this track.
Post Apocalyptic Ambience
Post Apocalyptic Ambience An ambient, mysterious, dramatic, dark and tragic piece featuring sound effects and orchestra. This piece will perfectly suit for horror type movie or game underscore.
Haunting story
Haunting story Haunting theme, both epic and mystical can be used for sci-fi epic themes, scary stories, games soundtracks or as backtrack for some other music etc.
Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest Classical guitar music with sound effects. It creates a mysterious and mystical mood. Suitable for creating a fantasy and fairy tales.
Rage Heavy track with guitars drums and bass in the second half added synths
The Dreadful Slumber
The Dreadful Slumber horrible and terrible melody, perfect for horror films
Time Is Up
Time Is Up The track is suitable for different topics as well as games.
Cry of the Raven
Cry of the Raven dark, creepy music for a game or logo. loop
Winds Of Change
Winds Of Change The track is suitable for different topics as well as games.
Forever The track is suitable for different topics as well as games.
Misguided The track is suitable for different topics as well as games.
Good Green Beans
Good Green Beans The composition creates an atmospheric, gloomy cinematic music. Sounds paint a picture of bio-ugorzy, infection, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Perfect for scoring video games, movies and other media projects.
*Zombie* Beat
*Zombie* Beat Motivational beat for any use (movies, horrors, games, rap, hip-hop)
Alligator Genus comprising only two species: the American alligator or Mississippi
Dark Waterphone Metal
Dark Waterphone Metal Horror atmosphere eerie metallic scraping,noise distortion Waterphone.For any futuristic projects and transition scenes.
Mysterious Spooky Background
Mysterious Spooky Background Growing buzz with an element average of reverb,the supernatural power of terrifying.For projects with futuristic overtones.
Door Creakings 1
Door Creakings 1 Sound of an old wooden door creaking while it opens.It can also represent an old chest, cask, or even coffin, opened manually or with a crowbar.
Monster A terrible roar of a monster.
Airplane Crash
Airplane Crash A large crash of an airplane with lots of debris.
Train Whistle
Train Whistle Classic whistle of the locomotive will be useful for any project!!!
Radio Signal Alien Hacking
Radio Signal Alien Hacking Psychedelic extraterrestrial signals,for inserts in the projects with a futuristic theme,game moments for the tension of the situation.Quick transitions,the best option for professional editors audio inserts in games.
Do It Now
Do It Now Part 1 - is a dark and hopeless music, part 2 - is a action, industrial music with drums and synthase guitars
Fear Theme
Fear Theme Shot fear music for horror, action and dark scene in your movie or game
Dark Astral
Dark Astral Dark Astral music for horror, fear and scary moments
Dark SnatchMind Beats
bones gloomy guitar ambience for films and computer games
Atmospheric Horror
Atmospheric Horror This is exclusive stuff. Dark atmospheric theme, perfect for horror movies etc.
Darkwave Horror
Darkwave Horror Gloomy, doomed and dark theme for your video, audio collections and other projects. Thanks for listening!
Industrial horror sound
Industrial horror sound Industrial horror sound/ looks like crash something on a factory
Scary Logo
Scary Logo Scary Logo is a opener with dark horror atmosphere and ghost sounds. Great for broadcast, radio, YouTube or another projects.
Horror piano
Horror piano Soundtrack for horror film, cinematic, thriller, game, atmosphric dark video and other
New Blood
New Blood dark music with a high tempo and distorted sounds which keeps in suspense
Project Electronic instrumental music.
Twilight Mysterious and sad piano playing. Background play bells. Instrumental music.
Process Instrumental music. The mysterious room.
Mysterious adventures
Mysterious adventures The mysterious, light, instrumental music, background, advertising, video, game, presentation, movie, Castle, mysterious forest, nature, peace, feelings, sadness, memories, time.
Mysterious House
Mysterious House The quiet, enigmatic music.
horror space
horror space Music for cinematic, horror failm, game, thriller, intro and other!
enough tense melody with electric guitar in the style of ambient
horror organ
horror organ Music for cinematic, horror film, game and other!
dark crystal
dark crystal Music for cinematic, horror film, game and other!
dark galaxy
dark galaxy Music for cinematic, horror film, game and other!
Dark castle
Dark castle Scary sound for any scary logo opener or movie soundtrack…
Horror Halloween ident
Horror Halloween ident Dark, deep atmospheric track. Good background for scary movies.
Scary Halloween ident
Scary Halloween ident Scary sound for any scary ident or movie soundtrack…
Halloween ident
Halloween ident This is a scary and dark Halloween intro ident. A combination of deep, atmospheric grand piano, choir and harp!
Horror scary and disturbing music for the background in the hard. moments of movies or games
Metaxa Orquestra - Visualization Of Third Eye (Wakua)
Metaxa Orquestra - Visualization Of Third Eye (Wakua) The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. [In certain dharmic spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, the third eye refers to the ajna, or brow, chakra.In Theosophy it is related to the pineal gland.The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. In New Age spirituality, the third eye often symbolizes a state of enlightenment or the evocation of mental images having deeply personal spiritual or psychological significance. The third eye is often associated with religious visions, clairvoyance, the ability to observe chakras and auras,precognition, and out-of-body experiences. People who are claimed to have the capacity to utilize their third eyes are sometimes known as seers.(wiki)
Horror Loop
Horror Loop Dramatic loop with super bass and drums.
Horror optionally, the ending can be cut
Chernobyl Epic horror Nu Breaks music with dirty neuro basses and poverful drums.
Bones Horror melody
Horror Horror melody
Fear of Pain
Fear of Pain Melody keeps in suspense
Gate Of Hell
Gate Of Hell Cinematic , suspense track. Ideal for trailers and game music. Use synth and distortion drums.
Dark Cinematic Industrial Trailer
Dark Cinematic Industrial Trailer “Dark Cinematic Industrial Trailer” – this scary and deep composition. It involved powerful drums, electric guitar, rough brass, piano, violin, bass, percussion and many other dark, ambient effects. The atmosphere of this track is suitable for horror films, space fiction, thrillers, actions films, as well as other apocalypse and postapocalyptic movies/trailers. This track covers it all in order to boost your promotional needs to the fullest! Thanks for your purchase!
Horror Sci-fi Trailer
Horror Sci-fi Trailer Using full orchestra and synt fx. A rising build up in intensity great for action based trailers.
Secret Door
Secret Door This track was made by various melodies. Mystical, dramatic, epic music composition with with scary unpredictable ending.
Your Nightmares - Waiting For Nothing
Your Nightmares - Waiting For Nothing Scary and melancholic track for scary films/videos/tralers/radio programs. This track is very atmospheric and can create a suitable mood.
Action Trailer 2
Action Trailer 2 This trailer is perfect for dark, and battle scenes.The track has a lot of effects, that will decorate your video.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter A classic Horror style track, decent for Halloween and slightly slightly discordant with woodwinds phrases and cold viola melody to ratchet up the perfect horror style film scene. Very useful for creating the perfect horror atmospheres.
After The Storm
After The Storm “After The Storm” A scary haunting creepy atmospheric,haunting track that builds suspense and tension. Lots of different layers to give your sound depth and texture, this track is great for a wide range of horror and thriller scenes. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.