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lullaby it is a short composition. It can be used as a screen saver to TV and radio programs
Like Nike
Like Nike Suitable for sports clips and commercials . in reference to an example . leave feedback
Elven forest
Elven forest Perfect background music for games or movies in which there is a mythology, tragedy, forest, elves and other creatures.
Trailer Intro ident
Trailer Intro ident Trailer Intro Ident was made to be a short trailer intro / ident / opener, designed to catch the attention of your audience in just a couple of seconds.
Logo Ukulele Chords
Logo Ukulele Chords Logo Ukulele Chords,cheerful and funny ukulele stinger
Funky Groove Intro
Funky Groove Intro Funk fusion groove picked guitar
Logo Magic
Logo Magic Piano and glockenspiel<music stinger or logo
Logo Powerful Drums
Logo Powerful Drums Powerful epic drums
Logo Jazz Trumpet
Logo Jazz Trumpet Logo Jazz Trumpet
Logo Blues Harp
Logo Blues Harp Very cool logo,blues harp stinger
News background
News background This unobtrusive pulsing track perfectly suited as background music for TV news, advertising and business projects
Night Terror
Night Terror This spooky soundscape is perfect for creating the mood of another world in trailer, sci-fi, alien, scary, horror, creepy, spooky, thriller, futuristic, preview, terror, tension, Halloween, nightmare, dream, sequence, space, future and suspense projects.
inspiration This is a small track with a lyrical mood. Suitable for processing the relevant subjects
Sheet Hit
Sheet Hit Sound is experimental,for advanced journalists,flipping the pages,the announcement transmission.A claim for a defective product,to emphasize the right moment to attract attention.
introduction This short introduction to the rock vein, can be used as a ringtone.
Fanfare A short brass fanfare.For theatrical productions, designed to create a strong impression,win the game,a sensational message.
Flute Prompts
Flute Prompts Short Oriental flute sting.
News Intro
News Intro An energetic announcement. Perfect for news, intros and other openings. Track included stings, horns with trombones, synth and percussion.
AQuadrive - think
AQuadrive - think To think, to consider, to refl
Blockbuster Trailer Ident
Blockbuster Trailer Ident Blockbuster Trailer Ident was made to be a perfect trailer intro for blockbusters and epic logos. Royalty free sound effect. Logo design.
Ambient Logo
Ambient Logo Ambient Piano Logo
Spy Film Intro
Spy Film Intro Short intro for spy movie or theatre.
Crime Investigation
Crime Investigation Detective music. Acoustic guitar with drums
Wah guitar intro-outro
Wah guitar intro-outro Electronic minor theme with wah-wah effect guitar and fat bass. Also synths play with the drum machine.
Electric intro-outro
Electric intro-outro Nice electric "robot" piano with harmonics.
Happy End intro-outro
Happy End intro-outro Nice piano with strings. Ending with bells.
Crime news opener
Crime news opener This is a very high energy logo with car sounds and police sirens perfect for a crime news, show open or title sequence to a film or video project.
Business opener
Business opener Bright positive and powerful atmospheric welcome opener ident! Perfect for your business projects or professional corporate logos!
Particles logo
Particles logo Elegant particles opening logo/ident for web, presentations, news openers, TV, radio and all another multimedia projects. Atmospheric digital hi tech sound.
Clear space opener
Clear space opener Clear Space Opener is an abstract, electronic and modern high-tech ident with deep pads and atmospheric positive mood. It is great as a logo or opener for your company, your website or blog, for business presentations or videos on YouTube, cinema or TV and so one. And loop version (check my portfolio) is good for web or presentation.
Ambient opening logo
Ambient opening logo Elegant Ambient opening logo/ident for web, presentations, TV, radio and all another multimedia projects. Atmospheric digital hi tech sound.
Ethnic Opener
Ethnic Opener This is a short opener in ethnic world music style with specific Asian strings instruments and drums. It is great for TV adventure or travel show or journey web.
Rhythmic Logo
Rhythmic Logo Soft and groovy intro with an atmospheric/ambient overall sound, great for a logo ident, web or stinger.
Winter Music with winter mood
Great piano logo
Great piano logo Great and elegant piano logo for your projects.
Piano logo
Piano logo Clean and pleasant short piece with tender piano.
Intro trailer ident
Intro trailer ident ITEM DESCRIPTION: “Trailer Intro Ident” is a short, dark and epic trailer intro with a very dramatic mood. With some creativity, you could also chop it down into a nice logo or ident sound.
Intro logo
Intro logo Intro Logo for any of your projects.
Technology logo
Technology logo A short intro/jingle ready for radio, TV shows, podcasts and corporate video.
Fly Music that fits your commercials or presentation.
IIInspiration Inspiring composition
Magic Melody
Magic Melody Piano and touching vocals in the background with drums
Starry Sky
Starry Sky Listening to this song represents the starry sky
Intro Logo
Intro Logo This is a short audio logo created for any kind of openings! It`s elegant, modern and futuristic in the same time.
Intro Beautiful distortion guitar, bass, drums. Loop. Suitable for any initial entry or submission (intro) in sport, corporations, etc.
Powerful Hip Hop
Powerful Hip Hop "Powerful Hip Hop" is an energetic dirty south hip-hop instrumental with orchestral horns and vintage leads. This royalty free music will be good for motivational or sport videos, etc.
Thanks for your purchase!
Mystery Logo
Mystery Logo 11 sec ambient logo. Well suited for mystic scene or for intro and coda.
Noble Stunning melodic and interesting music that affect your heart, feelings and emotions. The essence of this music lies in its use of video materials which will contain the feelings and emotions.
Cinematic Hip-Hop Intro
Cinematic Hip-Hop Intro Short logo in the style of hip-hop. Can be used for various video projects and games.
Action Drive and Fast
Action Drive and Fast The music speaks for itself. A track full of action and energy. Suitable for all kinds of purposes.
Enjoy and use wisely
Abstract Trap
Abstract Trap Abstract Trap 140 bpm for your creative projects. Thank you for your purchase.
Last Adventure Part 3
Last Adventure Part 3 This track is more than just music. Bravery, heroism, inspiration, triumph, tragedy, experience, excitement mixed with progressive epic orchestral music, give excellent results. Heroic melody replaces nice quiet music, which gradually turns into an exciting and tense.
This track is suitable for trailers, historical and adventure films and video games.
Drums 1 75 BPM
Drums 1 75 BPM You can use their various projects.
Hip-Hop Logo
Hip-Hop Logo Music logo with rich sound. Best for video, presentations, cinematic.
Lucky ticket
Lucky ticket This track perfectly suits for a short saverbackground to the radio, TV commercials or the entry for news.
melodic piano label
melodic piano label Short and bright musical logo with the piano, oboe and easy bell.
Perfect for corporate style logo stings with a clean, fresh and minimal feel.
Fury Stinger
Fury Stinger Intense, powerful, dramatic music. Dynamics splashes, hysterical guitar licks. Good for action, chase, military Film/TV scenes.
Pulse Stinger
Pulse Stinger Active, energetic dance piece, based on a simple, repetitive guitar riff. Some romantic touch in a piano part. Great for Corporate, Presentations, Commercials, Informercials, Live Events, TV Themes etc.
Winning Plan Stinger
Winning Plan Stinger Short musical piece for your audio - visual productions.
Positive Message Stinger
Positive Message Stinger Short musical piece for your audio - visual productions.
Orchestral Intro 3
Orchestral Intro 3 Epic orchestral introduction with short violin, double bass, brass and soft percussion is a great addition to your presentation, video or introducing your epic project.
Orchestral Intro 2
Orchestral Intro 2 New epic orchestral intro with choirs, brass and percussion for your presentations, titles, casts etc.
Orchestral Intro 1
Orchestral Intro 1 Epic orchestral intro for your projects
Epic Announcement
Epic Announcement Epic orchestral intro with violas, cello, violin, contrabass, brass and percussion is perfectly suitable to accompany announcements with the adventure or global nature.
Dubstep Logo
Dubstep Logo Short powerful bassy dubstep logo track perfect for your logo short sequences and short intros.
Corporate Business Logo
Corporate Business Logo A modern influenced sweet, positive and 'pleasant to the ears' logo track great for your business, corporate and other needs.
Slow Jazz
Slow Jazz Introduction, ravines of jazz college
Dance of dervishes
Dance of dervishes Dance of dervishes in the palace of the sultan
intro The introduction to video to prompt or a ringtone
Balalayka Moscow, Russia - men and bears with a balalaika dance and drink the Russian vodka