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Vintage 12 bar Blues
Vintage 12 bar Blues Classic 12 bar blues in G (guitar, bass and drums). Perfect for movies, video, games
The Voice Of The Saxophone
The Voice Of The Saxophone Beautiful entry on the piano and a long solo on saxophone in the best tradition of classic jazz, perfect for the soundtrack to the movie or any video. Saxophone, piano, bass and drums. E minor, 90 bpm
Mysterious Time
Mysterious Time Composition with piano, bass, drums and saxophone. Mysterious entry and expressive solo on saxophone. Perfect for movies, video, games
Funk Fusion Solo
Funk Fusion Solo EWI AKAI solo with funky groove
Jazz Fusion Trumpet Solo
Jazz Fusion Trumpet Solo Fusion music with trumpet thoughtful solo
Logo Jazz Trumpet
Logo Jazz Trumpet Logo Jazz Trumpet
Electro Swing Gypsy Jingle
Electro Swing Gypsy Jingle Short electro swing theme played on the acoustic guitar in gypsy-spanish style. Compilation of electro and house groove, jazz, swing and spanish-gypsy-balkan motives
Jazz in the kitchen
Jazz in the kitchen A mixture of jazz and rock .
It is based on an easy atmosphere that breaks the guitar distorshenyu
Comedy Theme 2
Comedy Theme 2 Comedy Theme 2 is a fun music track that features acoustic guitars, bass and harmonica. This son will work great for light and ironic moods, and is especially ideal for humorous projects.
Best joy
Best joy Use best toy for your cartoons,children's commercials....the pleasant sounds of piano, vibraphone and piano gives a unique sound.MIDI file is in a folder with WinRAR
Cartoon Sax Fails
Cartoon Sax Fails Cheerful sound of the saxophone for a cartoon character.You can use it for fails, wrong answers, comedy, error and for many other things!
My window
My window My window use for advertisements,presentations,video....write words to music and your song.Backing tracks MIDI file located in the directory of WinRAR.
valley The composition on the theme of nature. Green Valley, cows, dogs .For listening and presentation of thematic video stories
The rays of the rainbow
The rays of the rainbow It is lively, upbeat, and feel-good. It is great for scenes involving teen action and adventure, exciting road trips, fun feel-good action sequences and transitions, and wild events,Midi file to create backing tracks is in WinRAR folder.
Jazz Trumpet
Jazz Trumpet Bugle call jazz.Sound from the pipe.Retro sound for any project and audio inserts,design and news feeds.Pure positive spirit,only in my portfolio!!!
Ray Tracks for your idey.Vy can make your song or minus tool , midi file is in WinRAR folder .
Carnival This track Latin jazz is able to decorate any of your creative idea .
Fun trip
Fun trip A hilarious journey around the world
Funny jazz
Funny jazz Music suitable for films, cartoons. For children, for use as background music.
American step
American step from TV-film "Etual's school", 2001, Gorky film studio
Autumn (feat. ElekTra!)
Autumn (feat. ElekTra!) Song about love to autumn. Romantic, zigzag rhythm, cock-tail of styles and instruments (drums, percussion, guitar, sax and other, distortion back vocal). Voice by Yamaha Vocaloid CyberDiva.
Dreaming of Savannah.
Dreaming of Savannah. Music for your creativity.
Winter cafe jazz
Winter cafe jazz This music is perfect for advertising a cafe with live musicians. It sounds piano, bass and drums. Style - jazz.
Snow falls
Snow falls This is music of falling snow randomly with piano and jazz drums with strings and different sounds.
My Heart is Frozen (feat. ElekTra!)
My Heart is Frozen (feat. ElekTra!) Jazz-reggae experiment. Song about tricky man and naive girl. Made with Yamaha Vocaloid Cyber Diva
Blues shuffle
Blues shuffle Blues shuffle piece with drums, acoustic guitars, electric bass and nothing more. Very nice bluesy and jazzy.
Background. Light, quiet music in the style of acid jazz. It can be used with, presentations and demonstrations.
Take part - drums, electric guitar, bongos, piano, electronic piano.
Jazz Logo
Jazz Logo Jazz big band logo for your best quality video project, presentation, advertising, media, TV, radio, sports, game, movie.
Jazz Swing
Jazz Swing jazz trio band track for your best quality video presentation or project, advertising, media, TV, radio, sports, game, movie.
Across the sky
Across the sky Music in jazz style good for optimistic romantic videos or slideshows
Fashion This mix of disco and old school deep house In a modern fresh bits. Calm and melodic track with uplifting emotional feel. Great for a fashion show, a show of stylish luxury living, the beach, the club nightlife. Relaxing and soulful music great for background music, emotional movie, web, tv, radio, any your projects. rhodes, guitar, funky groove.
Jazz Voice Band
Jazz Voice Band Jazz/corporate voice quartet composition with guitar and percussion.
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old steam
old steam "old steam" is an uplifting, cheerful and motivational track with light jazz band, drums and saxophone beautiful melodies. This track offers you the perfect "Dancing in free feeling"
impressive companion
impressive companion "impressive companion" film background is an uplifting, cheerful and motivational track with light jazz band, drums and saxophone beautiful melodies. This track offers you the perfect "Dancing in free feeling"and film background
grandfathers Jazz
grandfathers Jazz grandfathers Jazz is an uplifting, cheerful and motivational track with light jazz band, drums and saxophone beautiful melodies. This track offers you the perfect "Dancing in free feeling"and film background
digger this track with Irish Pipe Solo and other instruments is well suited for movies with big machine and animals, but as well as for kids games
Love blues
Love blues Melody of love
Casino celebrity music
Summer Daze
Summer Daze Ah, the summer time! The beach, the sun, hanging out with friends on the patio — it’s all here in Summer Daze! Featuring a beautiful piano performance over Latin percussion grooves, this track is exactly what you need when it comes to loungin’ by the pool!
Sea Breeze
Sea Breeze “Relax and enjoy” is the theme of this laid-back piece. Features electric guitar, piano, bossa nova percussion and marimba. Go on vacation with this beautiful arrangement! Excellent for all kinds of vacation or travel commercials and tv spots.
Cocktail Hour
Cocktail Hour Give your project an instant Latin jazz flavor with this versatile, mid-tempo music track featuring piano, jazz guitar, vibes, upright bass, drums and Latin percussion.
Melodic Jazz  style
Melodic Jazz style Easy Listening Jazz Atmospheric Cinematic Opening Themes Ending Themes rock jazz doublebass guitar piano drums
Brooklyn Jazz Piano
Brooklyn Jazz Piano Jazz piece with influences from the 1930s. Imagine a rainy night in Brooklyn 1936, in a bar, a young couple talking...
Broken Heart
Broken Heart Sad acoustic song with electric guitar lead and choirs.
Sax Club
Sax Club A sexy and energetic piece of music that will surely energize and vitalize your project. This piece reflects styles from the 40’s and 50’s with its big band instrumentation but with a modern feel that can hook anyone!
Hello, Miles
Hello, Miles Dedication to the great musician of Miles Devis
To Solo wind instruments are prescribed by means
of Breath Controller Kontakt 5 NI
Your No Good
Your No Good Vigorous, positive song
Broken Circle
Broken Circle my romantic song
New Bossa Nova
New Bossa Nova music for advertizing
Russian Funk
Russian Funk Russian funk melody
Jazz Valz
Jazz Valz Weather - fall
Slow Jazz
Slow Jazz Introduction, ravines of jazz college
Jazz Combo
Jazz Combo Melody for a jingle the Jazz - Radio or advertizing a cafe art
Smooth Deep Blues
Smooth Deep Blues Pleasant travel at the end of the earth or walk around the city,Driving in an open cabriolet in mountains with the delightful blonde.The nature in the Alps