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Solitude A rich and deep, sentimental song with a cinematic feel. Great for romantic or wedding videos, family projects, motivational presentations, TV/Radio, slideshows and more. Features sincere piano motives with swelling strings, acoustic drums, cymbal swells, bass, electric guitar, thumb piano, toy piano, and percussion. The music rises and falls in a very cinematic way and is consistent with the theme throughout.
Peaceful Restfull and Relaxing
Peaceful Restfull and Relaxing A beautiful, melodic and emotionally fulfilling piece of music perfect for romantic videos, wedding videos, photo slideshows, family movies, web videos, inspirational projects and more. A tender arrangement of acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and sentimental strings to create a rich, inspirational experience.
Australian Trailblazer
Australian Trailblazer Welcome to the wild outback! Adventure awaits in beautiful Australia and this song will get you there in no time at all! Perfect for any type of world project, especially where trekking or escape is the theme, or if you need an instant Australian fix. Featuring authentic Australian didgeridoo, tribal percussion, synthesizers, and cinematic drums. Enjoy!
The Ocean
The Ocean Fine easy track about seas and oceans. It contains piano, guitar, bass guitar, choir, etc. The fine decision for advertizing kinds of activity, especially if it is connected with water products. The track will be perfectly suitable also for films, a slideshow, presentations etc.
Rainy Day Near the Lake
Rainy Day Near the Lake Imagine. Late Spring you are sitting on the shore of the lake and it’s raining, the monotony of which is slightly interrupted by thunder. Magical and at the same time motivational, this melody containing the piano, flute, violin, choirs and quiet natural sounds of rain and a water in the lake exactly describes this picture. The track may be suitable as for a slide show or an amateur video and so for advertising any business.
Sunrise Easy and light in the beginning, but brighter and intriguing starting from the middle this track perfectly will approach to beautiful slide show, video-clips or games. The pleasant motive and singing of the birds will be pleasant to fans of natural beauty undoubtedly, and the intriguing orchestral part at the same time, will diverse you impressions and will give you fine occasion to dream up.
Alien Creed
Alien Creed The mystical spirit of a track does it perfectly suitable under a trailer or film advertising. Also as for me this music associates with a dramatic story about space adventures, accidents or global catastrophe.
If We Could Know
If We Could Know The musical composition for a film background , clips and other projects. This is saturated and powerful sound track. ZIP includes full version and version without Intro.
Cinematic Theme 2
Cinematic Theme 2 Perfect track for dramatic moments of your video. If you like this, let me know.
Big Action Short Ver
Big Action Short Ver This track combines classic cinematic elements, and elements of modern electronic music.
Big Action
Big Action This track combines classic cinematic elements, and elements of modern electronic music.
Trails On The Snow
Trails On The Snow Mysterious, exotic and delving into the unknown. Slow and solemn ambient piece with accordion layers and beautiful and nylon guitar dreamy effects. Very mournful, sad, mysterious and yet dreamy, reflective, and meditative. Good for adult dramas, nature documentaries, sci-fi, mysteries, science, goth, dark fantasy and more.
Memories Of Love
Memories Of Love Piano srtings voice sad affecting love cinematic
touching touching, susceptive, sensitive, strings, piano, pad ,orchestral drums ,sorrow ,sadness, touching moment
VP Background music
VP Background music Background music in medium tempo. Comes synth and pad, drums with bass. More associated with the present time, urbanized and alarming. Sad and a little scary. Suitable for installation video about ecology and industry.
Magnetic field
Magnetic field Background music in medium tempo. More associated with the present time, urbanized and alarming. Sad and a little scary. Suitable for installation video about ecology and industry.
Mysteries tragedy
Mysteries tragedy Tragic but motivating. Industrial. Nature revival. End and a new beginning
flying in the skies
flying in the skies easy flight sad Film Classical & Symphony Easy Listening Atmospheric Cinematic Ending Themes dramatic
Trailer Fine combination of feelings of delight, pleasure and happiness which so well betray harmonious istrument of violins and magnificent chorus! Perfectly will be suitable for your presentations and your any other ideas!
Fantastic Journey
Fantastic Journey This is hard trip hop tune with reversed rhodes , strings , background piano and hard breakdown beat . You can use it for any kind of projects . ( Bpm -90 )
Irresistible charm
Irresistible charm Charming short music. Only play orchestral instruments.
Epic Dramatic Situation
Epic Dramatic Situation Magnificent drama subject, perfectly in harmony tools of beautiful violins and piano…
Age of Progress
Age of Progress Track is industrial in a basis with smooth electro-guitar solo and the piano. It smoothly pass from strict technological mood in more dramatic.
Dramatic Orchestral Track
Dramatic Orchestral Track Dramatic music which alternates calm and explosion.
Triumph “Triumph” is a short musical pieces which i composed and arranged that inspired from gloomy moods and somber moments. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
The Spartan Warrior
The Spartan Warrior “The Spartan Warrior” Is a big and heroic theme that is ideal to fit for any epic war scene with spartan warrior ! Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
The Road Back Home
The Road Back Home “The Road Back Home” is a cinematic instrumental track with a combination of ethnic and orchestral sounds,Mysterious and haunting, an exotic middle eastern,, indian or arabic Flute. Starts with soft Atmosphere, and moves on to a rousing section, with big drums at the end and majestic string melodies. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
Phrase One
Phrase One “Phrase One” is a mysterious, suspenseful and yet uplifting opening sections leads to an intense, building and propulsive track Perfect for trailers advertising sci fi or modern warfare games and films. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
Open Wild
Open Wild “Open Wild” is a mysterious, suspenseful. Perfect for trailers advertising sci-fi or modern warfare games and films. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
Lonely Theater
Lonely Theater “Lonely Theater” Is a low key, sorrowful and nostalgic musical underscore. Piano, strings and ambient texture. Good for drama and storytelling. Sad, touching. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
Growing Up
Growing Up “Growing Up” Is a track that Intensifies from the beginning till the end, built up from these three main sections:1. Soft ambient atmosphere+Fx. 0:00—> 1:04 2. Far and big drums loops. 1:04—>2:05 3. Special boys choir arrangement. 2:05—> 3:24. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
Going To The War
Going To The War “Going To War” is a Dignified, soft, proud and reflective cinematic piece. Emotional, soaring, and patriotic in a thoughtful, solemn way. Honor, dignity and reflection,end credits,Duty an Honor. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
Epic War Trailer
Epic War Trailer “Epic War Trailer” war is coming !! take cover !!This epic track was especially designed for movies, trailers & games. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
Drums Of War
Drums Of War “Drums Of War” includes a a big flute that plays an heroic melody with a huge drum beat in the background, this conjures up images of a victory in war! Can you imagine it when you hear it? Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
Desert Chase
Desert Chase “Desert Chase”- This is a highly percussive and exciting track that has influences from the middle east,This track is including intense tribal beat featuring an up-tempo heavy drum and percussion section with shouts and stomps. Perfect for chase scenes, battle preparation, desert races ,chase through the jungle or for a tribal dance and other fast moving action scenes. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
Cinematic Trailer Track
Cinematic Trailer Track Cinematic Trailer Track Is the perfect track for any tension / suspense moment on a action movie or a game. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
Bad News
Bad News “Bad News” Action, Adventure, epic, Crime and Mystery atmosphere ,this track is ideal for any dramatic news and specials announcements. Composer and Producer: Adi Goldstein.
Open to Angels
Open to Angels Cinematic track with elements of drama and suspense. Suitable for film, for dancing and as background for video sketches.
Dramatic A very epic track, that starts slow with a solitary piano and builds up to a massiveness full of emotion and heroism deep feelings. Perfect for trailer, video games, films.
Two Hours
Two Hours It’s small in duration although tense composition. Cinematic close to suspense. Well suited for increased tensions in the scenes of your video project and game.
Svadhisthana minor
Svadhisthana minor Meditative music Feeling of depression and misfortune