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Cinematic Spirit Intro 4 versions

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Published: 09/03/2017
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Joy happiness triumph energetic cinema cinematic action presentation innovation evolution ascension choir spiritual anxiety string short beginning intro epic universe world games show technology progress inspirational future civilization adventure female calm discovery dramatic positive tranquil video game human voice
For your attention is a cinematic track that consists of 4 different in spirit parts.
1. "Сinematic Spirit Intro 1" lasts 00:45. It is filled with solemnity, triumph, celebration, cheerfulness. The combination of powerful classical orchestral accompaniment and female vocals is the main line of this work.
2. "Cinematic Spirit Intro 2" lasts 00:38. It keeps all the time in suspense and creates an atmosphere of non-tranquility. The composition contains strings, French horns, a male choir, electronic arpeggiators, powerful drums and bells.
3. "Cinematic Spirit Intro 3" lasts 00:34. This track is filled with vitality, happiness, positive energy. It consists of a beautiful string arpeggio, as well as an electronic arpeggio, a female chorus and warm synth pads.
4 "Cinematic Spirit Intro 4" lasts 00:33 The composition is very energetic. This is an electronic track with a string course. In it you will hear different arpeggiators, lids and pads.
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