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Fidget your spinner!

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Published: 08/28/2017
Category: dance logos & idents cinematic Viewed: 113 Downloads: 0 Keywords:
fidget spinner hand spinner advertising positive beautiful cinematic light fine elegant film movie retro video 1970s 1980s travel trip disco celebration holidays awarding ceremony fashion show joy gladness rejoicing cheer sunshine mirth happiness felicity luck fortune bliss blessedness jauntily carefree blithe easy airily vacation furlough corporate event birthday
This melody illustrates joyful, playful, dancing moods and transmits different pleasant feelings... How can you use this melody? Of course, above all — for advertising and promotion of spinners and other hand toys! I offer also other possibilities: for musical accompaniment of physical exercises (for example, aerobics), for a film (or video), for musical accompaniment of awards ceremonies, for dances (at discotheques and nightclubs), for other events solemn and / or futuristic type, just as background music for holidays and weekends... In the cinematography this melody is appropriate (as the author thinks) in all parts of the film. The closest styles: disco music 1970-1980's. I can orchestrate this melody for performance by a live ensemble.
Copyright Holder: Pavel Laptinov Model release: No