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New Year
New Year 2018 is coming !
Happy, positive and inspirational Christmas music, including bass guitar, piano, strings section, Christmas sleigh bells and glockenspiel, harp, timpany, piatti, choir. Perfect for all kind of your projects: advertising, TV, cinema, movie, film, business/corporate projects, commercial or lifstyle videos, presentations, openers, slideshows, new year footages.
Sultry Soundtrack SPblues
Sultry Soundtrack SPblues This solar music will decorate your soundtracks, commercials, children's matinees, games and websites.
industrial slave_Master
industrial slave_Master Crafted with care many possibilities of edition 120 BPM cut on seconds
Choir jazzy in church
Choir jazzy in church the nuns prayers and gregorian choirs are singing with the jazzy quatuor elegant remix
Jesus Is My Savior
Jesus Is My Savior Inspiring and positive Christmas melody with encouraging feeling and optimistic mood
Best Friends
Best Friends Friends are there for support and understanding, and this song will certainly bring out that sincere aspect you we looking for. Enjoy!
Jesus Was Born Our Savior
Jesus Was Born Our Savior The Birth Of Jesus Christ .Music dedicated to the holiday Christmas. Jesus Christ was born into this world, that people would receive the forgiveness of sins, eternal life, peace, light, faith, hope and love.
Gospel Song
Gospel Song Music in Gospel jazz style