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Date: 02/14/2014
  ezMediArt - 04/08/2016

We, the creators of ezMediArt, as well as the artists, photographers, designers and composers on our website sell our work on the web site. Everyone who sells earns a 70% commission including the artist creators of ezMediArt. The owners of the site are not paid, even though they work hard and put in hours to this web site. All income (30% of all sales) goes to server maintenance, hosting, advertising and sale transactions fee, not in the pocket of the owners. Listing your work on ezMediArt is absolutely free; you are only charged the 30% for sales! This is the significant difference between us and the rest of stock media industry. All authors are in the same equal financial position, which means all artists are, in a sense, the investors in making ezMediArt a success. There is no other marketplace on Earth that has been established to provide these great benefits!!!
So what's holding you back? Join us!

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  ezMediArt - 02/17/2016

Here at ezMediArt, we're not big fans of exclusive agreements. We work hard building this artist's marketplace with you in mind, no strings attached.

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  ezMediArt - 02/17/2016

Unlike the competition, we give you the power to set your own prices, whatever and whenever you want. It's your work, we're just here to help you sell it.

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  ezMediArt - 02/17/2016

You earn 70% of every sale, a rate several times higher than the industry standard. As artists ourselves, it should go without saying that good work deserves good compensation.

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  ezMediArt - 12/28/2015

From all of us at ezMediArt, we want to thank you for being a part of ezMediArt family and helping to make our year great in 2015. We're thrilled to have such a fantastic community of users and are excited about what 2016 is going to bring.
We wish you a very happy holiday season and an exciting New Year!
- ezMediArt team

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  ezMediArt - 10/29/2015

- Don't embed your own watermark, website name, or copyright notice in your images. We protect your images with our own watermark, which is applied when your image is accepted to our site.
- Don't "frame" or put decorative borders your photos.
- Don't send snapshots. We do not accept photos with heavy shadows from the on-camera flash. Make sure your images have a clear topic and focus.
- Don't send 10 snapshot pictures of your family pet.
- Don't send dark or muddy travel pictures.
- Don't send the same image with slight variations on the angle.
- Don't send the same image in color, black and white, sepia, and blue tone. One color version is enough. If any variation on color actually enhances the image, then you may submit it separately, but we do not want a batch of photos where each is submitted in four different ways.
- Don't send similar shots when only one is your favorite. Edit on your own. Keep batch sizes of similar subjects down to the bare minimum.
- Don't send flower pictures labeled "Flower" or "Spring Scene". Photos of flowers should be labeled with the scientific or common name. Labeling plants and animals with their scientific names may increase your sales (*Please avoid sending mediocre images that we already have a lot of such as sunsets, flowers, nature, etc.).
Submissions must NOT contain any copyrighted material including paintings, other copyrighted photos, copyrighted logos, or any other art/advertisements/sculptures/exhibits or audio which are copyrighted. If submitted material contains any of these or other types of copyrighted content, you must either submit releases from the copyright owners or you must mark the images as editorial and create an appropriate caption in Dateline Format for the description.

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  ezMediArt - 10/26/2015

Your uploads have been reviewed. What's next?
Share your Artist Page on social media, forums, and personal websites to increase exposure to your work!

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  ezMediArt - 09/01/2015

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  ezMediArt - 08/22/2015

Share your artist page everywhere you can to increase exposure to your work! Social media, forums and personal websites are a great place to start in getting yourself out there.

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  ezMediArt - 08/12/2015

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  ezMediArt - 04/12/2015

Spread the word about ezMediArt and earn money!
Register, log into your account, click on Affiliate. Get 5% from all sales and purchases through your affiliate link.

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  ezMediArt - 04/06/2015

Your commission in April is 99%!

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  ezMediArt - 03/03/2015

In March if your sale price is $100.00 ezMediArt will send you $99.00 (99%). Just that easy; straight and forward.

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  ezMediArt - 01/29/2015

We have made the decision to continue our promotional offer that the artists will receive 99 percent commission through February.

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  ezMediArt - 12/29/2014

As we leave 2014 and embrace 2015, we want to thank all of the artists who joined us during this past few months. Our continued commitment is to generate a strong marketplace so that you will be successful.
To express our appreciation to our charter members, we have made the decision to continue our promotional offer that the artists will receive 99 percent commission on their work sold on ezMediArt through January 2015!!
We look forward to meeting many new, talented artists.
Wishing you a very successful, Happy New Year!

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