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  ezMediArt - 10/25/2014

Register, log into your account, click on Affiliate. Get 5% from all sales and purchases through your affiliate link.

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  ezMediArt - 10/12/2014

We both have the same goal; for you to sell your photos. This is why we don't want you to waste your time sending photos that would never be accepted. When we receive bad quality photos that are not professional with multiple issues (like low resolution, inaccurate focus, balance, horizon, noise, unredeemable content, etc,) we will not be able to sell it, and as a result, they will be declined. All of our buyers come to this site only to find high level professional quality.
Our advice is for you to look at your images. Be your own curator; is this image balanced, in focus, interesting, the correct resolution? Then play the buyer; would I buy this image? Why? If they are not professional and you can see that, please do not submit them.

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  ezMediArt - 10/08/2014

From someone's portfolio on iStock:
"ALL Photos are Exclusive to Istock and are not sold anywhere else ever!"
For your information, iStock pays royalty rates of between 22%-45% to its exclusive contributors.
Restrictions: "Artist may not sell anywhere else including the artist's own site". But that's not all! Ready?
"Rejected files may not be sold elsewhere". Really?
What do you think?

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  ezMediArt - 07/22/2014

Exclusive Rate: 22-45%
Non-Exclusive Rate: 15%
Exclusive Rate: 60%
Non-Exclusive Rate: 45%
Exclusive Rate: 50-70%
Non-Exclusive Rate: 33%
Non-Exclusive Rate: 25-30%
Non-Exclusive Rate: 50%
Non-Exclusive Rate: 70%, straight and forward.

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  ezMediArt - 06/12/2014

What can I upload?
You can only upload images that are your own creations and original in nature. In other words, you can not use somebody else's photograph, make alterations and modifications, and upload it as your own. You must be the sole and exclusive owner to the copyright of all the images you submit.
If you upload somebody else's images, you risk your account being suspended.
What happens after I upload my images?
Images are in "Pending" status until reviewed by ezMediArt and "Approved" or "Declined".
"Approved" images become "Active" when all requirements listed above are met.

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  ezMediArt - 05/25/2014

Keywords are extremely important. Keywords describe and are relevant for someone searching for a specific subject or concept.
Pretend you are a customer looking for something specific. Make a long list of keywords that could pertain to your image. Then, edit. Narrow the list down, being careful to trim what you consider to be on the outer margins of relevance.
Simplicity is key. While many subscribers may use conceptual keywords such as nightmare, freedom, and economy, make sure your conceptual keywords are applicable – not random.
Good keywords sell. Think of it as a hand-in-hand duty with your image creation. A postal worker who can collect mail but not deliver it would not be working for very long. Think of keywording with image creation in a similar manner and you will improve your selling power.

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  ezMediArt - 04/03/2014

ezMediArt has a large international exposure with multiple language options, making it very user friendly for purchasers as well as sellers. Sellers have less difficulty showcasing their products; buyers have less difficulty completing their purchases. Check to see if your language is available.

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  ezMediArt - 03/29/2014

Just search nude and join us :)

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  ezMediArt - 03/22/2014

Your payments will be sent every month with no minimum!
For example, if your sale price is $100.00 ezMediArt will send you $70.00 (70%). Just that easy; straight and forward.
ezMediArt is committed to allowing the creator of media to keep the majority of profit on all sales. While this is unheard of in the general marketplace, we have strong beliefs that the creator should be the primary profiteer of his/her work, talent and efforts. Your earning potential will be unlimited as your portfolio grows. You will be given the opportunity for regular, ongoing income without the time constraints of maintaining a sales site.

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  ezMediArt - 03/02/2014

Editorial photography refers to the pictures that aren't allowed to be used in advertisements for products, services, etc. These images illustrate and reflect the issues, themes, and events of our world today. Editorial photos can be used when writing an article or book, producing a documentary or film, or even on the cover of a magazine, for example. The people and things in these images are not released.
Commercial photos are essentially used for advertising products, services or companies as well as in any other format. Editorial photos cannot be used to sell anything.
Editorial photography typically does not pay nearly as well as commercial, but with editorial, you usually get much more creative freedom, and you get a credit line. (If someone uses your editorial photo, they must give you credit.) This adds to your portfolio and exposure.
ezMediArt has an option for you to choose if you want to allow your photos be used as an editorial or commercial photo. It is the seller's option to set any constraints.

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  ezMediArt - 02/14/2014

ezMediArt is a fresh, new source of media stock where artists can not only sell their work, but they can set their own prices and keep the majority of their profit from their talent and efforts. There is no minimum for payout and payments are received monthly, not when you have "build up enough payment" to finally get your hard earned money.
This site has a large international exposure with multiple language options, making it very user friendly for purchasers as well as sellers. Sellers have less difficulty showcasing their products; buyers have less difficulty completing their purchases. Check to see if your language is available.
We really care about how comfortable this web site should be for users of all abilities, which is why we are constantly improving this site and are open to members suggestions on how we can best meet their selling needs.

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  ezMediArt - 02/14/2014

With the changing times, new expectations are set for design and interactivity of the websites. Over the past year, we have interacted with so many talented people, which inspired us to start the new year with a completely new website with exciting new features. We designed the site as a fabulous new marketplace where you can submit your materials for online sales!
So welcome to a brand new ezMediArt! Let us know what you think!

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