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You are the investors.


We, the creators of ezMediArt, as well as the artists, photographers, designers and composers on our website sell our work on the web site. Everyone who sells earns a 70% commission including the artist creators of ezMediArt. The owners of the site are not paid, even though they work hard and put in hours to this web site. All income (30% of all sales) goes to server maintenance, hosting, advertising and sale transactions fee, not in the pocket of the owners. Listing your work on ezMediArt is absolutely free; you are only charged the 30% for sales! This is the significant difference between us and the rest of stock media industry. All authors are in the same equal financial position, which means all artists are, in a sense, the investors in making ezMediArt a success. There is no other marketplace on Earth that has been established to provide these great benefits!!!
So what's holding you back? Join us!

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