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Photos: Insider Tips


1. Always use quality photos and targeted to the niche market.
2. Be creative and always try to improve your techniques.
3. Analyze the want list of stock photography and make sure you adhere to the guidelines.
4. Photos of people sell better than nature photos.
5. Choose a few niche markets and stick to them.
6. Find the biggest hole in this market and fill it.
7. Experiment with photo types and what type of photo work on website.
8. Read the fine print of contributor agreements.
9. Always provide a model release when using photos depicting people, even in the case of photos depicting infants.
10. Timing is extremely important as well. The celebration of major events such as Christmas or New Year are usually popular at that specific time of the year only.
11. Promote your photos on other websites, like your personal portfolio site.
12. Create effective titles, captions and tags.

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