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If your images get rejected...


Sometimes your work might be rejected by ezMediArt, even though you successfully submitted them on another stock media site. We do not discuss or judge someone else's policy for acceptance. Our priority might be different than theirs. We are looking for commercial type of stock photography with a high potential to be sold to our buyers. We need quality not quantity. Most of our buyers modify images after purchase, and will therefore desire a high-quality, minimally manipulated, or RAW image to work with. Minor manipulation of photos must be to fix a problem, not to hide it. So, for example, when you blur your photo thinking it will make your photo better, it might actually make it worse because it doesn't make sense for using this effect; the alteration has to have a reason that makes your photo more usable. Manipulations usually put-off most of our buyers who do not want, for example, out-of-focus images. So please understand our priorities and do not be offended if your work is rejected.

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