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Speaking about the keywords...


Some music authors put a period at the end of their list of keywords, for example: "Cosmic, energetic, fast, relaxing."
If you do that, your track will not show up in the search result when someone searches for the word "relaxing". In this case, there is no word "relaxing" but only the word "relaxing." (with the period included at the end of the word).
There are other contributors who do not understand the importance of using a variety of keywords and only put a single word in the Keywords box. Seriously, how many chances does that track have to be found? Additionally, if you don't use our subcategories to specify what genre your track belongs, the chances of buyers finding your track becomes virtually zero. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and you're looking for a track for a particular project, for example, a corporate video presentation or a funny commercial. What words would you use in your search?
Another sore subject - the name of your files. Do not name your files in any alphabet except Latin. (No Russian, Ukrainian, or any other non-Latin based language). To separate words in your file names, you can use spaces, dashes, and underscores. That's it- absolutely no other character! (No brackets, dots, commas, colons, quotation marks, apostrophes, exclamation marks, etc.) Such files will not be accepted. Do not submit files with the name Untitled - it is unprofessional. The file name should be similar to the name of the title on your product page. Again, imagine a buyer who just bought your track with a title name of exactly what he is looking for, however after payment, when he downloads the file, he sees a different name from what he bought. This will cause major confusion for your buyer, not good customer service! We want happy customers.
Our goal is to help you be successful. Remember, when you do it right, it's easy!

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