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If PayPal is not available at your location...


If PayPal is not available at your location you can still get your commission using Payoneer services. For that you need to set your Payoneer account here:
When you reach a minimum balance that you have set in your Commission Settings, ezMediArt will send you a reminder to Request a Payment of your current balance. After that you will need to fill out and send a "Request a Payment" form from your Payoneer account like in this example:
Payment will be deposited directly into your Payoneer account within 3-5 business days.
ezMediArt is committed to allowing the creator of media to keep the majority of profit on all sales. While this is unheard of in the general marketplace, we have strong beliefs that the creator should be the primary profiteer of his/her work, talent and efforts. Your earning potential will be unlimited as your portfolio grows. You will be given the opportunity for regular, ongoing income without the time constraints of maintaining a sales site.
To ensure you receive your payouts in a timely manner, please confirm that your payout preferences are current and up to date.

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