Ethereal Meditation

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Ethereal Meditation

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Ethereal Meditation is a relaxing, contemplative, atmospheric, peaceful and meditative deep ambient, new age music with soft and binaural pads, minimalistic spacey piano ( echoed piano with delay effect ), pulsate bass, ethereal atmosphere and spacious, wide soundscape. The mood is introspective and insightful.

Sounds healing, calm and deep, spiritual and dreamy, calming, balanced and relaxed, sleepy and restful.

Associated with meditation, peacefulness, wide landscape, ocean waves, sea waves, sky and heaven, cosmos, tranquility, relaxation, mindfulness, samadhi, blissful super consciousness, dhyana, eternal being, balance, enlightenment, slow ambient, deep ambient, positive vibrations, positive vibes, rest music, restful music, music medicine, medical music, yoga music, healing music, therapeutic music, relaxing music, peaceful contemplation, sleep, silent spirit, silence of being, serenity, serene breeze, light and warm soul, quiet breath, heaven and bliss, health, reathing meditation, healing ambient, deep meditation, deep relaxation, calmness, cosmic music, spacey music, airy atmosphere, atmospheric music, deep ambient music, aura, tranquil music, meditation music, meditative music, ethereal ambient, ethereal music, relax music, relaxing ambient, relaxation music, reiki music, heavenly music, divine music, new age music, sublime music, spiritual music, transcendental meditation, balancing meditation, desire to meditate, peacefulness sessions.

This track will be good for a films about nature, astronomy, universe, space, planets and cosmos.

Perfect as a deep background music for a relaxing massage and spa procedures, for a yoga, zen processes and meditation, for a healing, therapeutic and medical processes, for better falling asleep, for a meditation projects, relaxing videos, spiritual, mystic and esoteric youtube channels, reiki therapy, for a documentary, nature and wildlife, for a mindfulness sessions, chill out projects, timelapse ( time lapse, time-lapse ) videos and for any project needing a calm, soothing, relaxing and dreamy musical background. This music really can give a positive, relaxing and healing effect for the mind and body. This will be good for a hypnosis sessions. Also this track has a very well sedative effect.