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Russian composer Igor Besschastny - organist, pianist, producer. Author of the music multiple product.He writes the music for cinema and music shows, and symphonic music for ballet and operatic production.The most known – a music to drama N.Gumilev “Gondlo”. The author of two symphonies – The Symphony No.1 c-moll “Commemorate9/11”, The Symhony No.2 ” Russian Cross”. The Symphony No.1 c-moll “Commemorate9/11” by Igor Besschastny was performed in USA on opening of the Conservatories of the Bob Cola under California University Long-Beach. 2 May 2008 The Chamber orchestra conducted by Sergey Proskourin. Director studio B&TheBand and international company LLc Melody (Russia – Sweden). Member of the The international Union of Composers – the XXI century. Member of the Russian Society RAO. Member of international Association of the of jazz organist IJAO,Koln/Germany
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Liza T
Liza T

music for children's movies


dancing melody in latino dance style

Pirate Musical
Pirate Musical

at will it is possible to prolong or truncate

Western in Noir
Western in Noir

Atmospheric track with elements of mysticism and horror

Song of Earth
Song of Earth

A fantastic recording from the space flights of Voyager (NASA)
I adapted space sounds in voice-frequency music


Melody in style 70 - 80

Cars, motorcycles vol. I
Cars, motorcycles vol. I

1.The motorcycle is got and drives off
2. The car - open a cowl
3. The car - close a cowl
4. Automobile beep - 1 signal
5. Car drift - squeal of tires
6.The car with the sat-down accumulator
7.The high-speed car starts and stops
8.The passing truck signals
9.The police car with a siren passes
10. The car isn't started
11. Car accident, shout
12.The car - doors are closed
13. The automobile car - a fast parking in garage
14. Drift and accident
15. The car is carried by with a speed of 160 mph
16. The motorcycle passing at a speed of 55 miles at an o'clock
17. Sound of a bicycle chain
18. The police car starts with a siren
19. The motorcycle passing at a speed of 55 miles an hour
20.The motorcycle passing at a speed of 100 miles at an o'clock
21.The car is started, the engine grows
22.The car is started and leaves
23. The car brakes
24. The car brings - small accident
25.Car washing, feeling from within
26. High-speed car idling
27. Truck signal - 1 beep of Take 2
27a . Truck signal - 1 beep
28.Truck signal - 2 beeps
29. The passing truck signals
30. The police car passes with a siren
31. The police with a siren comes nearer and stops
32. The police car leaves with a siren
34.The high-speed car is started, fuel comes to an end

Echo dome
Echo dome

Mysterious mystical house

Female shouts
Female shouts

Various female shouts
1.Female shout of horror
2.Female shout
3.Female shrill squeal
4.Shouting women
5.The woman hiccups


Variations on Mostochek (the Russian national song)