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Soldiers go to war
Soldiers go to war March of soldiers, with elements of rock. Is intended to emphasize the nature of the war. Perfect for a battle reconstruction films and documentaries. Instruments: drums, flute, string, bass
Tractor Real sound of the tractor,the writing was on the construction site
Alligator Growling
Alligator Growling An angry alligator growl.
Bubbles Great funny bubbles for projects and sound design.
Knife Pack
Knife Pack Recording the sound of two army knives.Sounds army knife blade. The recording was made in a room with natural reverberation.
Firework Fireworks sound. This effect can be used anywhere – in battle war games and movies, corporate video, as a sound background for websites etc…
Cinematic Impacts
Cinematic Impacts This set of 4 different sounds of explosions.
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30mm Soviet Cannon 2A42 Firing Medium Rate 01
30mm Soviet Cannon 2A42 Firing Medium Rate 01 30mm Soviet machinegun/cannon 2A42 burst shots – firing at medium rate.