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Fresh Croissant
Fresh Croissant This bright tune uses authentic acoustic musical instruments in the French swing jazz style.
Dream Music for dreams
Lost the Trace
Lost the Trace The melancholy cinematic soundtrack with a slightly dark mood.
Inspirational Piano
Inspirational Piano This pack includes high quality Inspirational, Cinematic and Motivational tracks that will give your project feeling of Greatness, Love, Happiness and Beauty. Tracks will perfectly fit into any kind of Movie or game as well as Commercial or Advertising visual.
"GIRL WITH BALLOON" Written for a symphony orchestra. This is a small musical story about a girl with a balloon and a bully, which ends in mutual sympathy. In the middle there is a change in tempo.
Magnetic Poles
Magnetic Poles Beautiful mysterious landscape background music. Would work great for aerial drone videos or time lapse footage.
"BONO SENSU" bono sensu (lat.) - which means common sense. Written for a trio: piano, violin, cello. A melodic theme. This track will be interesting for fans of academic music ... and not only.
Most Precious Moments
Most Precious Moments A sweet, airy acoustic play that conveys tenderness and warm feelings.
OZZI - Sad piano instrumental music
OZZI - Sad piano instrumental music Light sad piano acoustic music
So Far From Homeland
So Far From Homeland An original acoustic ballad. List of musical instruments: mandolin, tin whistle, cello, hammered dulcimer, guitar, hand percussion, frame drums, bagpipe.
Pint of Beer
Pint of Beer A resonant, fresh and upbeat acoustic folk music close to the Irish jig style.
Country Crossroads
Country Crossroads Positive and optimistic electro-acoustic rock band in the classic old-school sound.
Live recorded musical instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, vintage electric bass, real drums.
VST programmed: hammond organ, orchestral horns and strings.
"SENSUS VERIS" sensus veris (lat.)-feeling of spring. Music conveys this mood. Wrote for an octet of cellos. Here is the version of the duo - cello; piano. It is unlikely that this track is suitable for background music. I think in the film industry with a certain attitude it would not be bad ... or in the Philharmonic Hall.
Whistling Whistling is funny musical track with dance mood which was created by using natural percussions, whistle and very atmospheric instruments. This track will be good adding atmosphere for any project.
The Way It Was
The Way It Was This cinematographic folk soundtrack is suitable for a variety of media production purposes, from travel videos, audio books and documentaries to video games and feature films.
The composition consists of traditional acoustic guitar, lute and hammered dulcimer. Backed up with orchestral drones and soundscapes, bass drum, block percussion, Irish low whistle