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Safari Xylophone And Whistling
Safari Xylophone And Whistling Amazing African style track made in cinematic style with elements of tribal and modern sounds, ukulele, xylophone, whistling. Universal for mobile and PC games, also is good for videos with safari like can you see in popular channels Discovery and Animal Planet. Sounds beautiful when you show the African Landscapes, wild animals and world at all. Safari track can be used as multicultural soundtrack for the movies, videos, films etc.
Cinematic Action Chase Percussion Drums Music
Cinematic Action Chase Percussion Drums Music This is a cinematic energetic action drums and percussion, full of intense and rhythm.
great for adventure and dramatic scenes, chase and speed action background, war, battle and fight moods, aggressive and adrenaline trailers and much more.
African Tribes
African Tribes Interesting and beautiful composition. Suitable for films, TV shows, cartoons and other videos on African themes.
Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come Smooth, mellow and positive reggae instrumental with Jamaican vibe. Main instruments - bass guitar, electric guitar, brasses, organ. Perfect match for your video content if you want to create positive atmosphere.
Africa is far and unusual
Africa is far and unusual Ethnic experimental music
Good background for the corresponding images, videos, slide shows, corporate contents, social and commercials, television intro and captions. Audio for media, movies, documentaries, cinema, YouTube, web.
Children of Africa
Children of Africa (Loopable) A positive and optimistic African song including african boy's choir, claps, brass, latin piano, stomps and a wide selection of African percussion. Music great for cartoon, specialy for children travel.
Marimba night
Marimba night Relaxed composition is perfect for a video game design
One Day in Africa instrumental version
One Day in Africa instrumental version Full of life, positive piece of West African music. The track will provide an uplifting background to any world or ethnic projects.
One Day in Africa
One Day in Africa Full of life, positive piece of West African music. The track will provide an uplifting background to any world or ethnic projects.
Epic Hybrid Tribal Trailer
Epic Hybrid Tribal Trailer This adrenaline action music starts with congas and cajon accented intro, continuing with powerful low percussion and ends with punchy ensemble drums and futuristic risers. This epic hybrid tribal music is perfect for battle scenes, pursuit scenes, fighting trailers, war films, video games and other cinematic projects.
Epic Dramatic Trailer Drums
Epic Dramatic Trailer Drums Epic orchestral drums. Perfect for film/game trailers, commercials, epic videos, military projects and so on.
Wild East
Wild East Wild East - Mysterious east arabic theme, imagine desert night, east ethnic, muslims ceremony, hard rock style, include drums, guitars and voice samples. The track may be suitable as for a slide show, video, computer game, or something else.
Tribal Advertising
Tribal Advertising Fast and energetic percussion, dynamic march snare, big toms.
Ideal combined with any kind of video projects.
Tribal Warrior Drums
Tribal Warrior Drums Dynamic and high energy exciting, very fast ethnic percussion for any kind of projects.
Ethnic feelings
Ethnic feelings Ethnic composition, using ethnic instruments. Perfect for the soundtrack to movie or video
Satisfying drums
Satisfying drums A lot of toms and hats will take you in a little adventure
BPM 240
Dancing In The Cave
Dancing In The Cave Downtempo song with Asian and African music elements, can be used in games.
Good afternoon
Good afternoon The track with guitars, kalimba, banjo is very convenient for creativity in all your tasks.
Jungle Wild, spatial, deep jungle drum-n-bass, strange sounds and voices in 8-bit style of old console
African African style. Wild nature,celebration of Mother-Nature.
African fisherman
African fisherman I tried to transfer the African mood
The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World The mixture of African music and electric guitar