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Reionization A large number of soundscape layers and atmospheric textures flowing into each other. The track uses the timbres of both synthesizers and real acoustic of guitarscapes, pianoscapes.
Aerial Gateway
Aerial Gateway Atmospheric pads and chilled beautiful vibes are flow through the mind as a wide spectrum of exterrestrial soundscapes.
Fantastic textures
Fantastic textures Atmosphere textures
Cinematic drum speed
Cinematic drum speed Cinematic drum speed
In These Woods
In These Woods Strainted orchestral strings are the main of this cinematic track. Soundscapes of piano in turn highlights the tension between some natural environment effects and their reverbing tails.
Illusive Enigmatic clean electric guitar harmonics, effects and soundscapes backed by distant mysterious tones and signals.
Siberian industrial
Siberian industrial Siberian hinterland,working day,have to solve a lot of problems
Good Morning
Good Morning Good Morning is a romantic, dreamy, optimistic, uplifting and positive morning track. This easy listening track perfect for video project about good positive day, lucky day, morning coffee, inspiration, optimistic mood, good time feelings, early morning energy.
Good Morning track is perfect for inspirational promotional videos, wedding, ads, commercials, cartoons.
Kaleidoscopic Universe
Kaleidoscopic Universe This light and intangible piano soundscape can be used in a multiplicity types of creative projects.
Last To Leave
Last To Leave Quiet romantic motivating track with elements of a violin, saxophone, background voice, synth arpeggio, atmospheric pads. Can be used in video, cinema, presentations, personally, advertising, cafes, shops, restaurants, offices, radio, television, sport, etc.
Magnetic Poles
Magnetic Poles Beautiful mysterious landscape background music. Would work great for aerial drone videos or time lapse footage.
Technology Background
Technology Background Minimal Inspirational -Clean, deep atmosphere, emotional, dreamy, easy, soft, minimalistic, inspiring, ambient track with piano, atmospheric synths, rhythm guitar, and strings pad! Perfect for Technologies, science, time-lapse, video hive projects, slide show, background video, nature, slow motion, advertising, beauty, radio, TV, idea, presentation, technology, workout, automobiles and other media projects.
Rhythmic Relaxing Mesmerizing Music
Rhythmic Relaxing Mesmerizing Music Music for relaxation. The track illustrates good memories. Synthesizer music with a modern beat and feminine laughter.
Angels Choir
Angels Choir Singed by a children, female and male choir, this music fits for any project needing spiritual depth and emotional voices.
Ambient Ethno Relax
Ambient Ethno Relax The ambient and relaxing composition with ethnic elements. Featuring sitar, oud, tabla and relaxing synths pads. This background is perfect for corporate media, motivational videos and any project needing enthic modern soundtrack.