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Reionization A large number of soundscape layers and atmospheric textures flowing into each other. The track uses the timbres of both synthesizers and real acoustic of guitarscapes, pianoscapes.
Barefoot In The Puddles
Barefoot In The Puddles Instrumental track using Indian drums, acoustic guitar and percussion. Positive composition for your videos.Light, life, changeable mood. Track tempo 65. A maj.
Easy melancholy background for video
Easy melancholy background for video Easy melancholy background for video
Dimensional Doors
Dimensional Doors The composition is built only on the electric guitar sound: clean and overdrive, pads, tonal fx, soundscapes, long complex textures. etc.
Ghost Town_Sad Piano
Ghost Town_Sad Piano This sad, dramatic track is dedicated to the ghost town of Pripyat in Ukraine, in which in 1986 a catastrophe occurred at the nuclear power plant. This track can be used as a background to description of tragic events, documentary warfare, natural disasters, etc.
Festive Meeting
Festive Meeting Powerful rhythm, acoustic guitar pulsation, synthesizers, maracas and rhythm guitar all create a festive atmosphere and cheerful mood. This track can be used for various positive themes of your video as well as presentations.
Lounatic - Empathy
Lounatic - Empathy deep, deep house, electronic, atmospheric, relax
Aerial Gateway
Aerial Gateway Atmospheric pads and chilled beautiful vibes are flow through the mind as a wide spectrum of exterrestrial soundscapes.
Fantastic textures
Fantastic textures Atmosphere textures
Acustic drum cinematic
Acustic drum cinematic Acoustic cinematic drum
cinematic orchestral
cinematic orchestral cinematic orchestral
acoustic drum
acoustic drum acoustic drum