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I`m on the edge of the earth(Light version)
I`m on the edge of the earth(Light version) My new handling of this wonderful track
"Objekt - N"
"Objekt - N" Music is not ordinary, so maybe not everyone understands. The size is 11/4. In addition to the instruments of the symphony orchestra, used electric piano, bass guitar, guitar, drums. The characteristic style of this author is "Romantic sympho jazz rock"
Duduk An emotional cinematic background track. Perfect for accompanying a sad, sorrowful or dramatic scene, video trailer, emotional video. Melody is performed on Duduk (doo-dook) - armenian national instrument.
SUITCASE OF HOBNAILS FOR CONSTRUCTION HOPE I think that the music should correspond to the name...or Vice versa. The theme plays guitar, orchestra. I hope someone might like it.
ALWAYS READY! Quite a peppy. After listening in a difficult moment, you can cheer up. "Be ready!" "Always ready," answered the pioneers.
IN THE CREVICES OF CIVILIZATION What a name is a track. Slightly smells of jazz-rock. This can be both a soundtrack and music for beer lovers.
Epic Battle Trailer Intro
Epic Battle Trailer Intro Epic Battle Trailer Intro made to be a short trailer intro, ident, opener, designed to catch quickly the attention of your audience.
INSTRUMENTS USED: Intense impacts, intense risers, large synths, glitch effects.
Adelita (electric guitar version)
Adelita (electric guitar version) Well known mazurka by Francisco Tarrega, played electric guitar. Grotesque track for any your humorous or satiric projects.
death the beginning and the end of life
belly dog life
I TORNADO Official Version
I TORNADO Official Version Very beautiful composition in my opinion. This is a complete instrumental version
Vintage Corporate music track with a motivational and inspiring feel. Well suited for business successful style, advertisement projects, high tech product review, motivational and corporate projects, commercials, presentations, Film and TV.
mark instrumental
Drammatic Moment Background
Drammatic Moment Background Dramatic, emotional and Sad music with tragic and sentimental mood. Light and mellow piano together with strings and background pads create very deep and sincere background for any cinematic, film and other touching events. Perfect cinematic music for Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide-Shows and other different Multimedia Projects.
Excited Pulse Logo
Excited Pulse Logo Uplifting, soft, minimal and inspirational corporate logo.Perfect for commercials, documentaries, TV programs.